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  • This movie is not as bad as some of the reviews I have read on here. I gave it a try and I really liked the story about the satanic cult because I think things like that are creepy and something can really happen or has happened. The movie had believable acting and build some great tension and suspense. There was also some great creepy scenes and symbolism through out the film. Also the masked used were simple, but effective enough to creep you out.Where the film falls short is some unnecessary scenes that drag on a bit and the ending was a bit unsatisfying. Overall the movie was OK and good for a one time watch. I recommend people should at least watch it once.
  • OK, this movie is far from perfect. BUT, I found it entertaining... and it actually got better as it went along... really picking up about midway through... and the ending was just right for me. It definitely didn't go where I was expecting with some lame 'twist'. People have mentioned that it feels 'padded'... and I agree that the first section, in the motel room, feels too long for what's going on. In general I like slower paced horrors though, so it's not that it was 'boring'... just that the script was kind of weak in those moments. It needed something more. I'm guessing that if they'd had more money to throw at it that portion would have been a lot shorter and the action in the last third would have been more extensive cat-n-mouse.

    I'll mention that I think the acting and camera/lighting work was really good throughout. The script and editing were the real problems. Also, the choice of actors, especially for the unmasked cultists, was pretty great... those faces had character and I liked the implications that the cult was mostly blue-collar guys who led otherwise normal lives.
  • "Ritual" is a neat little scary movie with a simple plot held together by a very interesting style and strong performances overall. The story takes its time to get where going but suspense always builds with the help of a unique soundtrack and solid delivery by the husband and wife characters. The fuzzy, lingering camera shots create an uneasiness and there are a couple of great WTF moments before the cult arrives (particularly one involving a very creepy doll). I think the most interesting thing about this film is that I never really knew where the movie was going, even when it ended up where you might expect!

    Overall, this movie is a great gem for fans of the horror genre and those looking for a unique experience.

  • lotusisaustin19 January 2014
    This is the most frustrating film I have ever watched. When the plot finally decides to drag it's way to a point, it makes that point multiple times and lingers on every shot just to drive it home. You could easily cut 45 minutes off the beginning and not miss anything crucial to the storyline. Even the transitions crawl at a mind numbing pace. The characters are boring, and unbelievably stupid, the dialog is boring, the title is boring. This isn't the so bad it's good type of film, this is painful to watch. This movie is wasting your time and relishes in it.

    Oh and the female protagonist's name is Lovely.
  • juliojones5318 January 2014
    This is not your father's slasher film. And folks who are looking for such should look elsewhere. Instead writer and director Keating has offered his first film as a slow-burn thriller...more Hitchcockian than FreddyKruegerian.

    Best assessment for a potential viewer is the read the review in IMDb from the critics who, with a few exceptions, provide positive feedback.These are the folks who really know the genre. Why all the hate from some of the viewers? Must be some jealous classmates of Keating's from film school who are working in someone's mail room in LA.

    For a low budget first-time film, the results are terrific. Savants of thrillers will recognize a number of homages to other directors and films. Good!!!! That's what young directors do. Historically, some of the best painters honed their skills by copying the masterpieces of the greats.The editing is crisp and the acting good. I liked the storyline...mess around and you will get burned.

