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  • "An office worker is trapped inside the building where a killer is on the loose." This is the summary for Not Safe for Work that is on IMDb. Nothing more is given about the plot and I assumed this film was sort of like a Halloween or Friday 13th movie with some maniac chasing a poor guy about the building trying to kill him. Fortunately, this is NOT what this film turned out to be and the plot is MUCH more complex and satisfying than just some maniac murdering folks. Instead, it's a pretty good little film—one that is not all about gratuitous violence. In fact, several times the film did have people killed but the director, Joe Johnston, chose not to show the violence in all its nastiness— something I really appreciated. Instead, this film is also about WHY all this was occurring instead of just about the killing—a smart decision in my opinion.

    The film is told from the viewpoint of Tom (Max Minghella)—a lowly paralegal at a HUGE law firm. Because Tom is ambitious, however, he's gotten on the bad side of his bosses. They just want him to shut up and do his job. His desire to rise above the masses of paralegals gets him fired early on in the film. However, as he's leaving the RBE law firm for, supposedly, the last time, he notices something strange—a hand off between two folks in the lobby. In other words, as one guy is leaving the building, another brings him an attaché case and 'accidentally' leaves it behind and the guy entering picks it up and proceeds up the elevators to the firm. That's certainly odd and Tom follows to see what's happening. Once there, he's shocked to see it's MUCH more serious than he thought, as he sees this man with the briefcase shoot one of the office workers in cold blood. Fortunately, the place is just about empty and the body count is low…and perhaps that is why the man is there at that time. Regardless, Tom is scared to death but cannot leave as well because the killer somehow has managed to disable most of the electronics in the building. The killer's very systematic and he clearly is NOT some random maniac—some sort of conspiracy is clearly afoot. So how is poor Tom to survive—especially when the killer realizes that there is someone else in the office?

    Not Safe for Work turns out to be a very taut and well executed thriller that is much more like Die Hard than Friday the 13th! The direction is very nice and the acting quite believable and I do recommend you see it. I especially appreciate the rather dark conspiratorial angle about the film and the ending that is a bit reminiscent of the old Warren Beatty film The Parallax View.

    My only complaint, and you may not notice or care (since I am an obsessive detail person when it comes to film plots), but at one point in the film another woman is shot and killed by the killer. However, she tried to fight back and tried to shoot the guy a gun hidden in her purse. The killer did not know that Tom was hiding in the room. So after the killer left the room, why didn't Tom bother to get the gun from the dead woman?!?! This is the sort of thing that doesn't ruin the film but makes me wonder how they missed this. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens a lot in films and it's a cliché I really dislike.

    Despite my small rant, see the film. It's worth your time and is awfully good and just goes to show you that you don't need mega-stars and mega-budgets to make a good film.
  • I think it deserves more than it's current rating of 5. This is a very tight, well directed & acted one-location thriller that can hold it's own against thrillers that had a much larger budget. The actors in this were all fantastic especially the two leads - "Tom" and the exceptionally creepy "hitman". I do love a well acted bad guy!! :) There isn't a lot to say about this flick. It has a fairly simple plot that isn't tremendously original but it's done so darn well it doesn't matter. Could have used a bit more action and maybe more character development but it's nevertheless well worth watching. Delightful! Far better than the eerily similar recent release "Free Fall"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a decent little espionage/thriller not so much Die Hard but smart, and most of the technical stuff is done right. You have a story about Tom who is having himself just the worst day at work, and you get a fair bit of back story filler with an understanding of the office itself, and the fact that Tom is very familiar with the layout, and how to get around quickly. The meat of the story like most of these evil corporation stories has flaws all through out, and there are things that Tom should pick up on and he just doesn't, and there are some things that I was hoping to actually see that they did mostly right. HID obviously paid a good deal into this movie, and other than Tom's card not getting any reaction from the readers later in the movie (that can not happen unless the card is broken, the reader will always see something otherwise) the set up was perfect, and it almost makes me think this is a sales video made just for them. I did Enjoy the main story, and was able to forgive a few phone things that they tried to make work that didn't, though the running around was close to being convincing, there were a couple of times that they have Tom run down the wrong hallway, and get back to the bullpen. In the end I do recommend this as a rainy day afternoon filler film that will entertain you, and might give you a few heart racing moments, then you will just forget it. Not the worst movie, mostly just middle of the road stuff though.

