Muck (2015) is full of old-school practical effects, and trumpets "No CGI" as a staple of the film's marketing, as Steve Wolsh has expressed "no desire to direct computers." In fact, he designed many of the stunts and stunt props himself, such as the trick axes and pitchfork blood effects, which were powered by fire extinguishers full of blood.

Besides Playboy Playmate of the Year 2012 Jaclyn Swedberg, none of the actresses who appear nude in Muck (2015) had previously done so on film.

Playboy Playmates of the Year 2013, Raquel Pomplun, and 2014, Kennedy Summers, have been cast in the Muck (2015) prequel, Offed: Muck prequel (2015).

The Screen Actors Guild told writer/director Steve Wolsh that Muck (2015) was one of the top 5 most dangerous scripts they had ever come across, and they expressed serious concerns for the actors' safety in the marshes of Cape Cod.

Kane Hodder's makeup took 6 hours to complete each day, and incorporates natural scarring from burns he suffered earlier in his career when he worked as a stunt man. Muck (2015) is the first film in which Hodder appears shirtless.

Muck (2015) features a bevy of dangerous stunts: high impact falls, full body burns, back away walls, numerous glass explosions, a car flip, countless blood effects, and hand-to-hand combat (most notably, in-water fighting). Nearly all of these stunts had to be executed in a single take due to the extremely limited budget and compressed shooting schedule.

The surround sound for Muck (2015) was mixed at Universal Studios Sound Facilities on the weekends, though Muck was frequently bumped off the schedule while Universal was finishing Fast & Furious 6 (2013) at the time. The head of the sound department was so impressed after seeing Muck that he mixed it personally, free of charge.

The fictitious location of West Craven is a nod to writer/producer/director horror legend Wes Craven.

Despite the micro budget, Muck (2015) was shot completely on Red Epic in 4K Ultra HD. The film has a unique look and texture thanks to its being colored and conformed from a finished 4K master in DaVinci Blackmagic, courtesy of Blacklist Digital.

Muck (2015) was shot entirely on location in Cape Cod, MA, and exclusively at night. The predominantly Californian cast and crew survived 19 grueling all-night shoots, mostly outdoors, battling the elements: extreme cold, bugs, critters, and worse in the New England wetlands.

Steve Wolsh wrote Muck (2015) to be filmed at a house which he owns. It sits alone at the end of a court, atop the vast marsh depicted in the film.

The Cape Cod, Massachusetts, communities of Dennis and West Dennis appear as the fictional town of West Craven in the film.

Steve Wolsh sold the film's Massachusetts State Film Tax Credit to Apple Computers. It was the smallest tax credit that Apple had ever purchased.

Muck is the first installment in a planned horror trilogy, but it is the middle chapter of the story. The upcoming "Muck: Chapter 1" will be the prequel to this film.

Special FX makeup work was done by creature FX artist Ben Bornstein.

The film features a wall-to-wall score for which Steve Wolsh envisioned each character having their own particular sound, much like Sergei Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf. The numerous instruments used to accomplish this include oboes, violins, guitars (jazz, electric and bass), a grand piano, drums, banjos, and ukuleles - all of which were composed and performed for Muck (2015) without the uses of synthesizers.

The first horror film to have a world premiere in Hugh Hefner's private screening room at the Playboy Mansion. First-time director Steve Wolsh hosted a Red Carpet event for the indie slasher.

Partially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.