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  • Do NOT start watching "Orphan Black". If you do, you'll soon find yourself watching the shows one after another after another. Then, when you get the end end, you'll go crazy waiting for MORE episodes.'ll be jonesin' big time for more because the show is so incredibly unique, strange and sucks you into it. The show is extremely well written and amazingly acted by the lead who plays...well, I have NO IDEA how many parts, as again and again NEW clones keep appearing and each has a totally unique personality! There's really no other show like it....and you should NOT watch it! But, if you do, you're in for a roller-coaster of a ride. It starts out very slowly....and over time it gets well as crazy good.
  • Former foster kid Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) is desperate to get back her daughter Kira who is living with her foster mom Siobhan Sadler (Maria Doyle Kennedy). Sarah is trying to sell drugs through her foster brother and trusted confident Felix Dawkins (Jordan Gavaris). At a train station, she spots a doppelganger who walks directly into an oncoming train. She steals the dead woman's purse and decides to switch places to escape from possessive drug dealer boyfriend Vic. It turns out that the doppelganger is police detective Elizabeth Childs and she was investigating other doppelgangers. Detective Art Bell is Elizabeth's partner. Initial assumptions about unknown biological twins are thrown out the window. Donnie Hendrix is the husband of the soccer mom doppelganger Alison.

    Tatiana Maslany shows her wide acting range by playing over a dozen different characters with compelling personalities. It is amazing that she is able to keep each character separate. The series starts with quite a bang. It is very compelling at times but it does struggle with a flowing narrative. The plot does get a bit convoluted at times. The funniest couple is Donnie and Alison. This is a great showcase for Tatiana although she has yet to break into the A list. I wish that she got the Star Wars job. Felicity Jones is a nice actress with a known name but Tatiana is superior doing the darker material.
  • kosmasp10 July 2020
    A friend of mine only watched the first episode and wasn't convinced to watch more. He missed out on a lot of craziness. Not that a lot of it makes sense in the regular sense of the word sense ... it would be senseless try to make sense of it I tell you! Now while I am jealous of certain levels of excitement and I do like the main actress in this, making her out to be the next Meryl Streep may be taking it a bit too far.

    Trying to wrap your head around why some love it without bounds or others just don't get it, will most likely not give you any peace of mind. The show is crazy and it never tells you any different. A lot of "characters", a lot of coincidences, a lot of twists and turns, that will make your head spin ... I had no idea what this would be about, the title is not really that much of a give away either. I am almost baffled this sustained so many seasons, though it was not as mad later on as it was in its first two seasons.

    Having said that, cliches, convenient timing and character developments that seem to be all over the place ... feelings and other stuff ... I watched some of the behind the scenes stuff and I have to admit, it looks like a wonderful bunch of people got together and made something incredible (mad) ... it's tough not to be at least partially excited with them .. no matter how you feeel about the show otherwise
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This Canadian sci-fi drama opens with protagonist Sarah Manning, a streetwise hustler from London, bumping into a woman who looks just like her in a crowded station in a North American city... moments later the woman steps in front of a train. Sarah sees this as an opportunity and takes the woman's bag with the intention of clearing out her back account before anybody realises she isn't the woman they think. Soon her life is changed forever. Sarah learns that she and the other woman are clones, and they aren't the only ones. Together with her adoptive brother and mother she meets some of her 'sisters' and try to find the secret behind their creation. Some people don't want the secrets revealed and others see the clones as abomination so they will be in danger.

    I nearly didn't watch this as it is fifty episodes long... I'm glad that I did though as it had me gripped from start to finish. The story is solid and while some of the twists and turns may be a little excessive they didn't spoil it for me. There is a good sense of mystery, when one question is answered more are quickly posed. Throughout there is plenty of tension and a real sense of danger. This tension is relieved by some genuinely funny moments which don't feel forced. The cast does an impressive job; most obviously Tatiana Maslany who is absolutely brilliant as Sarah and her clones; each has their own voice and mannerisms... even when she is playing one characters pretending to be another you can tell which one she is. She is given fine support; notably from Jordan Gavaris as her brother Felix... I was shocked to learn he isn't English; and Maria Doyle Kennedy as adoptive mother Siobhan 'Mrs S' Sadler. The effects are top-notch with frequent scenes of the clones interacting... in one four of them dance together. Overall I'd definitely recommend this series; it was top notch.
  • blanche-223 December 2014
    "Orphan Black" is a highly underrated series starring the woefully underrated Tatiana Maslany. What is the story there? This woman's name should be shouted from housetops. She should be heralded as the next Meryl Streep.