    Jesse of
  • Fantastic...go and see it... the plot revolves around an intern working in a law firm where he notices unusual turn of events at the time of his dismissal from work. He further investigates to know why and how.. This is a movie which will keep you at the edge of your seat. This movie is indeed an intelligent movie made with good script and direction. Its filled with twist and turn and with no blood shed of a sort.. quick canny and worth watching.. The script indeed knows the targeted audience and I would recommend every one who is a fan of thriller to see it ... this movie will be in my records...Go and watch it..
  • The plot: On the day that he is fired, an idealistic paralegal witnesses a professional killer murder one of his former coworkers at a legal firm.

    I guess the setup isn't too original, but that's fine with me. I'm always up for a thriller in which a witness is hunted down by a hit-man. The plot is vaguely topical, and it should appeal to those who rail against "big pharma". The setting is law firm engaged in legal action against a giant pharmaceutical company, and there is occasional commentary about corruption in the pharmaceutical industry.

    There are a number of minor problems with the film, but I don't think any of them make it unwatchable. If you're more interested in entertainment value than originality, and you're forgiving of plot holes, I think you could do worse than this. The ending has received a bit of criticism here, but I thought it was perfectly fine. However, if you're the kind of person who wants every single plot element fully resolved, I can see how that would annoy you.

    There isn't any gore, nudity, or excessively harsh language, and the violence is fairly restrained. There isn't really all that much atmosphere, but Mindhella and Feild do a decent job. For a direct-to-video thriller, I'd say it's about what you might be expecting: flawed but watchable, unoriginal but entertaining.
  • The ambitious legal assistant Tom Miller (JJ Feild) works at the Rosen, Byres and Emmerich Attorneys at Law and secretly dates the gorgeous clerk Anna (Eloise Mumford). His company has presently two major cases: Hartcourt vs. Denning Pharmaceutical, against a powerful corporation, and Gambizzi Case, against a mafia family. On the eve of the judgment of the Hartcourt case, Alan Emmerich (Christian Clemenson) releases all the employees early in the afternoon and he also fires Tom for snooping around the Gambizzi case. When Tom is leaving the building with Anna, he sees a man leaving a suitcase on the floor and another man wearing a suit taking the suitcase and going to the 34th floor of the building. Tom decides to follow him and soon he discovers that he man is actually a hit-man. Soon Tom is trapped on the floor with the killer since his access card is deactivated. Who hired the hit-man?

    "Not Safe for Work" is a low-budget thriller that works reasonably well. The beginning is too rushed, with little explanation about the cases that the company is working. The mouse and cat game between Tom and the killer has few moments of tension, and a total lack of humor. Unfortunately the conclusion is predictable. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Negócios Mortais" ("Mortal Businesses")
  • A solid little thriller which I'm sure I will watch more than once

    It would have gotten a higher rating if I didn't feel like the ending lacked some punch and there were some dumb moments in the movie

    But the acting is stellar and the characters are pretty interesting

    It's very short, after 72 minutes the credits starts, but that just means that it never gets any time to get boring so that's a plus this time

    Plot is above average, and the budget seems to be on the smaller scale but they really made the best of what they had to deal with

    I can't really say too much without spoiling it but it's a place-bound thriller in the likes of Phone Booth and similar movies, I wouldn't be surprised if it got it's cult-following either
  • This is a nail biting action thriller. There were solid performances from all of the cast members..especially the villain, JJ Field. Max Minghella was really great too. I really hope to see more from them in the future. Im sick of seeing mediocre acting from the likes of Zac Efron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Godzilla), and Shia Leboeuf in these big budget mindless movies. Big budget is great, but if the lead cant act, then the movie has no soul, IMO. Not Safe For Work is fast paced and really held my interest. The dialogue is sharp. I found this movie to be a refreshing change from so many movies that Hollywood has been cranking out lately. No fight scenes that drag on too long. The protagonist doest do anything that makes you think "ok, that beaks the laws of physics". None of the shaky hand held camera business so many thriller movies fall back on now days (thx Blair Witch project). I also love that this movie didn't rely on a cynical screenplay, swearing, nudity, or any shock value. Its just a well written, well executed, and well directed movie. Why cant more movies be like this?
  • Not Safe for Work (2014)

    A straight up office building thriller. Yeah, like that's a genre already—well, it feels like it. Isn't that what "Die Hard" was? This one tones it down and it becomes practically believable. Almost too believable, so that it's a bit routine after awhile, even if you're still on the edge of your seat.

