Will Caster: For 130,000 years, our capacity to reason has remained unchanged. The combined intellect of the neuroscientists, mathematicians and... hackers... in this auditoirum pales in comparison to the most basic A.I. Once online, a sentient machine will quickly overcome the limits of biology. And in a short time, its analytic power will become greater than the collective intelligence of every person born in the history of the world. So imagine such an entity with a full range of human emotion. Even self-awareness. Some scientists refer to this as "the Singularity." I call it "Transcendence."

Will Caster: I need you to wait here.

Evelyn Caster: What? Where are you going?

Will Caster: Everywhere.

Will: Look at the sky. The clouds. We're healing the ecosystem. not harming it. Particles join the air, building themselves out of pollutant. Forests can be regrown. Water so pure, you can drink out of any river. This is your dream.

Joseph Tagger: Will?

Will Caster: You surprised to see me, Joseph?

Joseph Tagger: Um... That depends.

Will Caster: On what?

Joseph Tagger: Can you prove you're self-aware?

Will Caster: That's a difficult question, Dr. Tagger. Can you prove that you are?

Evelyn Caster: Well, he certainly hasn't lost his sense of humor.

Will Caster: My wife has always been eager to change the world. But I'll just settle for understanding it first.

Audience Member: So you want to create a god? Your own god?

Will: That's a very good question. Isn't that what man has always done?

Max Waters: Shut it down!

Evelyn Caster: It? That's HIM!

[first lines]

Max Waters: They say there's power in Boston. Some phone service in Denver. But things are far from what they were. Maybe it was all invevitable. An unavoidable collision between mankind and technology. The Internet was meant to make the world a smaller place. But it actually feels smaller without it. I knew Will and Evelyn Caster better than anyone. I knew their brillance. Their dedication to what they believed in. And to what they loved.

Evelyn Caster: What are we doing, Will? We can't fight them.

Will Caster: We're not gonna fight them. We're gonna transcend them.

Max Waters: I spent my life trying to reduce the brain to a series of electrical impulses. I failed. Human emotion, it can contain illogical conflict. Can love someone, and yet hate the things that they've done. Machine can't reconcile that.

Evelyn Caster: Can you?

Max Waters: Yes.

[last lines]

Max Waters: He created this garden for the same reason he did everything. So they could be together.

Joseph Tagger: You are not being hacked... You are being helped.

Will Caster: I'll never let you go.

Will Caster: Look, I'll be long gone. And you, you will never be in the end of it if you don't try.

Max Waters: I know. I'd like to think that I was smart enough to save you.

Will Caster: Don't underestimate yourself. You're the third smartest person I know.

Joseph Tagger: My dear Evelyn... I don't know how to express the sadness I feel for your loss... for our loss. You must know that to Will... you were all that ever mattered. Your love and partnership was the kind the rest of us can only dream of. We lost a great mind, a great soul, but the spirit of this man will continue to inspire us.

Max Waters: This thing is like any intelligence. It needs to grow, to advance. Right now it's settling somewhere it thinks it's safe from outside threats. Somewhere its massive appetite for power can be met. But it will want more than that. After a while survival won't be enough. It will expand, evolve, influence - perhaps the entire world.

Agent Buchanan: We're all gonna need someone to blame when thing goes sideways.

Colonel Stevens: It's already sideways.

Max Waters: Are you sure about this?

Will Caster: Good enough for the monkey...

Will Caster: [to Evelyn Caster] Your heart is palpitating, perspiring. You're terrified of me.

Joseph Tagger: This is staggering, Will.

Will Caster: Actually, it's still in its infancy. What you're seeing is just a small taste of what we'll achieve.

Will Caster: Why did you lose faith Evelyn? Why didn't you believe in me?

Will Caster: [to Evelyn Caster] Joseph said you were out of my league but I always like a challenge.

Will Caster: [from the trailer]


Will Caster: You've changed... have you fallen out of love with me?

Evelyn Caster: [Reassuring] No

Will Caster: [Demanding] Have You?

Will Caster: It just doesn't make sense. They're afraid of technology because of it's threat to humanity. Yet, they don't flinch at taking a life. So, obviously, they're not big on logic; but, there's no shortage of irony.

Will Caster: The balance of oxytocin and serotonin in your system is unusual.

Evelyn Caster: Are you - are you measuring my hormones?

Will Caster: I'm trying to empathize. Bio-chemistry is emotion.

Evelyn Caster: Will, this is wrong. This is - these are my thoughts! These are my feelings! You're not allowed!

Will Caster: Evelyn.