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  • poopjuggler13 September 2014
    This show is really quite good, and very funny. I probably like it more than my kids. Yes it has a talking dog, but it's probably the first show I've ever seen that gets the talking animal thing right. All of the actors do a great job, Regan Burns and Beth Littleford are hilarious and have good chemistry. Genevieve Hannelius is amazingly emotive for her age. I always laugh when I watch this show, and it's family friendly as a bonus. Seriously, I watch this even without my kids sometimes. In fact, I think there's a lot of humor in it that kids don't get, especially the interactions between the parents. All the reviewers who pooh pooh this show just because it has a talking dog just don't understand comedy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I never review unless I think it's a 9 or a 10, and I LOVE this show. So, I give it a 10. So what if it's a talking dog?!?! Plus, comedy is subjective. The Halloween episodes were the funniest, but I don't care if a joke doesn't make me laugh. I think things are funny that my family doesn't think is funny. I like things that they don't. It's the same with characters, and kudos to you and the show if it DOES make you laugh.

    Ellen apparently is the person/character a lot can't relate to as funny, but that's her. Even her husband and family don't think her jokes as funny, or 98% overall.

    I think of Avery as a role model of sorts. She is never without a purpose, it seems, with her school work and art and great friendship with Stan and her family.

    The show was entertaining, and it really looked like Stan was talking. I love the puppies!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am not sure why people don't like this show. My daughter and I enjoy it a lot! Stan is a talking dog, and he has some hilarious comments at times, from the point of reference of a dog. The family is full of quirky people, and true to Disney shows the parents are often unaware of everything that is going on, including that their dog can talk. If it weren't for Stan, I am not sure I would like the show as much. Sure, the idea that a dog can talk and blog is pure nonsense, but if you can suspend your belief and really pay attention there are some very clever lines and throwback references (like the Carrie reference in the Halloween episode). To me it's the perfect little family show and clever enough to keep this old gal's attention.
  • This show is actually quite funny. Initially I was underwhelmed but surprisingly I now quite enjoy it. While the writing is quite low-brow occasionally the writers throw in a couple of joke gems that make you laugh-out-loud. The parent actors fall back on slapstick comedy but the children actors have great comedic timing and mostly do a really good job.

    This is not a bad option for a family TV show. It is entertaining, has plenty of good jokes and provides viewers with a diverse family that many people can relate to. The talking dog is a nice touch and is surprisingly funny.