    So imagine you're the last one to leave the office—almost last—and the elevators stop. And then you see someone with a gun, and the computers go nuts, and the lights flicker. So you have a nightmare, trapped, no way to contact help. Even your cellphone ends up, of course, in the hands of the bad guy.

    And what a bad guy he is, a seemingly cool customer with no qualms killing anyone for any reason. What's a little blood when a pharmaceutical company has a lawsuit on the fritz? And so it goes, running through offices and hiding behind desks.

    Can this last for a couple hours? Almost! It works on some level. It doesn't work on a lot of other levels, for sure, like caring very much about anyone. (This is where both Bruce Willis and the script of "Die Hard" have something special going on, whatever you think of that Hollywood blockbuster.) Here, you more or less know what's going to happen, and then by the end you are sure. But getting there isn't half bad. Half, at least.
  • Visibly low budget & minus wham-bam special effects, Not Safe For Work relies instead on acting and story. This is a very effective film.

    Have you noticed how there is a new generation of worry, fear, threat concerning the power of corporations and big business in our collective lives? Most effectively, in Margin Call (10+), but elsewhere across a broad spectrum of movies US & otherwise. Not Safe For Work is a significant contribution to this contemporary genre: Don't Trust Business.

    The two key male leads in this story are specially strong, most significantly the villain -- aka "The Killer" -- played by J. J. Feild, who exhibits a powerfully creepy calmness in voice and body language. His evil -- the banality of evil -- signifies the rot at work in the world of business itself. Max Minghella, playing the key office worker, has a true Jack Lemmon charm as the wily office schmo who's not such a looser after all.

    This story happens to be about US business. But corporations & capitalism being what they are nowadays in our global, post-Cold War world; this business tale could be about China, Brazil, Germany, or Whathaveyou. Like a fine police procedural by Ed McBain, this plot is easily transferable to most other modern cultures.

    Finally the fact that the heroes escape and yet do not (if you haven't seen it, I don't want to spoil the plot for you) shows how serious is its moral and political intent. Not Safe For Work is an intriguing incrimination. How can one escape from where business life is now? The answer is left deliciously hanging in Not Safe For Work. Yes, folks, we are unsafe. Try to find a way out. Just try.
  • Here we have a much used premise of killer in building chasing innocent but very inventive office worker.Done may times before but even with the relatively short running time of just over an hour,this movie packs a lot of punches.Good story,tension.bang up to date technically and a joy to watch.And of course well acted throughout.Check it out if you like fast paced,well made jumpy thrillers. Similar in a lot of ways to a previously unknown thriller called RUN with a young Patrick Dempsey being chased by hit men,but always one step ahead by quick thinking and improvisation.You don.t need gratuitous violence,a bucket full of profanities and OTT action to create a quality thriller.Not Safe to Work is a perfect example of this!
  • I don't think I've ever wrote a review, but I think I need to write one for this movie; it totally deserves it and you probably need it.

    I found this movie by chance, the way you find small movies without a big release. Maybe I should have known this by now, but IMDb ratings are not to be trusted. When I saw 5.7 after watching the movie it made no sense to me. But then I remembered seeing 9 stars ratings to movies that afterwards turned out to be absolute crap. This movie is really good. And I haven't seen something good in a long time. I won't summarize the plot like everyone else does because you have read that part at least 11 times from different people. And I didn't read anything before watching it, just the log line, which was good otherwise I might have passed on it. But I'm going to tell you what I think you want to know.

