Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Saimir and his younger brother, Vini are Albanian. They both try to integrate in the life of a small town in north of Greece in their own way. Saimir is engaged to a Greek young woman and works as a repairman in his father-in-law's repair shop. He tries his best to help his brother Vini become self-sufficient and respectful through work. However, Vini lacks both the patience and persistence that his brother has. He is compelled to work in jobs that his brother finds for him, but is systematically fired. Hurt and chapfallen, he does not want to be dependent on Saimir and seeks to show to him that he can walk on his own. Trying to overcome the despair at a bar near the harbor, he gets acquainted with Ben, a tiny trafficker of human beings, who is closely related to the local Albanian mafia. Thus, the page of disillusioned Vini's life is turning. He earns easy money and lives in luxury, but in the meantime he discovers the nightmare of clandestine prostitution as well as the terrible destiny of many girls who have emigrated with the hope for a better life. He falls in love with Majlinda, a victim of prostitution, and will do his utmost to get her out of the claws of Keno, leader of the local mafia. High-minded and immature, he will seek the help of his brother Saimir and will pull him to the swirl of violence until the final drama