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  • We loved viewing Hamlet's Ghost.

    You've never seen Shakespeare like this. The set-up in this script written by Walker Haynes is part Noises Off, part X-Files, part John Grisham, part Shakespeare, and all engaging.

    The concept is intriguing; the story is involving. You won't want to miss a minute. The cast represents both veteran and new actors. Everyone is cast perfectly. The handsome Hayes is in the lead role. Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Hayes has turned some heads with his mildly successful previous projects. Hamlet's Ghost got some good talk and energy at this summer's Cannes film festival, too. Not bad for an independent filmmaker.

    And Stephanie Zimbalist is Queen Gertrude. How could anything featuring Stephanie Zimbalist be anything but classy? Good work, all.
  • I am a HAMLET fan. I've seen ten stage HAMLETS - even Ingmar Bergman's Swedish language version. I've seen great HAMLETS (Roger Rees & Ken Branagh) and abominable HAMLETS (Dirk Benedict). I've seen nearly every HAMLET film and related play and film made - but there was truly something rotten in the state of Denmark about HAMLET'S GHOST. The acting was wooden, the dialogue uninspired and the plot impossible to follow. I will say that for an indy B film, the technical elements were not as bad as they might have been. But what good is that when the film is so dank and dreary. I see it has won some Festival Awards and the other reviews on here are mostly positive - so chalk it up to taste. But I'd rather go swimming with Ophelia than watch this again.
  • This film had me captivated from the start. Haynes performance was riveting. A must see!

    The mystery of the main characters journey kept me guessing and glued to the screen because i was eager for answers. I was definitely invested in the story. The score of the film was phenomenal it maintain the integrity of the suspense through out the film. If you follow sci fi this film falls into the category of X- Files meets Quantum Leap, it even had remnants of a Shawshank feel to it. I believe the filmmakers goals were to entertain and i think they did just that. This film stands uniquely on its own and could be very well be turned into a series, At the end I still wanted more because I was left with conclusions of my own.

    Overall i had a good time and would recommend this film.
  • barbosa-vicki17 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Maybe if I watched this again I would understand it, but the wooden acting and confusing plot didn't grab my interest enough to do that. So the hero has an accident and is injected with some kind of drug that makes him prone to time travel. A cop's great grandfather is hung for his murder, since it appears that he vanished/was killed in the past. His brother's fiancé was killed in the accident. A guy in a disguise offers advice and vanishes, Another guy frames hero for the murder of the great grandfather. Another guy pulls him out of jail and informs him his life has been stolen in the present. and we are left like that. None of these pieces seem to fit together, or if they do, it's a Chinese puzzle. Brilliant minds may find it fascinating.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There was good potential in exploring a paranormal situation with an actor playing Hamlet traveling through time. The possibilities were endless in making this conceit imaginative and suspenseful. Unfortunately, the ham-fisted acting and the convoluted plot failed to engage the audience.

    In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet gives advice to the players who have arrived in Elsinore to perform for the court. His instructions emphasize subtlety in acting in order to "hold the mirror up to nature." But the acting in this film was the exact opposite of what Hamlet was advocating. In the metadrama, wherein we see "Hamlet" being performed was horrible. And the same degree of unbelievable performances carried over into the main set of characters.

    The protagonist named Judge Vaughn is the actor playing Hamlet. A young woman dies in an auto accident when Judge was paying too much attention to her and not his driving. Instead of engaging in the time travel to change the history and save the life of the young woman, the filmmakers instead explore a ludicrous story of how Judge is "inhabited" by man from 1920 in connection with another performance of Hamlet at the historic Phoenix Opera House in Irwin, Alabama. That plot made no sense whatsoever.

    To sum up: The story was not spooky. The cinematography was amateurish with too many unflattering close-ups. The acting was wooden. The technical effects were cheesy. The characters were uniformly unlikable. And, above all, the scripting needed a thorough make-over.
  • I love all things Hamlet but this cannot be saved by the Bard. The amateurish acting is the biggest distraction, but the incoherent narrative is disappointing. I liked the idea of time-traveling related to Hamlet, but all the clues add up to nothing. Glad I didn't pay to see this.
  • 1. Cheap home movie style cinematography. 2. Poor audio level clarity. Poor enunciation. No subtitles so it was difficult to follow dialogue. 3. Cheap special effects of time travel was just editing a person out of a scene - poof (not even a poof) he's gone. 4. Acting was amateurish. 5. Worst of all, and Shakey himself would be rolling around in his grave (unless he was cremated), was the unintelligent time travel plot. Wouldn't pass a grade school science class.
  • I really enjoyed this movie...there were a number of unique twists to the overall plot and it really kept you guessing. If you like suspense and enjoy attempting to "figure out" the writer's intent this movie is for you. The movie pulls you in quickly, but doesn't lag...I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writers utilization of Shakespearean drama was interesting and while I am certainly not an expert in the genre that portion of the film was easy to follow and should not throw the casual movie watcher off. The Acting was solid and I know many watchers will be attracted to the movie because of the appearance of Daniel May an actor who also plays in the Walking Dead. The old Southern theater utilized for a portion of the film was unique in and of itself and added to the overall effect of the stage actors in the movie.
  • This film kept me and the group I took to see it on the edge of our seats the entire time. We all loved the suspense and the "gotta keep watching to see what's gonna happen next" feeling we all had. Very clever twists and turns throughout the film that definitely kept our attention. We were constantly figuring out where the characters were, in the past or present, and who did this or that and why something happened and how it all tied in with the overall plot. This has a real mystery feel to it that is very appealing and entertaining to the viewer. Walker Haynes is not only an excellent actor, writer and producer but he is also a brilliant director that makes me want to see more of his work. Very captivating! We greatly look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!
  • Loved Hamlet's Ghost....ready for the sequel or prequel. It is smart, funny and entertaining. There are moments that made me think...wait, what just happened. This new twist on an old classic is well done. This movie is not rated, but it is clean and great for many audiences.

    Walker Hayes did a great job of creating plot twists and relational tension for the characters that engages the audience and leaves them wanting more. This is an excellent smash up of Sherlock meets Sliders meets Shakespeare with a Southern flair.

    The cast and locations create a familiar you might have met them before or been where they have been. This lends to the intrigue of the movie.
  • Hamlet's Ghost was a surprise. When I saw Stephanie Zimbalist was attached to the project it added a bit of credibility. The story is an interesting one - a mystery involving time travel, murder, and staging of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Instead of following conventional story-lines about time travel, the movie slowly unrolls inexplicable events that become more confusing even when more clues are found. The resolution puts the streams and pieces together without tying up everything into a nice bow. Nicely done. Walker Haynes is growing in his craft. The writing and production were quality; the special effects were exceptional. A fun and intriguing film.
  • I loved this flick!

    Rarely do I watch a movie without being distracted (darn ADD) but with this movie I was captivated from the beginning to end. Hamlet's Ghost is a mystery wrapped in a SciFi adventure sprinkled with some Shakespeare and tied up with an amazing Dr. Who-esque twist at the end that you totally don't see coming. Often today's big budget films follow a predictable formula but with Hamlet's Ghost - you won't figure out what's happening until the very end. Now, that's some great story telling!

    Great film, great lead, great characters all around. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait for a sequel!