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Jordan Mintzer The Hollywood Reporter
What really helps Mountain overcome its far-fetched scenario is the pairing of Winslet and Elba, who know how to turn up the charm tenfold yet make Alex and Ben seem (mostly) like real people.
Benjamin Lee The Guardian
As an unpretentious and unashamedly mainstream romantic adventure, it’s a solidly entertaining diversion, old-fashioned in its no-frills brand of storytelling and direction.
Tim Grierson Screen International
The considerable chemistry between Kate Winslet and Idris Elba certainly helps sell this tearjerker, but even so the film feels oddly distant and muted, only really coming to life in a denouement that suggests the tasteful passion buried at the story’s core.
Jonathan Pile Empire
Two compelling leads and a mix of adventure and romance. It’s a pleasant experience, if not one that will linger long in the memory.
Jordan Ruimy The Film Stage
The fact that you do care about their being together means Abu-Assad and company have succeeded, at the most basic level, what they set out to achieve.
Noel Murray The Playlist
The Mountain Between Us isn’t a bad movie, overall. The scenery’s gorgeous, the two leads are enormously appealing, and nothing about the dialogue or visual style particularly grates. This is an easy picture to watch… and to root for, in a way, because it’s so rarely overbearing. But it’s only ever mildly engaging.
David Ehrlich IndieWire
It’s fantastically unrealistic stuff from the first minute to the last (and there are far too many minutes between them), but Idris Elba and Kate Winslet generate enough heat to keep the frostbite at bay, and Mandy Walker’s stunning location cinematography ensures that the film looks considerably more authentic than it feels.
Peter Debruge Variety
Script shortcomings aside, Winslet and Elba make a reasonably good couple.
Roger Moore Movie Nation
The dynamic of pitching two willful, smart cookies into this situation pays almost no dividends, even though they’re each out of their element.
Joe Dziemianowicz New York Daily News
Together, they (Winslet/Elba) share warm chemistry. But that’s not enough to melt eye-rolling exposition or predictable twists you see coming — even in a whiteout — a mile away.

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