    I see the reasons why people who didn't like this movie are giving it a low rate. And what's funny is that the reasons why they didn't like the movie are a few of the reasons why I LOVED it. They say it doesn't have high action scenes, which it is not true, unless what they mean by action scenes is car explosions, a guy beating another guy to a pulp, and the classic muscle guy with his machine gun, or things of the like. I find that kind of movie to be tacky, more of the same bull and absolutely boring, but hey, we all have different tastes right?

    The action of the movie is superb and it doesn't keep you at the edge of the seat, it makes you stand up, pause the movie and go have a glass of water because you are trying to keep yourself from pulling your hairs out. I also read that people were expecting "humor" well... this is a thriller, not the hangover (well that is not humorous either but that's another story, another review...) They were also expecting thoughtful dialogs and a sophisticated storyline.

    Well as for the dialogs is true, they don't quite have time to recite Shakespeare when they are in danger and is not like it has 14 characters and you get time to go back on their lives and see "who they are", etc... sorry folks, the story is about what happens in the building and why is happening, no "background story" time, and of course is not necessary.

    As for the storyline, is really good, keeping in mind that is a simple plot though a complex situation.

    I love smart dialog, I am a Sorkin fan, but this movie doesn't need it, is about what's happening, not much about who they are and what are they going to become. Not that there isn't smart dialog, is only that there's little dialog since a killer might hear you...

    It is a smart movie, if you like smart movies and you're as frustrated as me because there hasn't been any lately, you'll want to watch this gem. I always doubt when it comes to watching a small movie happening all in one place, but you won't feel the sense of staleness, trust me. Yes, in a few scenes you're gonna find yourself thinking "oh come on Tom, don't" but not enough to make you want to call it quits. Overall, Tom is a smart guy, and so is the killer, and I think is safe to say most of us are looking for smart characters so the movie can be entertaining right?

    As for the ending, I see some criticism saying is predictable. Well there aren't many options where the ending can go, are there? is not predictable when you kind of have a very narrow chance at making it super unpredictable. But is not as predictable as you might think and what is great is that it seems to leave it open for more. I don't like sequels but I sure want one out of this awesome movie!!

    One last thing, I see some give it a low rate due to technicalities that are really minor details that you won't care about -or even notice- because the movie is good, it fulfills its purpose... let me put it this way, there are some people that will criticize LOST and hate the show because of the many flaws they would find, little things that nobody who wants a good entertaining show would give a s--- about. You decide.

    Stop reading, and go watch it. Then you'll hear my voice in your head saying "I told you so"
  • Have just watched 'Not Safe For Work' a second time just to enjoy J.J.Feild's fantastic performance again. Joe Johnston,the director, does a great job keeping the plot moving at a fast pace and Max Minghella is perfect in his role. The chess match between Tom and the Killer is riveting throughout the movie climaxing with the '11-22' last breath.

    I do not understand the low IMDb rating as I highly recommended this movie to my entire family. It did not have language that offended me and it definitely was exciting from start to end- something that cannot be said about most of the movies offered today.

    J.J.Feild's British coolness reminded me of the Terminator II villain who just kept on relentlessly coming after the protagonist years ago. You just don't find great villains often.
  • This movie is somewhere below mediocre which is a shame because the 2 stars Max Minghella amd JJ Feild are certainly appealing and giving it their all. Unfortunately there isn't anything even slightly realistic about this movie and it doesn't seem to make any sense. Repeatedly the movie relies on coincidences and what would have to be psychic power by the characters to move the script along. For what is suppose to be a tight little thriller taking place on one floor of an office building, we are asked to believe that people move without making even the slightest noise (or maybe some of the people are deaf ?). If the movie made some sense in what was going on , it might have been slightly enjoyable but I felt like i needed a floor plan of that office just to keep up. Filled with plot holes and nonsense , this is just a waste of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The setting is high-rise with a huge law firm on an upper floor. A name partner (Christian Clemenson, fine as always) has two big clients overwhelming his staff as the movie opens: Denning Pharmaceutical, fighting a crippling lawsuit; and Mrs. Gambizzi, a Mafia wife turned snitch. The action takes place in the course of about 24 hours. After the office closes, while Mrs. Gambizzi is quietly meeting with Mr. Name Partner, an assassin heads into the high-rise building. Simply called The Killer, he is played with mesmerizing menace by JJ Feild- - a British actor who hasn't gotten anything like the attention, or roles, he deserves.

