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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me just say right off the bat that this show's target audience is young men. It features attractive girls and plenty of nudity.

    With that being said, the show starts off seeming like just a fanservice anime with some elements of a story thrown in, but a story quickly develops--Hyoudou Issei is a perverted high school student who finally gets his first girlfriend, a girl named Yuuma. However, after their first date, she kills him, and it is revealed that she is a fallen angel. He is revived by the gorgeous Rias Gremory, a red-haired beauty that is the president of the Occult Research Club at Issei's school. She tells him that she is a demon, and that he has been revived as a demon to serve as her underling.

    The show is funny and has plenty of action and, uh, "certain" scenes are prevalent throughout. Unlike an anime like, say, Highschool of the Dead, the fanservice in High School DxD actually serves as somewhat of a plot device (considering Issei's character, I guess that's to be expected).

    The story develops further as it progresses, eventually turning into a kind of cutesy, somewhat cliché romantic-ish plot. Although the whole nudity thing might fool you, the show's foundation is actually very strong, benefiting from an intriguing story and one of the most likable cast of characters in anime--although I might just be saying that because I'm a member of the target audience.

    Overall, this is a very light-hearted story about demons, fallen angels, and breasts--although whether you want to make it about breasts is your choice. My only complaint is that much is that, as far as origins go, much is left unexplained. But hey, there's only so much you can do with 12 episodes.
  • This show certainly isn't for everyone. I couldn't recommend it to anyone other than young men, who will most certainly at least enjoy the constant nudity. But that shouldn't put everyone off. The series starts off seeming perverted, but as it progresses it starts getting soppy, cutesy and romantic. And so what? It's a boy's show, meant for boys at the kind of age where hot girls and breasts are all that matter, and in that area, it works.

    The main point of criticism I have is in the writing. Some of the dialogue, is, well, pretty embarrassing, but on the whole it's okay. And I couldn't help feeling that the plots could be better; that many things about the demons weren't explored as much as I wanted them to be. In fact, the writing goes out of the way to include something to with boobs or whatever, but I guess that's what the exploitation genre is all about.

    But still, the animation was very good, as was the music. Some of the battle sequences were thrilling, and the interactions between the main protagonist and his friends were pretty hilarious. On the whole, I enjoyed it; not for everyone, but if you're into this sort of thing, give it a go.
  • vinayshri15 September 2020
    Waiting for season 5 just to how cao cao will be defeated by boob dragon. Overall it was amazing anime (not for everyone) and entertaining. Thank you.
  • It's unfortunate that some people can't see past the sexual comedy in the show to realize the story is quite well developed, and the action and characters all have motivations.

    Personally, I like a good sexual comedy anime every once and a while, and DxD delivers. Some of the jokes are subtle, while others are nearly straight up pornographic, which I don't always have a problem with.

    The show is well animated and has an excellent English dub for those who prefer to not read sub-titles.

    All in all, DxD is amazing and one of my personal favorites. I highly recommend this title to any anime lover (above the age of 13)
  • Okay to get it out of the way, this anime is heavy on the harem which is why I would never recommend this to anyone, this is the kind of anime that you would stumble upon on your own. But having the harem in it is what gives the anime that extra boost and should not be judged for it. A show should be judged by the story and the quality of it which is why I gave it a 9 out of 10.

    That being said, this anime is freaking awesome. The story does take an episode or two to get going but once it does, it is fantastic. A story about angels, fallen angels and demons, adding into it with violence and sexual content and boom you got "Highschool DxD". Along with very likable characters like Issei who's dream is to become the "Harem King", to even Satan himself, every character has a personality that the viewer can enjoy.

    Now what makes this even better is that if you do decide to watch this anime and get into it, you'll be happy to know that there is a third season being developed and if you're like me and prefer dubbed over subbed November 2014 season 2 will be released in dubbed.

    In all from the two seasons that I watched I am very pleased and anxious to watch the third season when it starts and hopefully will continue after that.
  • "High School DxD" is one of the best anime tv show in America. It looked pretty interesting. In all 12 episodes all the way to Season 1 to Season 4, there are lots of funny moments, and some hot sexy scenes, but I think for me, it's not half bad as many people think.

    High School DxD is a pretty good show so far, and one of my two favorite characters are: Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima, because there nice, strong and powerful women, that not what they expected :)

    Welcome to Occult Research Club :)
  • First of all, this is an action comedy, harem ecchi romanced, school anime with quite the amount of fan service, if this bothers you, you should not consider this as you will see quite the amount of nudity.

    If you on the other hand are not bothered by this, please keep on reading!

    Ever since finishing High school DxD New which is the season 2 of this show, I have been trying to find another decent ecchi, harem show. Sad to say i have been very disappointed, and i dare say the reason is that this show unlike many others of it's kind, do have a plot. I also felt like the characters in this show developed quite a bit throughout the show which I find rare in this genre. (Still a lot of show's I haven't seen)

    What I also think helped this anime which i liked; - Likable characters! (Especially Issei and Rias)

    • Character development

    • Well animated

    • Good voice acting (Japanese, no clue about dubbed)

    • Actually has a plot! (Rare for this genre from what i've seen)

    • Pretty cool action scenes

    • Protagonist not a total wuss

    Probably forgotten about some but anyways, an absolute favorite of mine in this genre and one anime I highly recommend, if you can live with some fan service.

