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  • roisroy16 July 2012
    Ustad Hotel is a real treat for eyes, which keeps us engaged and makes our taste-buds come alive.

    The pluses include well crafted story line, with simplicity to the core, excellent background score and music, breathtaking visuals, and moreover, it brings out a valuable message.

    Dulquar has done a good job, and Thilakan stands out as Kareemikka, and kudos all the cast and crew members for giving such a wonderful experience.

    Overall I rate this as must watch and request Dileep and other mimicry artists to stop degrading Malayalam movies with films like Mayamohini, Pachakuthira etc, as this surely is the re-birth of Malayalam movie with a cry for quality and lasting content.

  • Ustad Hotel is a flavour rich drama which has got all the ingredients to satisfy everyone alike, that without compromising on the artistic elements! Anwar Rasheed Anjali Menon duo doesn't disappoint, true to be, they don't strike Gold either!

    The story, roughly, is about a young guy who tries to get away with his career only to find himself in the thick of things which goes otherwise. With the backdrop of food and malabar,it does provide an interesting watch, the more appeasing if you are from malabar region. The screenplay by Anjali menon is too good that we don't get stuck anywhere, a bit let loose towards the end, making it melodramatic - I got a lump in my throat after a very long time. The sulaimani & mohabbath scene with Dulqar and Thilakan was a mesmerizing one. The background score & songs were so soothing to the senses - hindustani, folk rock and even a sufi track - which went well with the storyline did wonders for the movie. We have a young hero in Dulqar Salman who is handsome and stylish - improved a lot from Second Show - and an ever amazing Thilakan who excels as Ustad, Nithya Menen who plays the love interest of Dulqar does well too.

    With food being an important element in the plot, chances are high the movie being compared to "Salt ' n' Pepper". Ustad Hotel is a feel good drama which would skip being at par with S 'n' P which was a romantic comedy. It did disappoint me that the romance was so underplayed in Ustad Hotel, the only romantic scene was sweet leaving us craving for more! All said, Anwar Rasheed & crew does it in style, a good feast to relish.
  • vnykhu30 June 2012
    This is my first review and i am very glad to have started up with this particular movie.First of all full points to Anwar Rasheed for casting Thilakan in this particular role,because he did absolute justice to the character.Dulquer and Nithya played along quite nicely.Then full points to both the story and direction.Excellent First half.Beautiful second half.This will be a milestone in Dulquer's career.I hope Listin Stephen continues to reap success because he is one of those producers who gives importance to the script rather than to the lead actors.Hats off guys for taking Malayalam film industry to a whole new level. Positives:good cast,direction,story,enchanting music. Negatives:a bit lagging at times.

  • It's really a wonderful feeling when you set to watch a movie with average expectation and it then blows your mind away :) Without doubt, Ustad Hotel is one of the most endearing movies I've seen and is also now one of my all-time favs in Malayalam cinema. Everything about it including the acting, direction, music & visuals are so impressive.

    Dulquer Salmaan is excellent as Feyzee, the aspiring chef. So is Thilakan for whom I cannot praise as he's beyond all that. Thank God, one of his last movies gave him such a meaty, beautiful role. And of course there the other actors too like Nithya Menen(refreshing), Siddique as Dulquer's father and lot of supporting cast who are naturally convincing.

    There are some socially relevant messages in the movie that truly hits home without making us feel bored or patronized. That's how any movie should be, which entertains & enlightens!

    I'm assuming there could be some minor plot holes which I missed, therefore the 9/10. lol...

    Verdict: Definitely, one of the best movies of 2012 and in my opinion, a must watch.
  • Though it was Dulquer Salmaan's first film as an actor, he didn't go with the typical mindset of Indian actors of introducing himself as an super hero or central character of any film (when he could do that). That shows his maturity and wisdom.

    There were many times when the viewers felt the central character was Thilakan and not Dulquer Salmaan. Thilakan sir again proved that with whomever he is acting, he will steel the show. What an actor .!

    I really liked the cute, smart Nithya Menon. Her Malabar accent was awesome.

    The rest of the crew also did their job fabulously. The background music was also very good.

    It must be the kind of masterpiece that every director and viewers dream of.

    I congratulate all the crew member for making the film such a huge success and wish them to always come with such ideas.

