Doghan-Dagui: We know how humans work.

Doghan-Dagui: They're all so predictable.

Sergeant Laureline: Clearly you've never met a woman.

Bubble: I'm afraid of a kiss, like a kiss from a bee.

Major Valerian: Bring on the beach!

Sergeant Laureline: Can I help? I'm a good driver.

Igon Siruss: I'm fighting for a noble cause, too. Mine.

Commander Arun Filitt: A soldier will always choose death over humiliation.

Sergeant Laureline: It's our mission that doesn't make sense, sir.

Bubble: So, what will it be, soldier?

Sergeant Laureline: I didn't come here to get a makeover.

Jolly the Pimp: Rules are rules and this is a place where we make love, not war.

Bubble: I leave you my Kingdom, take good care of it.

Button Man: By the grace of God...

Sergeant Laureline: I'd rather that you took me somewhere other than a giant trash can!

Bubble: Bussing tables! Every artist's worst nightmare! Never mention this to anybody, okay?

Bubble: I know all of Shakespeare by heart.