Lance Preston: He opened a gateway, you know? Friedkin did. He took the real world and the spirit world and he mashed them together.

Alex Wright: So you admit it, the footage is real

Jerry Hartfield: Yeah, every last frame of it. Except for a few cheap visual effects that we added at the last minute.

Alex Wright: I guess I just don't understand why you did it.

Jerry Hartfield: Listen, when I first saw those tapes, I was scared to death. You understand? I mean, I even thought about destroying them. But after all the settlements I was close to bankruptcy, and so... I had an idea. Why not release it as a film? You know maybe we can recoup some of our losses. And it worked great. They already want a sequel... Grave Encounters 2, can you believe that?

[from trailer]

Officer: Gimme the fucking tape!