At the end of the episode "Guess Who's a Cheater," Stan says, "good luck, Charlie." This is a callback to the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie (2010)

The owner of Kuma, the dog that played Stan, took him out of the show after the first 5 episodes because of the demanding schedule and replaced him by his youngest stunt double, Mick.

Throughout the entire series, Stan has his left ear up and his right ear down.

Peyton Meyer (Wes) would later star as one of the main cast members in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World (2014) and Kayla Maisonet (Lindsay) would later star as one of the main cast members in Stuck in the Middle (2016).

The second Disney show that stars Beth Littleford as the main character's mother, after I'm in the Band (2009). Littleford's characters share the same personality and she co-starred on both shows with Stephen Full.

Chloe usually wears a Canadian flag pin.

There are five episode titles beginning with the words "Guess Who..."

Genevieve Hannelius (Avery) and Blake Michael (Tyler) both starred in Disney Channel Original Movies prior to the premiere of Dog with a Blog (2012). Hannelius was in Den Brother (2010), and Michael was in Lemonade Mouth (2011).

Tyler and Avery are one year younger than their actors are in real life, whilst Chloe is two years younger.

Though she is mentioned throughout the series, Bennett James's mom Nora is only seen in the episode "Stan Talks to Gran."