    So don't discount this show from the first couple of episodes as it does get better.
  • The award for the most uninspired, uncreative and flat out stupid show goes to... This sad excuse for a Disney show. A talking dog? Give me a break. The acting is bad, in fact, the best actor out of the bunch is the dog. The shows idea of "comedy" is basically taking old jokes from other Disney shows and repeating them. The shows attempts at creating a touching moment or a life lesson moment just end up being cheesy and awkward. I assumed kids might enjoy the show, but my 7 year old cousin simply scoffed and asked me to change the channel. I was expecting the worst when I first heard of this show and man oh man, was I right. Disney has scraped the bottom of the barrel so much it broke through and found this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like this show if you ask my opinion. Why I like this show? Because this show is pretty shocking at first when I saw the dog talk. I mean how. When I watched the behind the scenes the dog was very trained. He could do all the dog tricks. I was suprised on how hard they trained the dog. Anyway, this show had some flaws. Like the humour and the animation. Before you ask what animation I'm talking about, let me tell you this is a dog that can talk and do all human stuff. Like there was this one time where they had to make the dog dance and let me tell you that the dace horrible. And the humour, uhh not so good. They are some funny jokes but most of the time it's just not good. And also in the whole show they never revealed how the dog can talk. So watching this to find out how he can talk is a waste of time. But still a decent show.
  • I watch it with 9 year old daughter and although it is very silly i find my self chuckling at it often. Its a clean, fun, family show that i dont mind my little girl watching.
  • sscgec14 March 2018
    My kids loved watching this showand were very disappointed when it was taken off the air...
  • zohole14 December 2013
    Disney has gotten away from its roots over the last 10+ years, with the fact that the majority of their shows not being for younger viewers. If my not wanting my children watching rude ignorant television with children acting older than they are is looked down on. Than I guess I'm in the minority. This show has funny parts that are age appropriate for Disney. The people that complain about CGI and other issues got somewhere else. Its for kids. Just give it a chance watching with your children. I watch most shows with my children my children to see what it is, and if its good. This is one of the shows we can watch together as a family. Thanks Disney.
  • draprmemes15 May 2017
    This saved my life. I have never seen a greater work of art than Dog with a blog. I cried for hours after watching one episode. I need it to survive. Dog with a blog made me laugh for hours like hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHHAHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHendmeHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
  • The only reason I rated this a 10 is to counteract other reviews that are clearly written by adults without children. This show serves exactly its intended purpose....entertaining kids. Give it a chance. Much better than pretty much every nickelodeon show. The actress playing Avery is very talented, and seems extremely mature for her age. I must admit, the dog really looks like he is talking. Completely believable. I have to give props to the cgi guy (or gal) that makes that possible. Again, if you have kids, it is well worth watching. To you critical reviewers....find some adult programming to watch if you find this show too predictable.
  • Please don't watch the show if you already have the mind set on not ever going to like it. I like this show because it has funny plots. It has scenes all over the city and community. It leaves room for new characters and needs to have more episodes come out every week because I can't get enough out of talking animals and great plots. The show is great and the blogs are actually blogs on the dogs website dog with a blog. They are hilarious and this is the first time I've ever seen a show have a community on the website. The dog is funny and realistic. I like all the characters because they have different personalities that don't clash but mesh. Disney Keep Up The Good Work. 5/5 because those blogs are hilarious!!!
  • baldmen21 December 2018
    Rest in peace Stan you was an amazing dog and the show was amazing
  • I believe this show is good wholesome family entertainment, with clever dialog... but you must get past the dog moving its mouth. Once you watch a few shows it really hooks you and I think the writing and cast are good. I have gone back and watched previous episodes with my Son and we like it very much and so does my Wife. The people who comment on this after seeing one show should not have any complaints, just move on if you have not given this show a chance, no one wants to read your remarks. The first 8 or so episodes have a different Dog, and the animated mouth looks strange, but after that it looks good and no weird eye expressions so it is more natural looking. The situations are funny and the kids on the show are all real good, so are the parents. Stan is a well trained Collie mix who has the ability to be good on camera without always looking off to the side to the trainer. Very funny show and a breath of fresh air compared to other teen/tween shows
  • I don't get the reviews criticizing this show. I find it original, highly entertaining with interesting and fun characters. The blended family is believable, quirky and fun. The stage asides are cute and clever. I find the entire program refreshing.

    It is a situation comedy and the situations are relate-able ones like first crushes, trying to meld two families and trying to fit in in junior high school. The vehicle of the talking dog is used well as the common sense voice in the household.

    The acting is good, the dialog crisp and the cast is entirely likable, even the evil foil from next door has his charms.

    In short, this is a good show for the tween, Disney Channel audience.
  • I have to admit, when I saw the trailer for Dog with A Blog I wasn't all that hyped. I wouldn't even watch any of the episodes. But me and my eight year old sister share the same room and she would always watch the show. And one day she was watching a marathon of it and I had nothing else to do so I decided to watch with her. And I have to say, I was really surprised of how good of a show it was. It had very kid-level humor and great lessons that all kids can learn from, especially the internet safety episode. In fact, it's one of the best Disney/nick show out there for families. So don't just go and judge this show if you've only seen one episode.
  • chicka9115 June 2013
    Dog With A Blog stumbles onto Disney Channel as yet ANOTHER drab, unoriginal, and lifeless Disney Sitcom of the 2010+s. The show centers around a blended family and their dog. (Stan. Even the name irritates me, but that's beside the point.) Surprise surprise: The dog talks.. Oh. & Only the kids can hear him. *Yawn* The parents, as in most Disney shows, are both clueless. They also have ZERO chemistry together. The littlest child, although cute, is slightly too old for her part of the show, considering they're using her as the annoying kid sister who pops out here and there just to be "cute." She'll quickly outgrow that role, much like the girl in Life With Derek. The oldest boy is the stupid one, because there always has to be a stupid kid in the family on every single new Disney show. The middle daughter is the smart/uptight/rule follower. Both older kids, although they DO have talent and could make it in the Disney industry, need some serious acting lessons. (And some GOOD writing content wouldn't hurt either!) Both are extremely over dramatic and struggle with comedic timing. It's just not natural and it is painful to watch every over-exaggerated line, hand motion, & facial expression. The entire cast is altogether very awkward to watch as a whole. They are all still very rigid around each other and don't seem like a family AT ALL. Nothing like the Good Luck Charlie family, which is sadly, the only good show left on Disney.