    Like others on this board, I don't want to say too much and give the story away. In order to see what makes Maslany so amazing, you need to watch the show.

    The story is full of twists and turns. In the beginning, we see a young woman, Sarah (Maslany) witness the suicide of a woman on the subway tracks. A fast thinker who lives on the edge, Sarah grabs her purse and her identity. It goes from there.

    The series is peppered with interesting characters, including Jordan Gavaris as Sarah's gay hustler brother; Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S, Matt Frewer as Dr. Leeke, and many others. I'll just name the characters - they're all marvelous: Cosima, Alison, Rachel, Helena, Tony, etc.

    Don't miss this, and don't ask me why everybody's not talking about it.
  • A woman, Sarah Manning, spots her doppelganger on a station platform. The double then commits suicide by jumping in front of a train. Sensing an opportunity, Manning takes on the deceased woman's identity. However, she soon discovers that the doppelganger is not just a once-off and the more she investigates this strange occurrence, the more dangerous it gets...

    The series covers a very interesting subject - human cloning - and started out very intriguingly. However, you often feel that the series is padded with unnecessary sub-plots to draw out the suspense. (There are, however, entertaining sub-plots too - anything involving Alison was always good for a laugh).

    The main plot itself feels quite random at times too. In the end you feel you have to endure the padding and the random detours in order to make some progress.

    Season 2 initially seemed like an improvement: tighter, more focused plot, and more intriguing. However, after a while it degenerates into randomness too. More importantly, Season 2 seemed to revel in introducing new characters for the sake of new characters, and this gets quite tiresome quite quickly.

    On the plus side, the performance of Tatiana Maslany, as Manning and at least eight other characters, is excellent. As each clone has a different personality, mannerisms and sometimes even accent, she has to inhabit 7+ characters, many of them at the same time. She does this extremely well. Her portrayal of Alison is particularly good, and funny.

    However, after a point the producers of the series start to introduce new characters for her, just for the sake of new characters and to go "Look how versatile she is!". This is irritating and smacks of a lack of original ideas.

    The supporting cast are a bit hit-and-miss. Jordan Gavaris is very good as Felix, as is Kevin Hanchard as Art Bell. On the flipside, Michael Mando is atrocious as Vic. The character was loathsome enough, Mando then made him irritating with a very hammy, unconvincing performance.

    I made it to Episode 8 of Season 2 before giving up.
  • I was on the fence the first time I saw Orphan Black. There was an interesting mystery and some intriguing moments, but there was something at times a little distancing about it.

    What kept me watching was the brilliance of Tatiana Maslany. She brilliantly inhabits a number of characters in a way I've never seen before. When I saw a video on how the show is made, I was startled because I had never thought of how to have the same actress appear in multiple roles on one screen; I think of them all as entirely different people.

    And yet, it was a show that had to hold onto me from minute to minute. It never established that hold over my brain that some shows do where you just have to watch it every week. At times it was compelling, and times it was intriguing, but I rarely felt I *had* to watch the next episode.

    I did get into the rhythm of watching it regularly, and some of the final episodes of the first season were riveting, yet when season 2 rolled around I didn't watch for months; I kept thinking I should, but I never quite wanted to. And when I did ... well, Maslany was still brilliant, but I just wasn't that interested in what was going on. The central mystery that had helped keep me going was resolved, there were some logic issues introduced in the last episode of the first season, and I just didn't care much where the show was going.