    The Killer is not happy to discover that the office isn't quite as empty as he'd been lead to believe. As he coolly disables the elevator and outside access, he has to execute several people. As he wheels one body off in a handy ergonomic chair, he phones someone and speaks in ambiguously specific terms about the head count: "Three, plus the one we talked about."

    The audience is not really left to wonder which of the four corpses is "the one," because it's easy to assume that Mrs. Gambizzi was the target of a mob vendetta.

    But was she the target? In what I think is a very clever twist, that question raises the film well above the gangster level. The Killer has an opponent, a young paralegal (Max Minghella) who had been fired that very day, but, on his way out of the building with his box of belongings, he observed a suspicious briefcase-hand-off in the lobby, so he turned around and followed the suspicious recipient back up to the law offices. A quick-thinking, quick-moving young man, he is the solid center of this tense and tightly constructed thriller, which has more than a few moments when BAM! an edit jolts you in your seat, which the music has kept you at the edge of.

    Director Joe Johnston and the writers (Adam Mason and Simon Boyes) leave enough unsaid to allow the audience to begin to wonder if the relentless, cold-blooded Killer really was sent by the Mafia, or was it the other client, Big Pharma? And when that knife-edge question dawns on you, the tension is suddenly, thrillingly doubled because you're faced with this question: which of those two entities is more powerful and dangerous?
  • There are so many tasteless crap big budget movies that not only do not entertain me but I can't even stomach watching them! Unbelievably they not only make into theaters but make money too!

    With that in mind I give this film high marks for doing the job of entertaining me. It was not made up of a bunch of over the top special effects which in my opinion typically make a movie insultingly unbelievable to the point taking away from the entertainment value (with the exception of sci-fi when it actually be called for and needed)

    This one was filled with suspense and had a reasonable level of action to go with the plot. It screams for a sequel but it sounds to me like it did not impress a lot of people so I am thinking it will be one more disappointment in that department joining a long list of other movies that were half told stories obviously written with the ideal that there should be MORE to come!

    I am so disappointed with the crappy comedies and gore films that audiences seem to eat up (I am hoping these audiences are mainly adolescent/teens that just don't know any better yet?) ...because it so seems like the more moronic or over the top ridiculous something is, the more likely it is to financially succeed and spawn a parade of sequels that are even worse! trash franchise for the lowlife and teen audiences?

    Well... I can not "beat em" but I certainly am not about to "join em" !
  • jaxbubba12 May 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Director Joe Johnston has built a career on big adventure movies like "The Rocketeer", "Jurassic Park III" and "Captain America: The First Avenger", but he opted for something a little different with his latest film, "Not Safe for Work". A low budget indie thriller produced by Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity), the story revolves around an office worker (Max Minghella) who is trapped inside an office building after hours with a killer on the loose.

    Tom Miller (Max Minghella) is a paralegal for a huge law firm who stumbles upon incriminating evidence while researching information for an upcoming trial. His discovery of evidence leads to his immediate termination. However, while leaving his office building for the last time, Tom witnesses a very suspicious occurrence which forces him to return to his work space.

    The events that follow unfurl much like a "Die Hard" film; however, with only 1/100th the budget, and 1/1000th the "Bruce Willis" factor ... But still completely captivating nonetheless.

    Tom becomes trapped in his office building with a demented killer (J.J. Field). As Tom rushes to protect those employees working late, he soon discovers that his legal firm has been hiding sinister secrets that could put thousands of lives at risk. This film comes from the same producers of "Paranormal Activity" and "Insidious". A really nice psychological thriller where an ordinary office becomes the twisted killing ground for a psychopathic killer.

    This movie was quietly moved from a theatrical release to a direct-to-DVD / VOD title, which usually proves to be a bad sign. However, I found this low-budget indie film to be totally riveting, and quite entertaining. Definitely worth seeking out, and definitely worth the cost of renting.