    Thanks, Sujith
  • Wat a heck of a movie !!!!! for a teenager like me going and seeing the movie two times in a row and STILL feeling unsatisfied is something really AWESOME !!!! Reallyy loved the movie, from the touchy background scores to the straightforward dialogs !!!!!! Dulquar has opened a new chapter for himself with this movie and i am bloody sure he is gonna embark this movie as the MILESTONE in his career !!!! At the end of the day, there is,i feel, nothing in this film that you would feel"COULD HAVE IMPROVED" kinds... "A MUST WATCH MOVIE" for all of those people who have been looking out for a rejuvenating experience !!!! ENJOYY !!!!
  • The movie was a good one. Music,including background music is a high point of the movie. I think what stood out most though was Tilakan's acting. Tilakan is indeed a veteran actor. Dulqar is also very likable with his simple charms.

    The start of the movie was interesting with Sidhique trying to get a boy child. While there were many sections of the movie that were very heart-warming, as a whole piece, somehow, there is an incompleteness. It is fine to leave threads open.

    The movie is about a youngster trying to find his life. He pursues his dreams innocently and more or less succeeds in that. His grandfather offers him all the guidance. There is a positive interaction between Dulqar and Tilakan and you feel good as you watch him grow. There is a universal appeal in that theme - youngsters relate to it as their present, older people relate to it in their past.

    Music is definitely a high point of the movie. Appangalellam is an interesting number and the fluorescent painted faces in the night is impactive in the theater. Other songs have a heart of their own as well - vaathilil aa vaathilil , sanchari nee.

    The movie presents a lot of situations that you do not see usually. The camera work is excellent in certain sequences.Though personally, I am not a fan of Nithya Menon, I think the slow motion running sequence of Dulqar and Nithya has been excellently shot.

    The theme background of the movie is awesome.It gnaws at you all the while - there is no escaping it.

    The sequence where Tilakan talks about rain in the desert somehow impresses you deeply. The camera work is excellent here too. Some pieces talk too directly to you that you cannot express it. You need to get it from the depths where the impression is and sometimes you don't reach it.

    The movie also attempts at presenting real-life situations that people go through in their daily lives. The sequence where Jishnu complains about the food and how deeply hurt Dulqar is as he makes the dish again is a good one. The sequence is earnest and complete in itself and serves to characterize Jishnu but otherwise seems to not integrate. Or may be not, that is how things are in real too. The prejudice against a cooking job. The lorry driver misbehaving with Dulqar in Burqa. Youth who try to live their passion in music.

    The movie talks about hunger and how millions are still starving. This sequence is again presented well. It is a feel good movie and I might watch it again.

    I can watch it again for all the wonderful people in the movie and the endearing gentle malabari accent. Technically, we watched the first day first show of the movie. We reached 6:45 for the 6 PM show but the 6PM show had been canceled due to lack of people. So 9PM was the show and we were there.


    Well, we did watch it again and this watch was as worthy a one, in fact a more worthwhile one. The first half is almost flawless. Varying techniques have been used in different sequences to keep the movie interesting. Humour was the highlight of the first sequence where Siddique is looking for a boy child.The second scene has a continuous sequence where between cuts, the number of sisters with him drop off one by one as they get married one after the other. Dulqar is a Europe returnee and the movie has not one scene in Europe where as the impression is well established.Through catchy music and sketch art, his life abroad is presented through the credits screen.The ego clash between Siddique and Dulqar has been carefully presented too - using mirrors to represent the egos and carefully calibrating the sound inside and outside the bathroom door. This attention to detail is also seen when Dulqar leaves taking just cash and not the gold chain or passport/credit cards from the drawer. Thereafter, the world around Usthad hotel is very well presented as well.

    However, looks like there are flaws towards the second half.The usthad hotel is repainted with enthusiasm. But thereafter, the older look of the hotel seems to have been presented again - at least that is the impression I got and that in itself is a flaw.I think there is some lack of focus towards the end.

    We have the hotel in trouble, then we have the people fighting and getting it up. And then Dulqar gets an offer to work abroad and is about to go and then Tilakan gets a heart attack. Tilakan sends Dulqar to Chennai Chef who exposes him to hunger and his service based approach to cooking.Then he comes back and Tilakan is not there and the hotel is closed. He then takes over and the hotel becomes a huge success. Looks like some unnecessary coding has been done here.