    Now, there are some issues with pace. When breaking the film apart, it looks like some scenes were prolonged, probably to reach the 90minute cutoff required for a feature film.Would love to have seen the true director's cut. This aside, I found Ritual to be an excellent start from a young writer and director who appears to have promise. One wonders what he'll do with a better budget. I, for one, would be excited to see the results. As it is, the production values here are good. Ritual offers a thrilling ride for viewers who really understand film.
  • Wow, i was once prescribed valium for insomnia but it didn't work, i tried everything, herbal tea, Chinese medicine, Zopidone or whatever that stuff is called. Anyway all of that could have been avoided if i had just had this film at hand. Perfect remedy for peaceful relaxing sleep. Now the writer of this film probably thought that some of his ideas would look really cool once they got round to shooting them but seriously sometimes it's just best to look at the end product & shelve it. The Ritual is a bad movie! Awful Film School style visuals, mind numbing sound, terrible script, over long sequences of nothing in particular or interesting. Snap shot editing that feels clumsy & again like a 14 year old film wannabe threw his hand in. Skull masks don't make a film scary & dropping little homages to older, much better horror films does not make your film any cooler if the idea is crap in the first place. This wants to be edgy but ends up looking & feeling all wrong. If you need a film to help you sleep, wack it on but other than that seriously don't entertain the idea of watching it for real, its a mess.
  • Was probably one of the worst horror/thriller movies I have watched in awhile and there are a whole lot of those. The story line was so easy to guess what came next. Throughout the movie my husband and I were both wanting to stop the movie so we could watch another worth what little time we have together. I really can't believe After Dark Films put there name on this. It was one of the only reasons I even rented it. The acting was even very poor. They never gave an explanation why they did what they did or explain what the "rituals" really were for or about. I just hope to God they don't intend to make a second movie of this crap caliber or with the same actors. BLEH!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, so I appreciate what they tried to do with this film..but they did fail miserably. First, 75% of the movie was ridiculously long scenes of the main characters driving cars or taking to each other, or unimportant things like that. Second, they never explain anything with how the main characters split up or anything really except that they met on the beach. They also never explained what the ritual was or why they were doing it. This movie also constantly switched back and forth between scenes and flash backs, which alone is very confusing and frustrating (at least In this particular film). Then all of a sudden after about 2 minutes of thrills and scares, the movie ends in a ridiculous way. I do have to say that the acting was very good though.

    So, if you're looking for a movie to scare and stick with you, this isn't for you. The only people I would recommend this to are those who just like to be tossed around, confused, and like mild horror films with almost no blood.

    Hope this helps!
  • You know how DJs do remixes of artists songs and many times these turn out to be better than the original? Well, this movie needs a remix. Buried within Ritual lies a film which probably could have been harrowing and intense, if they'd used much better actors, and much better direction. There were some decent scenes in it, and the use of atmospheric music worked quite well, but many times it just seemed apparent that it could have been improved on....vastly. Of course we have the (now common) 9 and 10 star fake reviews here from people involved with the movie, and hopefully someday we can lose this crap forever on IMDb (I won't hold my breath though). I guess you get better at reading between the lines however to fish out the REAL reviews if you've been around this site for a long time. Ritual isn't a bad movie, but it's not a good movie either. Sometimes it has long, drawn out, parts which seem to sit as padding, other times it jolts from one scene to another. Other scenes make little sense. For example, the main female role is being chased in the dark by two masked men, she hurts her foot, then sits screaming giving away her location. If you were being chased in the dark and managed to evade capture a while, would you then start screaming? Nope, me neither. It's the classic fault of so many horror movies - idiots doing things you would never do in real life.

    If you want to kill a couple of hours Ritual isn't the worst film out there, once you get past it's slow start. But it just about manages to hold your attention. And for the fake reviewer here who suggested that someone who gave a negative review might be "retarded" that's simply not nice. Most of us review a film honestly, and there are many of us who are very passionate about the horror genre. If you get mixed reviews of a movie you've made - learn from them. Especially if the film is one of your first. Don't attack people because you think you know better. It's the viewer you're pitching to, not yourself. And Ritual showed promise for now. But really it should have been better.
  • Ritual takes the often used trapped in a motel room thriller and adds in a satanic cult element but doesn't do anything original with the idea.

    The intro had my hopes up with it's stylish opening and eerie credits with the gradually appearing skull mask setting the mood very well. yet as the movie carried on my interest gradually waned as each scene was a real effort to sit through. An almost totally unlikeable female lead and virtually no chemistry between the two main actors made for every exchange between them a real laborious viewing experience.

    The cults masks were fairly effective but you never really got to see what they were up to. The strange use of a high pitched whine as scenes got more "intense" was a rather annoying sonic choice that for me didn't pay off. The usual horror movie foolish choices appear but you should be used to that sort of thing if you watch this sort of movie. Obvious comparisons to vacancy are likely but the two movies are almost poles apart in terms of delivery. Vacancy is almost relentless once it gets going were as Ritual is a more sedate slow burn.