    Maybe I'll get back to Orphan Black someday, but with all the good TV out there, I probably won't.
  • I watched the first season of Orphan Black in just two days. Yes, it was that addicting. Such a fast-paced first season as well, the thrills never stop, the twists and turns never let down. But what's most remarkable is Tatiana Maslany, who plays these various characters brilliantly. It's not just that she plays many characters though, it's how she does it, and how when you see a different one you can see the difference in characterization that she's able to give them. She honestly deserves to win the Emmy at this point, and I truly hope she gets the nomination. Still, the first season of this sort of reminds me of other shows' first seasons where the quality takes a drastic downturn. Something built like this in its structure certainly is always at risk of getting too outlandish or stupid, but thankfully this never did.
  • westsideschl18 October 2017
    Nothing in the Universe lasts forever; everything dies/ends in some form. So it is with one of the most creative storytelling series I have seen such as (small list) Broadchurch, Sherlock, The Bridge, Gotham, Blacklist, Fargo, Justified, True Detective, The Wire. Yes, there were a few reduxes such as evil entity/person/organization with evil intent as foil that as a plot hook does get tiresome after so many decades of film iterations. But, the main plot line of divergent personalities was presented so authentically, and seamlessly by the director, writers, actors, crew. Maslany was pure mastery. Most series have a heterogeneous mix of black & female & offbeat associates that have little character strength, but in this series those characters are important contributors that can stand on their own merits. The sets whether CGI or constructed were spot on (supposedly one set is a throwback influence from "Apocalypse Now"); another influence was "Children of Men". The props: One example where Helena picks up a screwdriver as a weapon, and authentically it's a beat up wooden handled one; that attention to detail is greatness! The science/tech elements, which is rare in made-for-TV series, were actually well thought out.

    Asides: 1. One scene where Rachel & M.K. are together changing clothes/wigs, etc. caught me by surprise as it seemed to distort as the camera panned around the room. Even at slower speeds I had to watch it several times to figure out if it was editing or what. 2. Pronouncing Tatiana's name is Tat as in "at", but interestingly most, especially in Eastern Europe & Russia, pronounce it as Tat as in "all" or "awh". 3. Viewers, if having withdrawal symptoms I suggest a little additional life by watching iZombie. 4. Alternatively, there is enough wiggle room in the ending that after a rest year, perhaps two years, the series returns with a never thought of foe for Maslany, et al. Just as a beautiful forest can be consumed to ash in a fire that soil can replenish a still more awesome one. Hope so, it would be a waste to not do so.
  • KapiteinJus3 August 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Orphan Black is a sci-fi, Action and Drama series. The story is about Sarah Manning, she sees that her clone commits suicide.

    I really liked this series, it is full of action and humour. My favorite character were Sarah and Helena. Helena is the Ukrainian version of Sarah.

    The last Season was the best Season of Orphan Black in my opinion. The two last episodes made this series a masterpiece.

    I give this series a 7,9. Wrapped up an 8.
  • This review of the series "Orphan Black" contains no specific plot spoilers but does talk about some of the themes of the show, running into the later seasons.

    "Orphan Black" tells the story of Sarah Manning, a con artist and hustler who one day witnesses the suicide of a woman who appears to be her exact double. Spying an opportunity to take advantage, Sarah steals the other woman's identity but instead she uncovers a complex web of human cloning, body modification and illegal experimentation.

    Though the later seasons perhaps make the storyline a little too convoluted, when you're dealing with multiple internal subgroups of the various organisations that inhabit the world of "Orphan Black" that proves to be pretty much the only criticism of what is an engaging and exciting show. There is one other slight critique that came to mind having typed that, occasionally the score and sound design are very "on the nose". I'm thinking specifically of the string noise that accompanies Helena's actions. Again, these are minor criticisms of a show that's funny, romantic, dramatic and thrilling.

    Worthy of special praise is the show's star Tatiana Maslany, who, given the shows premise gets to play multiple characters across the seasons. She manages to genuinely make these characters feel like different people, but also real people - never resorting to stereotypes for them. It's even more impressive when she starts to play the characters pretending to be each other, blending the accents. The special effects team really enhance her abilities when it comes to creating scenes where multiple clones interact with one another, it really is flawless work.

