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  • Caught this trailer late one night and remember getting a very eerie vibe while watching it. With a straight forward plot taken straight from a John Carpenter flick or any standard 80's/90's slasher movie (a young high school girl is left home alone for the weekend, where all kinds of mayhem ensues) yet shot in a much more eccentric way. There's a strong David Lynch presence, even a Nicolas Refn (spell check) at times, perhaps a Cronenberg influence, which is interesting (and refreshing) to see applied to the usual tropes and familiar plot line. It's almost as if this director is creating a horror movie with all of the usual subtext, the usual danger, yet due to a cinematography that cascades along the borders of homage/allegory/deconstruction, I found myself more freaked out but the directors vision of the genre; It's a unique film, due to an innovative/fresh approach to a genre loaded with stock characters, recycled set pieces, archetypal tropes, usual spin off plots. Very skilled, resourceful acting, and writing was strong too (look out for a big allegory) given the constraints of the genre. I think if Hollywood started putting filmmakers like this guy (you know, directors/writers who are hungry and clever, who seem to about making a film that offers an artistic statement and entertainment) we'd get some better movies. If you put actual director's (ones who are both artists and craftsman, not just technical A/V dudes) in charge of developing some new content, we'd get more unique cinema, and a big chance of a surge in quality, and ultimately sales would re-surge. I don't know if this movie is the next major indie horror masterpiece, but it was unique, original, well paced, and shot masterfully, and it was ultra cheap on the platform I saw it on. The big take away for me was, is that this is proof there is much

    horror movies being made, because this tops the list of horror movies I've seen in the last 9 months. Hollywood is making a big mistake by not letting some new guys take charge of new content development. Until they do, it's sure more reboots, comic books, and remakes.

    Would recommend to watch if you're a fan of quirky, dynamic, horror movies. It also has one of the Baldwin's in it, and he's pretty solid !

  • Having seen the movie Helen Alone and having given it such a high rating I would like to include the fact that this is a first film by a brand new Danish/US Director Henrik Poulsen which for me only adds to the quality and style of it's achievement.

    The movie is a story that recounts 24 hours of a young girls life with all the trials and tribulations that it may bring, set in a very much now Texas town with youngsters of an all American Young/teenage background and where the lines of real life and fantasy are constantly blurred.

    Having created what I consider to be a David Lynch inspired movie for teenagers, in doing so the Directors somewhat dark Danish noir subtleties are there to be explored. The leading actress playing Helen comes across with just the right amount of naivety and strangeness to carry the movie through to it's dreamlike conclusion. This is a movie of subtlety and innuendo that cries out for understanding just like Helen herself.