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  • In recent years, the WWE has found a nice little niche market in releasing these "countdown" lists, capitalizing on both current fandom and nostalgia alike. This "Finishing Moves" list, however, just fails to hold viewer interest for the full runtime.

    The problem here is two-fold:

    First, a listing of finishing holds just isn't dramatic enough to form an entire show out of. With all the other little WWE collections that have come out before this one, there is no fresh material here (just a different grouping of the same information).

    The other problem is that many of the commentators talk about the finishing moves/holds as if they are actually real wrestling holds. I understand the concept of kayfabe, to be sure, but come on! I think we are all past the point of analyzing the "physical purpose" of the hold and instead just enjoy the drama of the whole spectacle.

    Thus, "Finishing Moves" is a WWE production that will not stay in my collection and will quickly be forgotten. All its videos and information can be had elsewhere, so to speak.