    Disney used to be able to produce watchable, good family friendly shows. Not so much anymore! They need some new ideas to bring the channel back to its roots. Some people complain that "everyone bashing on these new shows are just adults who don't understand kid shows!!" Not true. Walt Disney himself always said, "Adults are just kids grown up." If you aim only at kids, you won't be successful. Just look at HIS amazing work. Kids and adults alike are captivated by it. Not this crap. All in all, some kids might enjoy this show. It IS more kid appropriate than Shake It Up, I will give it that. It's been renewed for season 2, because, well, Disney is obviously struggling with creativity right now. Once they come up with a new show premise, this one will be canceled.
  • Wow this show is super awesome. I think the other people how wrote there replays are fat and stupid because it is a excellent show because of the actors they rock !! Ellen is really funny and Bennett and stand are the 2 very smart people Avery is awesome to about be ing smart.I would love to meet the cast like that would be grate. If you do ask me Chloe is one of my favorites so are are Ellen stand and Tyler and Avery and Bennett. This is really grate Funny nice and sweat show for a family to watch I would say my favorite epasoida is the Halloween 2 and the one were they ow yea it's called stuck in a mini with you. Also the wi Writers how came up with the show is brilliant . I watch the behind the scenes videos all The time so if I vist the set or guess star on the show because I really want to be a actress But I am shy when I go to put on a show in my basement I just have volunteers comel up a Nd do the parts but any way I would now the set " but they do need more behind the scenes video " I did study austin and ally a lot for awhile so when I vist there set I know but then this show came out I stared to study this set with videos . So do mot listen to those jerks G , Reagan , Franciscan, sorry if I do not spell your name right also Blake ,mick ,Beth your GRATE actors. People hoe are reading this go watch the show on Disney channel is the Best show ever just one more thing if you about to change cause you hate keep watching And then you might find out its a grate show for you or your family so that's why I rated it 10 stars remember do not listen to the people how smacked-ed talked bad about the Show and go on a watch it!!
  • A dog who seems to be smarter than the humans and seems like he runs what happens in the house. the characters are not cut out for comedy at all. they are all annoying and unrealistic, I've even come close to losing my dinner to some poor comedy comments. don't we have enough of these talking animal shows and movies? i don't let my kids watch this, in fact it doesn't keep their interest. my teen daughter is upset because they replaced my babysitter is a vampire with this low low grade entertainment... i sure hope for my kids sake they do removed this program. and for the sake of my friends with kids, their opinion aren't very high about this program either.
  • I only gave two stars to be fair. I mean, I love dogs, but this dog makes me want to donate my television to Jigsaw from "Saw", so he can use it to torture me in a much healthier way. Why, this unfortunately is NOT the worst show on DC. Shake It Up probably is, quite frankly. What's bad about this show is that it is much too clichéd. It's just another one of those "family has problems, siblings are battling, and they secretly have a talking dog" type deals! I feel bad for whoever is forced to watch it. Don't worry, though. You only have to suffer for 22 minutes before... NOOOOOO!!! Another episode?!? Why does this world hate me?! Okay, back to the constructive stuff. I just don't like the fact that the story is SO overused. My guess on how many people have USED this idea: probably much higher than I am thinking, which is still a pretty impressively large number, by the way. My advice: if you want to watch a TV show about a talking dog that is good, watch "Teacher's Pet". If you want to watch a BAD TV show about a talking dog, you know just where to look. (Ps. I was talking about THIS show, in case you did not know.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Is Disney Channel running out of ideas? I mean, seriously, is Disney Channel running out of ideas?! Am I suppose to find this piece of dog s--- funny? Well, sit back, read on, and find out...