    One other special praise, Jordan Gavaris as Sarah's foster brother Felix is fantastic throughout and his English accent is amongst the most accomplished I've ever heard.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Orphan Black is a show that starts good, promising with more than enough intrigue and suspense in each episode as well as its deep screenplay as a whole; it combines award-winning VFX, drama, thrill and funny moments in almost equal and intelligent ways and very much satisfying overall. Seasons 1 & 2 are the best, more enthralling and engaging; starting from mid-season 3 the dive begins until the end with sporadic bright and amazing single episodes throughout, deserving a near 10.

    The series' amazing strength comes from its main actress - the stellar Tatiana Maslany. I'm the 282nd reviewer to praise her super amazing job in bringing to ultra-believable life numerous clone characters, playing them effortlessly, with utmost brilliance and most importantly without mistake. Throughout the show, I was constantly thinking that the meaning of ACTING should be redefined in the dictionary with Tatiana Maslany being linked to it and cited as a living example of how to act. How to really act!

    Up to now, what i thought was my understanding of acting was beautiful play and personification of characters in the entertainment industry motion pictures. After having watched Orphan Black and the prowess that the diamond-like Tania Maslany has performed, I finally understood the real meaning of it and what it means to really immerse oneself in a given character or a blend of multiple ones with each having their own personality, persona and demons.

    I lived with it, throughout its 50 episodes, feeling and seeing them like family and despite its weaknesses and some cheesiness, it's my belief that its strength, beauty, positive messages and values way supersede the former and for a short time makes you live alongside them, smile and be happy with them and shed some drops of tears when destiny played misdeeds at them.

    4 years have passed since the show's "been" finished, but it will forever live in our heart and the "sistras" being our "sistras", beautiful, psycho brave, extrovert, depressed, dark, enigmatic and shiny as the science behind it.

    Sarah, Helena, Allison, Beth, Rachel, Cosima - you are my sisters forever and ever...
  • This series solved brilliantly what is probably the most difficult problem of contemporary show-business: finding a politically correct antagonist. The most acceptable options are: the Evil, all-white corporation and the evil Christian radical cult (it must be Christian, because all other religions are off-limits, no matter how crazy, cruel or archaic).

    Having both Evil corporation and Christian radicals as the enemy Orphan Black gets the gold medal as the most politically correct TV show (although this also proves the schizophrenic attitude of the target audience, probably the same crowd who lighted candles outside Apple shops when Steve Jobs passed…).

    Back to the show, the anti-heroine is a nasty piece of work called Sarah, a "streetwise" mother "hustler" (mother being the key word), who thinks she is allowed to do anything to "protect" her child - and let's forget she abandoned her child for a year.

    Sarah discovers she is a clone and also that nature definitely trumps nurture, since all the other clones are also bitches, although each in a different way: Helena is the crazy assassin, Allison the crazy housewife, Cosima the crazy scientist etc.… but all are mean and egotistical.

    Sarah lives on the run, because Evil, all-white corporation is trying to catch her. Sarah is the only fertile clone, but also a major pain in the a** and a threat to corporate security. Logically, an evil corporation would just get rid of her and study her dead body (and eventually her child), rather than keeping her alive.

    However, in the show, the preposterous need to keep Sarah alive creates an endless series of cliff-hangers, one more absurd than the other. The last one I watched involved crazy assassin Helena, resurrecting for the umpteenth time and miraculously finding her way to an exclusive condo where Sarah also happened to be and where evil corporate clone bitch Rachel lives (or something along those lines).

