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  • Distinctive lesbian actress and filmmaker Lily Cade comes up empty with this half-hearted tribute to a different breed of working girls, namely those plying their trade in manual labor. Injecting herself into two of the requisite four separate vignettes was not a good idea.

    Character and situations are uninteresting throughout, and unlike most lesbian sagas from top labels like Sweeeheart and Girlfriends, or even the Gamma assembly line, the actresses and pairings are unappealing. Opening segment is a case in point, as Lily drives her Mercedes into the shop for servicing, gets ridiculed by grease monkey Kara Price (Lily harmed the vehicle by forgetting to release the emergency brake while driving) and then they hump across the hood.

    Both are styled as butch and this is a perfunctory display, mainly extreme fingering of the sort that one sees in those awful squirting videos -though no Golden Shower is shown this time. Kara and the auteur should have flipped coins to see who's playing butch rather than create this one-note content.

    Lily returns in the finale, this time casting herself as a butch plumber, assigned to fix a sink stopped up because bored house frau Ryan Keely threw her ring away down it. Keely tells her to keep the ring, as this is another quickie-theme man-hating exercise, in which he done her wrong, hence making the lady susceptible to Sapphic advances. Like the other episodes, Keely's character shows amazing lesbian skills when in Lily's clinches, and the vignette plays like a smutty stag movie.

    Superstars including Sinn Sage, India Summer and the late Amber Rayne are featured in the other scenes, but given merely generic sex assignments. Silliest vignette has India as a bored, glamorous lady idling on her couch reading "Atlas Shrugged" (!), and phoning for a pizza delivery. She seduces the deliverer Dylan Rayne and then is shocked, absolutely shocked, to find out Dylan is a girl when she grabs the kid's crotch. Dylan instantly seduces her, introducing her to lesbo action, though ultra-pro Summer quickly launches into her pro technique of lovemaking.

    This is busy-work, not a fully thought-out (or scripted) feature like Cade's best efforts on video.