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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen this film twice now and for a low budget film this was impressive and it held my attention. I enjoyed this film I found it entertaining and I thought it was well directed and I liked the story. A man gets trapped inside a building after work where a killer is on the loose. The man sees someone get murdered in the building that he works in and he tries to survive the evening and escape. The story was straight forward and to the point and sometimes straight forward is better. I thought the acting was good from everyone and I liked the main characters I thought they were likable and interesting. The main character who gets trapped inside his work building is a nice guy and liked him and I cared about what happened to him,I also liked his cool and calm attitude he was a character that was always in control and he never panicked when he found out there was a killer in the building and I liked that about him. Most people would have freaked out and panicked but he never did,instead he stayed calm and tried to find a way out of the building.he was a character that was smart and used his brain for most of the film. I actually liked the bad guy too I found him interesting and sometimes he was quite funny,he also had this cool and calm demeanour which I liked,he always seemed to be in control and he barely ever lost control he also spoke with a strange calmness which I found interesting and I thought he was a cool bad guy.

    The bad guy was smart and he always seemed to know what he was doing. When He finds out there is someone else in the building he hunts him down and tries to kill him and a game of cat and mouse ensues which I found interesting. The main character spends a lot of the film running around trying to hide from the killer but he was NOT a weak character,there were times were he was able to trick the killer and lock him in the hallway and he was also able to shut down all the elevators to stop the killer from leaving which kept him trapped in the building which I thought was smart. I also liked how the lead guy stood up to the killer and toyed with him just as much as the killer was toying with him,I liked how he gave the killer a taste of his own medicine I found it quite entertaining actually.There were also some well done suspenseful scenes that I liked.The lead guy and his girlfriend fight with the killer at the end of the film. There was also a good twist at the end of the film that I did not see coming but I have to admit the Ending did feel a bit rushed. Despite the rushed ending the film was still good and I liked the way it ended. This was a cool film and its worth a watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As the clever/not clever title clears (with some having not got it at all), we see that there are just 50-something minutes for this 2014 film from Joe Johnston to do its thing, and that is a bit of sinking feeling.

    On the whole things tend to stay sunk.

    Bizarrely, there are moments when we have the impression that this is a "whacky world of the law firm" + "small cog in a big corporate machine" kind of film, as there is a kind of "light" segment in there, even though things start seriously enough with a mass shooting at an office, and get dark once again soon enough.

    How do those two incompatible tones get mixed in together? And how do two main stories get mixed in together, in such a way that an organised crime case the firm is dealing with is allowed to look like the dominant, when actually things are more about Big Pharma?

    Might be a clever strategy? No, not a bit, as - in such a short movie - the real message that corpo will stop at nothing - is absolutely diluted down to near-zero.

    Basically, then a series of pretty fatal misjudgments in putting the story together, even if Max Minghella as Tom does OK, and JJ Feild as the killer is also acceptable in the role.

    The one level at which this works - ever-so-slightly - is that of the familiar everyday place of work becoming nightmarish after hours, though still offering an advantage to those who have worked there for longer and know the quirks and foibles of its system, as well as the corners, nooks and crannies where a person might hide or find respite if necessary.

    But sadly, even this idea does not really get the exposure it deserves.

    Given the claustrophobic circumstances, and the relevant enough topic, it seems to me that a low-budget movie worth something could have been made out of this. I'm therefore afraid that it's more reasonable to blame bad calls from the makers than it is financial constraints.
  • A great thriller/suspense film that I found randomly and I never regretted for watching it. The plot is very unique, and I really liked the fact that they were trapped in the office. The protagonist was very clever. Personally I found no holes. The villain was clever too, I liked his acting skills. I also liked the plot twist. It was very cool. At some parts I was afraid of the fact that the killer could catch the protagonist. Which means that it was in a good level suspenseful. The ending could be better, so my rating for such a film is pretty much high. Higher than big-budget productions, that are full of holes and they have nothing smart to give you. Many of them are box office bombs too and are too mainstream, thing which I hate.

    P. S. I really liked the American accent of Max Minghella (although I do prefer listening to him while he speaks in his native, English accent).
  • First of all, I do love a good thriller! I don't know what I was expecting, but this was almost as boring as watching paint dry. No wonder it was only 1 hour 14 minutes long, they were probably at a reach getting that much material as it was. If you enjoy watching a man rolling around on the floor and ducking and diving behind walls and doors for over an hour, then this will be right up your alley! That's basically what it was. Bad man goes into an office building at night, 2 innocent men are still in the building, he's there to "do a job" kills a few people, and Max Minghella rolls around on the floor hiding from him, then trying to play the hero, whilst still rolling around and ducking and diving. Poor Minghella, who's a talented actor, did his best with the poor material he was given to work with.
  • thesar-221 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well, they sold me with just the name.