    If I were to redesign this, I would take out the job offer abroad and the heart attack out from the equation. Tilakan can just send him to Chennai Chef as part of one of his assignments and Dulqar can decide to settle down in Ustad hotel.

    Either ways, malayalam movie industry is so very back. Earlier I used to hope for more good malayalam movies. Now, I don't have to hope - I just have to look forward to the ones that are on the way.
  • cheeszfutbol5 September 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    The holy offspring when a beautiful story meets a group of gifted artists and a fabulous film crew. The movie completely engulfs you until you give in to a sublime story telling. And to top it up with a fabulous soundtrack is like icing the cake with gold. This joyous movie ride promises you with comedy, clean concise romance before surprising you with a larger delicate theme of a social stigma that plagues our country. The culmination of the movie deserves nothing less than a standing ovation.

    Mazel Tov to this wonderful team.

    I'm no critic. I don't know the finer details about movie-making. Ustad Hotel satiated my soul and has cast a lingering effect on me. It is only very rarely that one doesn't feel even a tinge of regret when he has spent 180 bucks for a movie ticket. What Anjali Menon conveys through Kareem-kka (Thilakan) finds profound meaning in the philosophy of everything:

    "Vayaru nirachal mathram pora mone... kazhikkunna aalinte manassu nirayanam. Athanu kayipunyam" (It's not enough to just cook for filling one's stomach my son... the food must fill one's heart. He makes the real chef)
  • This movie has absolutely everything you could want..

    engaging story, outstanding performances, and entertaining in every aspect. It has humor, sadness and drama, at the appropriate times, and performances without fault

    I like fairy tales, and this movie certainly is one. very first Rate Entertainment

    I had much expectations about this film where the director made 3 blockbusters and writer anjali menon is very very promising with her debut "Manjadikkuru" .. and the movie made my mind happy .it was a life time experience watching it on theater. This movie shows human relations very well.

    Dulquar Salmaan shows he is a star with his cool dude attitude .. excellent way of narrating and well crafted scripting .. the best parts are the background score by Gopi sundar and cinematography by lokanathan.

    I suggest everyone to watch this one .. Kudos to Anwar Rasheed the director and anjali menon .. a great step in malayalam cinema to the world .. brilliantly done ..

    I would give 10 on 10 fro Usthad Hotel !
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ustad hotel is good. Expected more from Anjali Menon/Anwar Rasheed.Movie had a excellent first half, but lose its plot in second half. Movie is dragging in the second half. Cast should be mentioned. Beautiful casting, Good Music.

    Inspired from true story of Narayanan Krishnan, a plot was included in the movie is inspiring. Expect that, Second half screenplay/story seems ordinary. Dulquer has a bright future, Nithya Menon is good.

    Thilakan shows why is called a legend. Other casting is good.. Depends on persons view, go for it.. rate yourself.

    Thanks Deepu
  • rahulranjit6 January 2013
    A movie which has impressed me across all dimensions - In terms of Acting, Story, Direction, Cinematography and last but not the least Music. It is difficult to come across a great Malayalam movie these days and Anwar Rasheed has weaved his Magic yet again. It is a movie which kept me glued to the seat throughout, like his previous venture - Kerala Cafe.

    I am not going to discuss the story or plot elements here, as it is to be seen to be experienced. In one sentence, Ustaad Hotel is a MacGuffin that transforms the life of the central character played by Dulquer Salmaan. He and Thilakan are the stars of this movie and did a great job, well supported by Siddique & Mamukkoya. Nithya Menen had little role to play, but did well as the supportive,romantic interest.It is sad that Thilakan would not be there anymore to amaze us with his acting talents, he will be really missed. The fresh face of Dulquer(although a striking resemblance of his Megastar Dad)was a treat to watch and had it been played by an established actor, I don't think would have given the same effect.