    I honestly don't know how they kept this going for five seasons.
  • There are so many reasons to watch this outstanding series, but at the top of the list is the outrageously unprecedented performance of Tatiana Maslany. She was a brilliant choice for the lead.. she COMPLETELY 'owns' all her numerous character(s). For someone just past 30yo, she's already got a long list of productions to her credit. But here in OB, she truly makes the world sit up and take notice... she's flawless in a career defining role. She has by far risen to a performance level unmatched previously. And she does it so seemingly effortlessly and flawlessly that you just keep marveling at the level of her acting ability. She is most always on screen for each and every episode and even though all of her characters have that similar 'look'.. you see them as individuals, and you truly believe they are. It's a very addictive draw for the show. All of the cast are exceptional, as is most all of every part of this unique series. Not usually a fan these fringe productions, but this one is something truly special. It has all the proper elements in the right places and times. Very hard to do, they make each new episode appear unique and interesting, and TM is not alone.. the ENTIRE cast is stellar. It's dark mood could have less appeal to many, but it well suits this very exemplary series. It's always great to come upon a seasoned series that's so worthwhile and still going strong. You just cannot wait to catch-up to the last aired episodes. This one has jumped up really quickly to near the top of my favorites list. If it does end after the fifth season, it will still go down as one of the finest TV series of all time. To be watched over and over again by a growing legion of loyal fans. Bravo to all invoked in its creation and production!!
  • The first episode is a little sketchy, but trust me, it gets better. The plot twist and storyline throughout the entire series is very intriguing. It draws you right in as you try and figure out what is going on. Tatiana Maslany is an extremely talented actress! The way she can play so many different characters in perfect precision that you believe she is that person to a tea is extraordinary. The only downfall to the series are the other cast members. They should have picked someone better to play Felix.
  • If you want to see the breadth of someone's acting skills, this is it for Tatiana Maslaney and she is phenomenal. This is such a gripping and unusual series that I highly recommend you watch in no small part because of the main character(s) all played by Tatiana. I actually can't tell you too much of the plot because it would give away all of the fun and delightful surprises that this series has in store.

    I will only say that this is a futuristic series about cloning that is wrapped in one of the most interesting packages I have ever watched. Former Max Hedroom star is the genius and leader of this far-reaching biotech firm where he has crazed followers and gives TedTalks. But the story itself starts from the perspective of a two-bit conartist who is just trying to get her act together enough to gain the custody of her daughter (ala Good Behavior)...she witness the suicide of someone who looks just like her and assumes her identity (ala Banshee)....but that is where all similarities end.

    This was such a unique series, with such unusual characters...many of which are played by the stunning Canadian actress Tatiana. I both laughed and cried, was at the edge of my seat and biting my nails. It was at once hilariously funny and filled with action/suspense.

    For me this was a rare series where I didn't know what was going to happen next. Filled with grey characters it often has you questioning who are the good guys.

    So much dark little heart was doing a happy dance. Especially some of the nefarious scenes with Donnie and his wife. Such a great juxtaposition for the crafting soccer mom and milk-toast dad.

    I don't want to undersell the real reason you should watch orphan black...Tatiana. She is truly amazing and really makes this series a must see. I was with her for the entire ride, in desperation, in and out of love, in elation, in defeat, in hope...and everything in between.

    I loved it! You should watch this series.
  • I initially was going to give this show a miss but due to the rave reviews I decided to reconsider. There appear to be a few flaws but overall it's a highly charged and intense series. The concept is fairly involved and flows quite well. There are enough plot twists to keep you interested but it also manages to not turn into an ill thought out convoluted mess.

    Probably my biggest issue with Orphan Black is that it is a little unbelievable. I find it extremely hard to believe that the lead character manages to fool everyone into thinking she is someone she's not. Also I understand that they need to differentiate between the clones but the accents are a little ridiculous and off-putting. I do give major credit to actress Tatiana Maslany. She plays multiple characters and manages to keep them all separate even if they are a little over the top.

    I want to rate the show higher but I just can't do it. I enjoy it but I really don't love it. Personally I think the IMDb rating has been overinflated and is really only an above average show. But that's just my opinion.
  • It's usually reasonably well acted with an interesting central conceit. The story lines aren't exactly cerebral but do hold your attention. All in all it is light weight though well watchable.
  • baunacholi-861597 April 2020
    Or better, oh girl? Anyway. A rating of 8 for this is beyond my imagination. It's full of cliches and unbelievable dialogues. Throw all in one pot and add remote sci-fi elements and you might have a show pleasing the needs of Generation Z.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first season of Orphan Black was captivating. It wasn't perfect, but it was at least interesting and engaging. Still, it had its flaws. Accents, for one thing. They were way off and distracting.