    Having worked in offices for over 20 years, I just adore Office-Space movies, especially thrillers. This was just luck I found this on Netflix and I'm glad I did.

    Is it perfect? Hardly. Predictable? Yep. Best Office "horror?" Not by a shot…and still, worth the measly 74 minutes and some fun with a gorgeous lead.

    Curiosity killed the career of a paralegal, but he's back to save the night when he's trapped overnight inside an attorney's office and a killer has a mission.

    While I liked it just fine, it's a quick viewing and if you're like me: Offices equate Hell, you'll appreciate the realism here.


    Final thoughts: Highly recommend Erin Brockovich and Michael Clayton over this, but for an indie ambition, you can watch this alongside the greats.

    Additionally, no offense against anyone named Tom, but that's just a screenplay writer giving up when he/she makes the lead "Tom."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's billed as a Comedy Drama and as I always do with new programmes, I watched the first episode. The pace of the episode was so slow that I felt it actually stopped a few times. It was billed as a comedy but the writers forgot to put any funny lines into the script. With gratuitous drug taking, stealing and drinking its just like any new programmes from first time Writers, Producers etc who think they know what the people want but miss by a country mile. There's no real back story so we don't care who the characters are and why they're being moved to the Northampton branch of the business and their attempts to get back to the Head Office in London. There is constant use of F**k and a few times C**t is used by both male and female characters. I thinks the Writers are going for the shock factor with all the swearing, as they believe that it's what younger people want to hear but even they don't like the over use of the F word and most people, both young or old, actually hate the C word. I'll consider watching episode 2 too see if it improves but I don't hold out much hope.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A very big law firm is going after a very large pharmaceutical company. Tom (Max Minghella) is a paralegal working on the case. He is secretly dating Ann (Eloise Mumford) so the story doesn't become too linear or boring. Tom gets fired and on his way out espies an odd suitcase exchange. He follows the man (JJ Feild) to the 34th floor only to secretly watch him engage in sabotage and then a murder. The film is then consumed with a cat and mouse game that takes place on one floor in an office building. If watching two grown men hiding under a cubicle desk makes your top ten list of entertainment, go for it. Tom forced himself into the situation and could have taken the stairs out at any time. I never felt the intensity. For me the office cat and mouse game was boring and "the twist" was nothing to write home about.

    F-bombs. No sex or nudity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A pretty good thriller, unfortunately let down by a lame finale/ending. A hit-man is killing people working late at a massive law firm and it's up to a recently fired worker played by Max Minghella to stop him. And uncover a secret conspiracy involving a omnipresent pharmaceutical company?

    I know, what the hell? A drug company is bigger than the government according to the ending of this movie, bigger than the police. It's hilarious. Most of the movie was a normal thriller involving hit-man JJ Felid doing his best Christopher Walken impersonation, prowling around the office building murdering coworkers of Minghella.

    I can see why this movie was shuffled from release in 2012, not just that the movie is 75 minutes long, but the ending is complete nonsense and leaves me going what?

    And it made me think, is there a whole reel of this movie sitting somewhere that got cut out by Universal that had the complete resolution of this thing on it.

    Poor Minghella who was actually a notable actor from things like Social Network, The Ides of March, The Internship, Syrianna, Art School Confidential, Horns had to star in this. And the big claim to fame on the DVD box was that Jason Blum produced it, which is true, but I don't think he's too proud of it, considering the DVD had zero special features and was just slapped on there.

    Oh and that one girl who plays Max's girlfriend might be familiar to people who remember her from Fifty Shades of Grey playing Dakota Johnson's friend.

    Joe Johnston makes a movie that actually succeeds in being worse than Jurassic Park III, so well there's that. It's not awful, awful, but it's pretty one note, and the ending makes me go huh. I can't state that enough.
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