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  • Okay, I will admit it - I fell prey to a billboard suggesting that I visit a particular website. In fact the billboard said little more than "". I found it somewhat ironic (if not planned) that it was situated along the interstate near the landfill on the south side of town - it has been known to get quite stinky in the area at times.

    I had no idea what the campaign was about but discovered after visiting the website that it was regarding "Tidy Cat" brand kitty litter. They had put together a clever website featuring the theme "Life Stinks? We Can Help." This particular advertising campaign featured a series of video shorts which were actually quite humorous and at the end of each they'd play a short outtake/blooper type scene from the shoot.

    This hysterical mini-series stars Rachael Harris as hapless Abigail and is easily one of the best promotions ever undertaken in the "purr"suit of selling kitty liter. A creation of "Kids at Play Media" and produced in association with AFG, Principato Young Entertainment, and Electus.

    While it is hard to believe all this misfortune - exhibited throughout the series - could actually befall a single individual, the actual events are completely relate-able to anyone on the receiving end of this mini collection of masterpiece videos. It is said that great comedy is built upon the truth; we then have Abigail to thank for keeping it real.

    It is tough to pick a favorite from among these 10 episodes but I really must point you to the brilliant pairing of Rachel Harris with Brian Huskey in the episode titled "The Lobby." Some of the best comedy to ever grace the small screen. The series is still available for viewing on the "Kids At Play Media" website and represents one of those veins of pure gold tucked away in one of the cooler out-of-the-way corners of the inter-webs. Watch them all!