    First, the title of this show. Does it sound like this show is going to last a season or two? Not with a title like "Dog with a Blog". Second, the CGI-dog. Wow, with a piece of CGI s--- dog like that... oh wait, he talks. What the hell was I watching?! That dog was so poorly animated that he makes the CGI Scooby-Doo look more tolerable. Finally, the jokes. Can you think of one joke that you laughed at while watching this show? Well, I sure can't because none of the jokes have made me burst out with laughter. The canned laughter isn't helping much either. This is similar to Out of Jimmy's Head and ANT Farm, where, you guessed it, when none of the jokes are funny, the canned laughter is used.

    Who the hell came up with an unfunny show like this one?! I mean, Jumping Jiminy Crickets! Disney Channel is overrun by teenage jackasses who are not only mentally challenged, but have no creativity, no originality, and no remorse for what they have done to Disney Channel and the people who used to watch this channel! I mean, this TV show is so terrible, that it would make even the Pound Puppies and Holly say "What the hell is this, some kind of cruel joke?!!" Bottom line: Stupid jokes, the CGI-dog, and the title of the show are reasons why Dog with a Blog should have been neutered in the first place.

    UPDATE: Don't read the "real reviews" by kevinfromheaven12 and Jesus Olivares because they, apparently, are either some 10-year-old butt-hurt Disney Channel fan-boys who can't take criticism or some representatives from It's a Laugh Productions.
  • john-chrapkowski27 June 2015
    i think those giving it a 10 'to counteract bad reviews' don't understand reviews. The fact that the largest audience was for the first show and has gone down since says a lot. I am surprise it made it three seasons so far. The actors are fine, it's the horrible writing! Lame jokes that aren't even remotely funny. Stereotypical as can be (genius lead, dumb older brother, cute sister, clueless dad and family focused mom are so cliché.) The dog Stan, and the stories are incredibly simplistic, you are going to guess how every episode unfolds. No creativity. If you like Wizards or Austin and Allie, this is not at all like those.
  • I HATED this show but yesterday I watched the premiere of season 2 and it actually made me laugh a little I wish all those shows would improve then they would get a lot more viewers and also I found a little improving in Disney too it made me want to watch all day long thanks DWAB and your vote has increased 6, and your officially off "my worst TV shows ever" list I'm starting to admire G. Hanellius I'm going to scream of joy YES! thank you Dog with a Blog congrats for getting of my list I wish JESSIE can improve and it's #1 still on my "my worst TV shows ever" list If they did then I will get it off my list and start watching it.
  • math-yoge20 June 2013
    I give Dog with a Blog a 7/10 stars! I am not saying that I love this show, but this show has a lot of good material, great actors/actresses and overall a great show for Disney. This show is great, because of its story line of a talking dog. Dog with a Blog teaches kids valuable life lessons through the eye of Stan(the dog with a blog). In one of the episodes called "Stan Stops Talking", all the characters basically learn the meaning of life and to live every minute of it instead of dwelling in the past. Finally this show teaches kids many valuable lessons and is very very funny! I believe kids will love the talking dog and adults will also love the many funny moments of this show.
  • I understand that this show is for kids. But I wouldn't put my 3 year old through this. Disney is low enough as it is with their cheap, pandering TV shows. But most of them are watchable (albeit never the first thing one would watch). This show is...I can only describe it as such: the guys and gals at the Disney Channel Hq sat down and said "we need something simple that the kids will get. Kids like talking dogs right? That was always a hit in our movies. Kids like blogs, right? Let's make that a show". To be specific, the show has no creativity, the brother is outlandishly stupid and shallow. The parents are about as clueless as it gets. The plot is so predictable, you can guess the end of each episode 5 minutes in. Even the environment feels cheap, clichéd and to an extent, unrealistic. I cannot believe this show made it three while seasons.
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