    Then there were glaring illogical sequences that were simply not believable, like Art not realizing Sarah wasn't Beth, among others.

    Then there were the way-over-the-top characters, like Fee. (It's sad to see such stereotypical misrepresentations of homosexuals in the 21st century. Of course there are flamers, but they represent only a small percentage of male homosexuals. And ironically, when Fee and Donnie go to the clinic as a homosexual couple Fee admonishes Donnie for acting too flamboyant. He goes so far as to tell Donnie that 10% of males are homosexual and Donnie doesn't see that because they blend in so seamlessly. What does that say about Fee's character then?)

    In fact, almost ALL of the characters were over the top. So as much as I liked Helena, she was always over the top. So was Allison in her yuppiness. So was Sarah, etc. So was Cosima. So was Rachel. About the only character who was real was Beth Childs, and she was gone after season 1.

    And therein lies the rub. This show is so dumbed down with its one dimensional characters and gaping plot holes that the original concept (eugenics is bad) gets lost in the sauce.

    It got to the point that I did a 180 on my appreciation of Tatiana's acting skills. By the end I hated all of her characterizations. Yes, it took skill on her part to do all the different roles, but not a single role possessed one iota of subtlety, and an actress that can't portray subtlety is not a very good actress.

    Further dumbing down the show is the weak writing and directing. Bringing back some character from the dead (i.e. Helena) is bad enough. But to keep doing it over and over, right up to the "back from the dead" Susan Duncan, is inexcusable. And compounding the issue is the editing. Things just jump from one scene to the next with no coherence whatsoever. It's not art or cool or cutting edge; it's just lazy writing and directing.

    But the biggest issue is this: When you pack a show with one loathsome character after another, the show itself becomes loathsome. And make no mistake about it; this show is filled with some of the most loathsome characters in TV history. But there just isn't enough goodness in the lead characters/protagonists to offset that. As a result the show implodes and caves in due to the imbalance. And it's not that I don't like or appreciate dark protagonists; I do. But this show rips off its audience time and time again by opting for shock value over quality story telling, and that's the last straw.

    By the final season I just wanted the show to be over. I watched every episode but really regretted it. This show could have been a 10. In the end, I grudgingly gave it a 5.
  • Got very bored with it, getting stranger and stranger. Never did see the last season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Orphan Black" strikes me as being similar—superficially—to "Ringer", Sarah Michelle Gellar's unfortunate reentry into series TV a few years ago. In both series, a woman takes over the identity of her look-alike to escape a less than ideal existence, only to discover that her new life is just as dangerous if not more so. The similarity ends fairly quickly. "Ringer" seemed stillborn from the outset while "Orphan Black" is infused with fresh energy. The heroine here is not world-weary but confident that she can make it all work to her advantage, even when the evidence runs against that conclusion.

    Just take the ally figure in each series. In "Ringer" there is an ally who is in touch with the heroine only by cell phone and he is entirely in the dark about what is going on. That was a mistake. An ally who is completely clueless and impotent is no ally at all, and not very interesting.

    In "Orphan Black", the ally, Felix, is only a step behind the protagonist, Sarah, and often looking at the bigger picture where she can't. Sarah is only going one step at a time whereas Felix is always wondering, what does all of this mean? Consequently, they have a real relationship. They can discuss what is going on. Felix can even get involved in advancing the plot.

    And it is quite a plot. Sarah sees her exact double commit suicide and decides to take over her identity just for a little while, until she can get an advantage out of it, an advantage ($75,000) that she can use to rescue her daughter and escape to "somewhere warm".

