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  • lor_14 September 2022
    Nicholas Steele is not the most famous Adult Cinema director, but he's one of my all-time favorites based upon his numerous romantic classics made for Adam & Eve. Here he's back with the label at the very end of his career, cranking out generic XXX scenes, quite a comedown.

    The five segments each have an actress telling the viewer about a one-night sex experience she's had, presented as a flashback. That's totally phony and amounts to all-sex content.

    Some of the ladies have zilch porn careers, having made only a handful of appearances, so perhaps they're acceptable as "real-life" characters. Production is so crummy that two successive scenes take place on the same couch in the same living room (its decor is distinctive enough for any viewer to notice), and I can almost imagine Nick yelling: "OK, get the next set of talent on the couch, pronto!".