    Watching Ustaad Hotel reinstated my belief in the Malayalam Movie Industry. I really appreciate the bold path taken by the young film makers,exploring new vistas and bringing us such contemporary visual treats! We want more...
  • faltuausmail13 January 2019
    Last 2 weeks i only watched south indian movies,atleast 40 movies i watched and i must say what a talent South Indian film industry have. They have content they have Actor,actress,director, creators best important things they have guts to make all kind movies.. hatsoff.. love from Bangladesh.
  • When the I saw the saw the first scene, I judged this movie to be another commercial movie. But everything changed in the mid way. I learned that Food is not just about filling the stomach but also filling your heart....

    I don't understand how he got girl! how the orthodox family accepted her to marry a cook...But still the Love is very different.

    The next thing that is remarkable is their Display of culture. I never saw these kinds of Dishes before (have to appreciate the Story writer's knowledge of culture and food).

    This a complete movie and a movie worthy of spending the time!
  • We see a lot of movies every year (or say week in my case), but not every movie would leave us with such everlasting memories like some movies. Ustad Hotel is one such movie which i can recall with extreme accuracy even though i watched it years ago. This is an example of extremely good writing. You can't wake up one fine morning and write ustad hotel, it requires months of experience and thinking. The movie has such a tightly coupled setting and strong native binding that even if u remove a single brick out even if it is a very small one like kareem ikka biriyani or sulaimani, it won't look good. The movie treats its primary thing(food) with utmost respect. Just look at every scene in which food is being displayed. It has such fantastic scenes like the one in the pic and the whole climax episode in madurai. There are some movies which can make your entire day awesome irrespective of how down you are and make you wish that the movie never ends. When someone combines your favorite thing in the world(food) with your favorite genre(feel-good drama) and have such a good team working for it, Ustad Hotel is the end product. Even if you take world cinema there can be only a handful of movies with such good writing. Wish Anjali Menon and team keeps producing such gems.

    (TL;DR - watch ustad hotel if you love food or when you feel down if language is not a barrier.)
  • Covering multiple genre of movies, Ustad Hotel is a must watch. The plot revolves around Feyzee, a slightly spoilt brother, a son with a lot of expectation from his rather conservative father but with mind of his own. Then, his grandfather (estranged from his father), comes into his life and helps him find his mojo and purpose in life. Ustad Hotel is a fair reflection of societal pressures put onto young person, mostly when the person is a son. There are also references and quite satirical state of sexism existing in the Malayali culture. One of the most memorable performance by Thilakan, one of the last ones he did. Hence, there is an emotional element to the climax of the film for his fans, pretty much all Malayali film lovers.
  • Usthad hotel directed by Anwar rasheed and scripted by Anjali menon starring veteran Thilkan,Dulquer,Siddique & Nithya menen. Usthad hotel shows the strong bond developed between grandpa & his grandson. 1st half is filled with comedy & joy,while 2nd half is more of a poverty,under privilege,love,piece & joy everything compelled to make a Usthad hotel indeed a heart warming,endearing and lovable. Movie doesn't offer any thrill nor dramatic twist but at the end give you a charming smile on your face. Plot is littlebit clichéd with some mouth watering flavour added to make viewer s engage throughout. Denouement of the film is really heartwarming and endearing. All actors performance shows their brilliance especially DQ & veteran Thilkan. Music by Gopi sundar was good & apt for this. Must watch for good lovers of Indian cinema. R.I.P Thilkan!
  • The acting is absolutely amazing with some good, fresh writing by Anjali Menon. But the plot loses its charm towards the end as we realize the character depths!

    The music is amazing and totally clings with the theme of the film. Yet, some questions are unanswered.

    If you look from a celluloid point of view, the plot is actually clichéd and the hype which was created before the movie release was of no use. Because except the hit song "Appangalepadum," the actress has not much part to play. A salute to Thilakan's thespian attitude! RIP!

    Anyways, you cannot miss this one. Or you will miss a milestone!
  • Before going for the movie, i just expected an average film from dulquer salman. just an average, thats all i expected. but I was just stunned by the movie, after watching it. It was like, every minute, every second, each single shot, dulquer was screaming loud, that he is the right successor of the DON of mollywood, dr.bharath mammootty.

    And Thilakan sir played a supreme role, which no other actor could ever replicate. And Nitya menon, what a stunning beauty!!!!! absolutely brilliant performance. She just fastened her seat belt on de Indian acting arena.