    What Sarah doesn't bargain for is that her new identity comes with a lot of trouble. "Beth" was involved with at least two conspiracies, and Sarah isn't even thinking far enough ahead to wonder whether the two are related. She doesn't care as long as she plans to make a score and get out quickly. The trouble comes when all of Beth's problems ensnare Sarah so that she cannot escape her new identity as soon as she had hoped.

    But Sarah is not a passive victim in all of this. As soon as she finds out what she has to do to get through with being Beth, she is motivated to keep things moving along. Sarah is an expert at bluffing her way through tough situations. She keeps getting challenged and she keeps brazening her way through. The only problem is that each new solution gets her deeper in instead of getting her out.

    Female heroes are the exception rather than the rule in the world. Grant Voth cites the Greek figure Demeter and American literature's Hester Prynn as being among the few examples from the past. Add to the short list, Sarah Manning, who is like her fellow female heroes in at least a couple of ways. All three do their heroic bits for their daughters. And, so far, Sarah also fits the profile by not directly confronting her adversaries so much as figuring out how to make them think they are getting what they want while she is really fulfilling her needs.

    I have to point out, however, that this series is not for the prissy. The third word in the first episode—the first real word out of Sarah's mouth, is s**t. By the end of episode one, Sarah has not only said that word more than twenty times, but she has demonstrated that the best way to short-circuit a boyfriend's inconvenient observations ("Your hair is different." "I got it cut." "But it's longer.") is to have a wild, explicit sex scene with him on the kitchen table. Just saying.
  • Apart from her dodgy Cockney/East End accent (that improves through the first two seasons - I am writing this after watching S2E10) Tatiana Maslany is just incredible! She is a chameleon, seemingly able to pull off sexy, nerdy, hot, sisterly, sassy, motherly and down right bad-ass with equal ease.

    The special effects merging two or more of her into each scene are so well done that even though I KNOW it's the same actress playing all three or even four roles on the screen at the same time, my brain refuses to let go of the illusion.

    Sure there are brief occasions when she lapses and slips into the wrong clone (eg Rachel talking like Alison for a moment here or there, or Sarah inadvertently dropping a Ukrainian "Rrreally?" at the end of a sentence in the second series, her mannerisms and body language (along with the excellent script and makeup) make her multiple role utterly believable....

    But even apart from the lead actress, the story is top notch! It pulls you in to its multilayered plot by assuming intelligence on the part of the watcher, with little in the way of annoying exposition.

    All around, far better than I intially anticipated.

    Can't wait for Season 3.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Really, at the next Emmy Awards, Tatiana Maslany should be all 5 nominees for Best Actress. This has got to be one of the world's all-time most virtuoso performances by anybody anywhere. Not only does she make each of her clones a distinct and memorable character, you can actually tell when one of the clones is assuming the role of a different one - something that happens quite a lot!

    So the acting is phenomenal, but if it were only that you could turn it into a kind of FaceOff competition. Instead there's much more. The plot is layer upon layer of intrigue, and every time one layer is peeled away and you think you're down to what's really going on, it turns out to be just a deeper layer.

    A Canadian production made with a limited supply of Canadian dollars, "Orphan Black" proves that you don't need megabux worth of fancy special effects if you've got truly inspired writing.

    One thing I really admire is that this is a serious show for serious adults, not children or the squeamish. Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel used to bemoan the absence of an "A" rating for movies, for films that were intended for adults and didn't deserve the kiss of death that was the "X" rating (now wussified as "NC-17" but still just as deadly). This series earns its "A" in both meanings of the letter.

    Really, the only thing keeping "Orphan Black" from being the best TV series on the air is that it had the misfortune to share the current decade with "Game of Thrones".
  • Typical. No actor can say eight...they say eigh. They find it impossible to say 'put it down', they say "Pu i darn! Everyone is angry and shouting at each other. People bully and push others for no good reason. There's some massive plot holes and the music is overwhelming instead of simply adding to the tension. It's a typical attempt by the BBC to be hip and woke, and attract that unattainable youth audience over anyone else. Except youths that I know don't even like this faux hip crap. I watched 2 episodes and that was more than enough for me.
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