    Probably a 8/10 to be realistic, but I am a huge fan giving it a 9/10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    that sounds like an oxymoron to me too, but if you watch this show you'll understand...

    Issei is a typically lecherous teenage boy who gets killed by his new girlfriend who happens to be a fallen angel...he then gets reincarnated as a demon by the beautiful Rias Gremory, head of the high school occult club and demon heiress, as her pawn. The other members of the club are also demons and have rankings based on chess pieces. From then on he tries to get soul contracts and strengthen his demonic powers, but he's basically a nice guy, and all he really cares about is boobs, which I can totally understand haha...

    this show was a lot of fun, and I really liked the animation, characters and constant nudity...Issei isn't a superhero, but he's no weakling either and he isn't afraid of the girls like most anime hero guys...reminds me of Akuto from Demon King Ichiban (this whole show is similar, and I liked that show too)...overall, I say give this a go if u have the time, its pure escapism...
  • This series is awesome. Only one request please don't keep animation style of season 4. Please keep animation style of season 3. Because season 4's animation felt very bad.please please please I request you guys
  • High school DXD is one of the best anime has a great story line as well as with some great characters.It is an anime with a lot of nudity and boobs but it clearly doesn't mean that it lack in content.Issei the protagonist of the show is one of the most hilarious character.He can make u laugh even in the most intense scenes you can think of.The show is somewhat related to mythology as well as it's about the three factions present in the world the devil's,fallen angels and Angels.

    The reason this show is loved by so many people is cause it attracts people in masses.If you are looking for a romantic show or with a lot of actions or a show with mythology or looking for a show with lot of will love this show.its also ranked as the most perverted show on the Top Tens website.Doesn't it makes the show sound more awesome. I started watching this just because my friend recommend it to me .And I was like if it's a harem anime it will just just have nudity and no story at all.But I have to accept I still thank him for recommending this show to me.I literally got hooked from the first episode and couldn't stop myself until I didn't finish all the 3 seasons.I have become an absolute fan of this show.Everyday I search about the official announcement of season 4 of this show.I will always be eagerly waiting for the new season.I really can't understand how this show can even lose its popularity. Guyz if you like the show make sure u rate it the best on IMDb to force the producers of this show to make a new season as soon as possible.I guarantee this show won't make u bore even a bit at any moment .
  • It has really beautiful base(story base, not some other 😉😉😉) and also the characters are well built even the female characters are really beautiful (except for season 4 I didn't get why they changed the animation in 4), but what matters is all the characters are really perverted and realllyyyy forwarded but still I love it (not the H scene, the story)
  • I wasn't too sure what to think about this show going into it. I found the plot synopsis pretty interesting so I thought I would check it surprised me in two ways. 1) the fan service was much heavier than I expected, not that I mind, but holy hell(no pun intended) I am talking tons of full frontal nudity and sexual imagery, and 2) its actually pretty good. It has an engaging plot, good characters, and comedy that extends beyond prat falls and accidental boob grabs. The story centers around Issei Hyodom, a pervert turned Devil and Rias Gremory, A voluptuous devil who is head of a prestigious family. They are solid characters who are much more than your typical harem anime archetypes. Is it the best anime out there? No, but it is a good watch that I would recommend, even if you aren't a fan of fan service. Though admittedly, If you don't like fan service, I could imagine some not liking it. I would say just try to look past it and enjoy a pretty good show.
  • I didn't think I would like the show because it had lots of nudity in it, but just watching it I realized it is really a great show
  • bdnahian8 April 2021
    Best harem anime I watched if you ask me. This is really a good anime. There are several nudes though. But if you don't mind harem anime then I definitely recommend highschool dxd. I watched this 3 times whole season.
  • Okay I have seen a lot of anime and I hate to say this has grown on me. I'm about a dozen episodes in and the script gets better it's funny at times pretty good animation and yes a lot of fanservice. Give it a try you might like it.
  • randy-265561 August 2019
    This is the best harem anime I ever seen. It was good and had a potential.
  • This anime is far better than any porn videos 😂. There are lot of erotic scenes, it's wonderful.
  • Thanks for that super anime Actually it's the best ever
  • tonyx-2407019 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Brother please try to understand.... I don't know when the season 5 announced... But please brother... You know season:- 1,2,3 graphic ars so good so notch.. but in season 4 they break my heart... All graphic are changed.. all characters are changed... I don't like the new characters.. all fans don't like the new character.. in new I think all characters are forget his/her character... It's not like High school DxD... Please brother understand my feelings and tell them... I think Passion studio is making the new season.... Please tell them TNK studio's graphic and characters in season 1,2,3 is better.. then the season 4 graphic... And passion studio is not doing great job... Please understand and.... Give us a nice and great seasons of High school DxD please please... I am alive for High school DxD... Otherwise I am going to kill my self
  • Rating: 6.9