    The biggest problem with Ritual for me was it wasn't any fun. It was just a little too miserable and slow. Ritual is not really a bad movie but having seen it it's probably one I wish I'd waited to watch on the horror channel.
  • I read the mixed reviews within IMDb yet took a chance with Ritual, despite some initial reservations. Am I glad I did !!!! This movie is a terrific first effort by a young director and is well worth your time. I sat spellbound once things got rolling.

    The film is well-categorized as a "retro-thriller". An eerie mood is set immediately with its laconic and romantic opening beach scene. This contrasts mightily with the motel setting that traps the couple during the bulk of the film. There were at least two instances where I nearly sharted myself with surprise (excuse me while I change my boxers).

    One has to question the film IQs of some of our fellow reviewers writing negative critiques. What they "don't get" from Ritual is totally unclear. I understand that the term"retarded" is no longer socially correct. Suffice it to say the some must be "mentally challenged". Savants of the thriller genre will love this film. I will not be disappointed. And...Clarence is never wrong !!!!!
  • Not long before watching this film, I took a nice long dump. Never did I imagine that would be the highlight of watching this movie. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Please do not waste your time on the unintelligent protagonist or her dimwitted accomplice. The little story that is present in this film advances at the mighty pace of a disabled snail. It would have been very kind for the director to have poured a healthy dose of salt upon said snail, instead the creative direction of the film has him crawl across a southern Walmart parking lot in high sun of July. By the time our mighty snail (this film) finally did meet its overdue end, I had long been praying that a kind shopper would just run over it after fulfilling their family's weekly grocery and household needs. I think the actual story of such a snail would have been more interesting than the film as presented.
  • bonesbrews1 January 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Terrible, from start to finish. Opening credits were ridiculously long, repeating the actresses name over and over and over. The next part, even worse. Driving down a boring highway for, what feels like, an hour. This film should be erased from the history books. I want my $1.20 back from Redbox. The production, acting, sound, and everything else about this movie sucked. Pretty girls in high heels and a yellow dress don't make a movie. The best part about this flick is when it's finally over. I'd suggest film students watch this movie to learn what bad acting looks like. Annoying screams, cheap production. Two thumbs down.
  • snowbunny-ks10 January 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    That movie is one of the worst I have seen! If I could call Redbox I would tell them to take that out of the box and ban it! If I could have erased it I would have! Do not waste your money...very disappointing. If I was the writer of that story line I would garbage! A child could've wrote something better. They said it was a horror flick...really!? What were they thinking!! I think I would rather watch the Blair Witch project and that was a horrible movie too. I think Redbox should automatically refund everyone who wastes their money to rent this movie! This will not get any awards. Oh I might be wrong...maybe for the worst movie of all times!!!! Who thought this was good!? Two thumbs down!
  • joesheridan86611 January 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Great movie, ending sucked, I could crap In a video camera and produce a better ending. Lessons learned In this movie: don't smoke around stabbed people, keep your lighter, don't try to have one night stands, it always ends badly. Don't wear heels ever, you cant run for crap in heels! shoot guns more, you gotta 6 shooter use all 6 bullets not just two! Think faster, make a plan and get the freak out, call the police and admit you were wrong, crap happens thats life! The masks were awesomely creepy! You never know when someone is giving you the run around so always have your guard up! I think we can all learn from this and better ourselves in a sticky situation!
  • Very good movie. I am surprised that this hasn't won an Oscar yet. Good job production designer.
  • 3 thumbs up for Ritual. Hell...let's put in my index fingers as well. Ritual all the elements of a successful thriller...good acting, simple but decent plot and some unexpected "gotcha" scenes. For (what I understand is) a low-budget film...this film packs the punch of many of those costing much much more.

