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  • lor_27 September 2022
    An endearing but evil Kyler Quinn stars in "Siren", a long-form (released serially in four parts, totalling 3 hours of running time) feature from Missa X. She also narrates the story of deceit and seduction, addressed nominally against her chief adversary Lexi Luna, but reverberating with the viewer.

    Named Siren, her character sets her sights on seducing Lexi's husband (Will Pounder), a mild-mannered realtor she works with, conducting open houses to sell homes in L. A. The young woman seems innocent enough, but uses her wiles to seduce another married man, her neighbor Isiah Maxwell, making it clear she means business.

    Adding insult to injury, she's best friends with Lexi, and offers to coach the unsuspecting Lexi in sexual practices to revitalize Lexi's marriage, when in fact she's intent on undermining it. Several other characters, including Syren De Mer ("Syren" versus "Siren" is just a red herring in casting), are also featured prominently in the story, leading to Siren's final seduction, and a rather surprising "shock" conclusion.

    The use of an all-knowing (but unreliable) narrator is a literary device that doesn't quite work here, but otherwise the genuine appeal of Kyler as an unlikely (yet oddly likable) femme fatale makes the movie worth seeing.