    You come for the fanservice but stay for the plot. The plot isn't good but isn't bad either, it's decent for what it is. It's supposed to ridiculous but not much to say really.
  • My favorite anime... Atleast right now. If you don't care about nudity you should actually watch it. This series is 50% plot and 50% plot (if you know what i mean)
  • Normally when I'm watching a movie or TV show and a sex scene or love interest part comes up I usually just fast forward through it because I don't care. But this show is completely different. Although I am a 31 year old male who up until now hasn't watched much anime before. But this show had me giggling like a 12 year old girl and I just could not wait to start the next episode!! The character development is spot on and perfectly well paced. There is quite a bit of comedy, a lot of swearing and A TON of nudity and perversion. Yes this show is like 95% fan service, but it also has a great story that just keeps pulling you in.

    Maybe I will think differently about this show once I wait a while and rewatch it now that I've gotten almost a years worth of watching anime nearly all day every day and I have seen a multitude of different shows over a 3 decade span.

    But, I doubt it. This show is just too awesome for me to ever talk ill about it. If you're wondering if you should start this series or not, the answer you're looking for is yes! You most definitely should. Don't forget also that there are 4 seasons currently and a 5th should be underway (delayed like many other shows thanks to Covid)

    P.s. You probably shouldn't watch this with your parents, nor should you watch it with young children present. This is definitely adults only!!

    Enjoy!! #freethenipple
  • It is amazing and great romance also have trust between friends and family

    I also like Aisa ! And rassi also other female friend in family

    Fight scene is very great

    Atlast I wait for other season !!!!!!!!
  • The story hooks you, this isn't your run of the mill ecchi. This is the best ecchi out there, well of this kind anyway.

    So first off the bat, you have a character which is almost speaks your most kinky and perverted desires. Issei has no bounds and it really adds to the comedy and the viewer character relationship. Then you have devils, breasts, but not pointless. An example of this is "Highschool Gf The Dead", OK you get it its an ecchi what do you expect but DXD isn't like that, the main character loving boobs uses it to his advantage creating very comical scenes. Then the action is on par with any other anime I have watched, so be it Attack on Titan, Bleach, Sao, Code Geass, DBZ anything... So OK you do get the random fan service, OK I enjoy it, but even if you do not like ecchi there is more to it. If you like ecchi you are in heaven.

    You may be thinking, well you may watched some good stuff but your just a kid who watches ecchi and can't appreciate classics like cowboy bebop. Wrong, I have watched it, its good, but There is an experience that I can't get from anything I have watched, so be it deathnote, akame ga kill, aesthetica rogue hero. Highschool dxd got me most hooked and causing me to want a new season.

    Seasonwise, 1 is best for me, 2 is good as well but in the lightnovel you don't get the same action anyway. Season 3 was very good, but it could have been so much better.

    For viewers who not sure about Highschool DXD I recommend you finish season 1. It's a must, the last couple of ops are worth it.
  • normksis11 February 2017
    EDIT 2018:

    The fourth season (Hero) is not as well animated or rendered as earlier seasons. Quite a large step backwards in quality as far as the animation is concerned. I suppose the first two seasons are Classic. It's a shame the animation suffers very noticeably in the latest season.

    I'm 36, and have a doctorate. I also have a knight elf mohawk,am covered in tattoos, and I'm a university lecturer.

    The dialogue in this anime is perfect. This is exactly the way that my friends and I talk to each other at home (boys and girls). Everyone is a sordid pervert, which is completely normal if that is what your friends are like too.

    I've seen many anime, favourites including Fist of the North Star, Monster, Parasyte: The Maxim, Death Note, GTO, Code Geass, Samurai Jack, Fate/Zero, etc. This is one of the best I've seen.

    The characters are fun and interesting and lighthearted, so I always feel happy and gleeful when I watch it. The animation is good,and the banter is otherworldly. I don't think the banter in many anime reach this standard. The innuendos are slightly more subtle that those my friends and I enjoy drinking beer outside after work on a Friday, which is smart.

    Of course, if you like boobs and hot females; you will love this. It's hilarious to see the excitement the male characters feel when see a someone hot, in this animation. It's just like real life was when one was younger. To be honest, the only difference with getting older (I'm 34) is that you kind of have to act somewhat more maturely. Mind you, as we get older, we certainly don't suffer from the embarrassment or lack of self-confidence experienced by these characters.

    You could certainly pick holes in this anime, but I think they made a great job of creating something that has a great deal of truth to it.

    As a person who doesn't believe in the supernatural (Gods, Devils, Jesuses, etc) I particularly like the stance that the devils are good and the angels are evil. There's far too much television and film based around Christian mythology, which is irritating. It seems like a cop-out most of the time, because we've had and still have much richer creative ideas than those conceived by the individuals whose literature formed the bible. Nevertheless, this fresh take on Christian mythology is refreshing.

    If you consider yourself a non-sexual, or strongly feminist or religious person; I would advice watching this, if only so that I can imagine you cringing at ideas and actions that mirror real life; but are so alien to you that you abhor them.

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