    I showed the movie to my film class and the large majority of students came away impressed. Who is this frickin' director? Let's hope we see more from him/her....There is obviously room for growth but here's hoping that the room becomes available. I, for one, will be checking in ! Ritual kicked my ass...and it will kick yours as well !
  • My buds and I were looking for something to fill the void in our empty lives. I just got my man-cave finished and the little lady was away with the kids. It was time to tie one on. My job sucks and I hate my boss. His daughter is my immediate manager. She's built like a land- grader and is as ugly as a gravel road. She's also continually sexually harassing me. I'd like to get my revenge for the many times she's belittled me in front of my co-workers or made me shine her patent leather gym shoes. That's where Ritual comes in.

    The kegolater was installed yesterday. It was filled to the max with ice cold Yeungling. My buddy Hank Hill had gotten in a shipment of some of the best doobie this side of Mendocino. He rolls some of the fattest blunts you've ever seen. We all have med licenses for weed...naturally....but wished we had one to maim, disembowel, kill or at least commit manslaughter. I'm an open book when it comes to revenge and my friends follow my lead.I am the alpha. Those who have strayed from my will are disappeared. Anyways....

    Cookie Algonquin had gone to Mexico a few weeks previously and bought some of these killer goon masks. Won the money at a cock-fight and, for the first time, decided not to spend it on a bunch of lap dances from the greasy whores in Tiajauna. Good choice.

    Another friend brought in a little film he'd heard good things about called Ritual. Another even better choice. We all got totally heavy-lidded wasted....put on those masks and, after the movie, went to a local motel, where this blond bomber was cheating on her husband. She looked like a better version of my boss's daughter but my revenge gene had taken over. The rest is history....but so far we haven't been caught. Watch this movie, You won't regret it. Pass the dutchie.
  • My kids and I have watched this movie three times now. Each time we see more and more of its complex composition and each time we get the stuff scared out of us in increasingly larger amounts.Even the dogs get their dander up when they hear the opening dialog. It's almost as if a phantom inhabits our viewing room.

    Ritual is like a fine wine. If you drink it too quickly, you'll miss its bouquet. The acting is convincing and the cinematography excellent.

    We're hoping for and have written a sequel that we hope to send to After Dark...where the men in masks are able to find the identities of all the moronic douche bags who submitted reviews to IMDb and trashed this terrific film.... and render them eunuchs.

    You will not be able to sleep after watching this film !!!!
  • The trailer makes this movie look great but honestly it is not worth watching. It is extremely slow throughout the whole entire movie and was difficult to watch due to such bad acting and a boring storyline!! The creepy masks were a good idea but were not used to their full potential. Seriously nothing happens the entire time. The dialogue is really bad too, the characters have the same conversation for extended periods throughout the movie. It might have been a good short film, it could have been all fit in within 15 minutes. Even then the scary sequences aren't scary at all due to the length of time it takes for anything to happen. There needed to be a "falk in the road!"
  • fpowell597 January 2014
    I loved every minute of this thriller. A great and exciting movie that had me on the edge of my seat. It had me guessing every minute as to what was going to happen next. The twist and turns of the story kept me fully engaged all the way through. The level that writing takes the story to is amazing and when I thought that they could not take it any further, they were able to in ways that I had not necessarily envisioned. The cast did an excellent job all the day around. The direction and production were also so superior. The movie also had great lead and supporting acting. I highly recommend this film to fans of horror, suspense, or adventure films.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    you gotta give this one a chance. My significant other (opposite sex) brought this one home. I yawned when I saw the box...OK dearie...another skull and crossbones snoozefest. Was I ever wrong !

    Ritual is everything but a snoozer ! It's a real unexpected surprise and offers much of the same during its 90 minutes of Satanic hell. ! We spooned on the couch watching this "retro thriller" and I was turgid (sensually) throughout. Sexy blonde who does her man wrong...and pays for spades.

    Kinda confused why the cuckolded husband would answer the scarlet wife's call of distress...but love has a funny hold on us, doesn't it ?( I added as I cupped my lover's bodacious ta-tas, which probably added to my enjoyment of this movie).

    Acting solid and loved the music score. Someone's done some nice editing, although I missed the credit, since lovie and i decided to partake in our own conjugal ritual as the film ended.