    All togather, a brilliant movie , put up by Anwer Rasheed and his crew. So guys, hit it.. . watch the movie and rate it... I'm sure , the movie will swipe you off ur feet...
  • ramjith201129 June 2012
    Its a plain coming of age story of a youngster, how he understands the value of life, relatives etc.

    The first thing that comes to my mind after watching the film is the BG (first time i am seeing claps for just the BG), Gopi Sunder has done a terrific job. Direction by Anwar Rasheed is of top class. Camera work is too good & treat to your eyes, Calicut has never been presented this beautifully. Anjali Menon as a writes has done a neat job, even-though it looses some grip in the second half, where the movie tend to be bit preachy and has a documentary feel. Performance of Thilakan stands out, good to see Maamookkoya in a lengthy role (in a commercial film) after a long gap. Dulquer was good, the role was not that demanding, he just had to be himself a happy go lucky guy. Nithya Menon looked fresh in a small role.

    The first half is very good while the 2nd half a tad above average. Should be a pleasant watch for everyone, despite few shot comings.

    Comparing with Happy Journey, Manjadikkuru (Anjali Menon) & Bridge (Anwar Rasheed) the movie may fall well short of expectations.
  • This is my second Malayalam movie after Thoovanathumbikal. Clearly Ustaad Hotel is not in the Pedigree of Thoovanathumbikal. The film is predictable in most parts and lack depth and gray in the characters. Dulquer Rahman is cute but he is no Mohan Lal and neither is Nithya Menon a Sumalatha.

    But this film is about an idea, albeit a clichéd one that real joy is often treading off the beaten track and chasing your dreams only you can see. Everyone dies but not everyone lives. Some of the greatest joys may lie in the very pursuit of your dreams and it is those moments which makes life worth living. Also sometimes a person, in this case Faizi, becomes the the carrier of not just his own dreams but also the carrier of the inspirations and beliefs everyone around him needs- Shahana, the band,the workers or even the excellent Karim. The film portrays beautifully that there is even more joy in helping others chase their dreams as well, however small and insignificant they might be-for some that might be that one square meal for the day. One of the aspects which made the film endearing was the relationship between Faizi and his granddad, Kareem who is just perfectly played out here. He is a free spirit yet headstrong in his ways; disconnected to everything worldly yet compassionate and receptive to everything. His love for Faizi is selfless and subtle and being a grandson myself I can vouch for the authenticity in those emotions. He must be a wonderful granddad in his real life.

    A small mention of Faizi's father. He may be seen as the epitome of sexism and materialism but I sympathize with him. He is the victim here, having to toil, and toil against a prejudiced society, unwillingly trapping himself in the curse of the working class. That character was overdone a wee bit though. It is not the broadest theme in the film but I liked the fact that, like Ratatouille, the film makes cooking look so delightful and enticing. And I enjoyed the background scores and the songs as well. Was literally tapping to that disco song.

    Whether this is a great film is a debatable. But the fact is, most of my favourite movies are just sheer experiences. And Ustaad Hotel is just that, a refreshing whirlwind of a film.
  • Went for Ustad Hotel.....first day reports was as an average movie.....but after seeing it ...had the feeling that it was a masterpiece........such an originality in its storyline......excellent acting by Thilakan..........subtle story by Anjali Menon,artistic direction by Anwar Rasheed....the romance,the humanity and the realities of our lives is artistically depicted....Dulquar as a new comer doesn't seem like one....he is an excellent actor now... Mamukkoya's narration gives us the mood of the's relation with the city of Kozhikode...great movie after some time us a freshness an warmth of a "sulaimani".10/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Secret of good dish lies in the recipe get it right there is a gentle mix of flavours,working in harmony outcome is delicious ..Amal neerad Anjali menon team Ustad Hotel is a wonderful visual treat to audience.this is a simple story of a young gulf born rich guy who had gone through his cookie-cutter life doing exactly what was expected of him.this is a journey of self-discovery.anjali menon adapted real life story of a gret person to make this filim more beautiful.Dulqur salman on his way to becoming one of the promising actors of his generation by means of versatile and indelible performance. what most annoying about this is what,s missing not what,s there there is nothing about the movie the making of the movie and very little about actors. i am not the person to write a review about legents Thilakan ,mamookoya and all this is a movie with a lesson a must watch one a new era of malayalam filim