    I'd recommend this film for cheaters who need to learn a lesson...for filmgoers who want a cheap set of thrills. Good movie and good time was had BY ALL. Rewind her Satchmo !!!!!Play it again Sam !!!!
  • baberuth7523 February 2014
    My boyfriend and I...well he's not really my boyfriend....more like my BFF with benefits (if you know what I mean)...heard about Ritual from some friends of ours. They viewed it as a life lesson in relationships...whatever that means. But I guess if you mess around on your significant other you're probably get scalded...just like the girl did in the movie. But I kinds think she deserved it and wondered why her lunkhead of a husband went and tried to bail her out in the first place. I'd love to get me one of those retro red bathing suits like she was wearing at the beginning of the movie. I'd fill it out better than she did..if you know what I mean! But I don't smoke. She looked like a skank and played the role well. We both enjoyed the movie and thought is was pretty creepy. Not in my top ten of my whole life but certainly memorable and it left a mark. Come tomorrow....I think I may give up being an escort. The money's pretty good though and I haven't seen any guys in masks.Would anyone out there want my client list?

    Check out Ritual for yourselves.Boyfriend explains that it's much cheaper and safer than elicit sex and nearly every bit as enjoyable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    We see Tom (Dean Cates) and Lovely (Lisa Marie Summerscales) meet on a beach that looks like it is the 1950's. It is most likely a California beach because in the end we see the sun setting on it, yet the film takes place in Texas. Somehow this couple got married and separated and we are some time in the future, i.e. car has a digital radio, digital camera, but no one has apparently aged and the motel room has an ancient phone.

    Lovely has called Tom from a motel room where a stabbed man lies bleeding on the floor who may or may not be dead. Upon investigation Tom discovers he is part of a cult that does killings and Lovely appears to have been designated as the next victim.

    I won't go beyond the film description, but the ending lacked closure and caused confusion. The film had uneven sound. The camera had bad reflection from night time lights and even a green box in a few of the frames. It made it look like Tom was being filmed. Was this deliberate or just part of the low budget? Was the beach really in California or was it supposed to be Texas and they goofed about the sunset? What was the time period? Was there a definite time period or was that to show that the ritual guys haven't changed in 50 years? What was the whole point of the ritual?

    I am open for a plot spoiler explanation.

    Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex. No nudity. Not much gore/violence.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A young lady called Lovely (Lisa Marie Summerscales) is being chatted up at the seaside. She's coy, all smiles. The next thing, we hear her disembodied voice on the phone crying, pleading for help. When her estranged husband Tom (Dean Cates) turns up to see her at a seedy hotel, he greets her desperate cries with all the sympathy of a sledgehammer. We soon see why. There's a corpse in the room with her, covered in blood. Apparently, 'this kind of thing' has happened before.

    Summerscales (who bears a resemblance to Billie Piper) is excellent in this, which is a role that really requires her to react to increasingly panicky situations. She's never unbelievable or unsympathetic – even when the 'corpse' turns out to have secrets of his own.

    Despite the leads' unwillingness to call the police (although looking back, it's just as well), I found myself fully invested in this. The performances are all strong, the atmosphere and music genuinely getting more and more unsettling. The direction is first rate – the hotel room, already seedy and unfriendly, takes on a more sinister tone when bathed only in the blinking static light from the television. The isolated nature of the location is powerfully utilised – poor Lovely's predicament becomes increasingly hopeless.

    There isn't much gore, and very few special effects to speak of. None of this matters when a story is told this strongly – in fact, sparingly used as they are, the effects depicting Lovely's deteriorating situation are all the more teeth-clenching. The setting, the 1950s, is effective and rids us of the convenience of mobile phones and the like.

    Director, writer and 'excited Cultist' cast member Mickey Keating has provided a terrific debut with this slow burning, often deliberately muddy production (we don't know much about the cultists and exactly what their 'mission' is, but that really doesn't matter), which continues to restore my faith in modern horror somewhat. At times it seems as if events are passing too slowly, but there's always a twist or a shock that makes sense of the decision. A dark, creepy, often claustrophobic story which remains compelling and unpredictable right until the end. Unnerving!
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