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  • jirvin_985 February 2013
    I love this show! It's well-acted, well-written and has an intriguing plot. It certainly keeps me on the edge of my seat!

    Meagan Good does an excellent job in her lead role as an undercover detective. She has a good range, and good emotional depth. Wes Brown, Tate Donovan and Victor Garber are equally impressive. I am a huge Victor Garber fan, since back in the days of the series "Alias". He just never seems to disappoint in whatever he does. In fact, one could say that the entire ensemble is very strong. They certainly hold their own and are thoroughly believable.

    As the show progresses, it will be interesting to see how relationships develop and which players step up and become heroes. I don't know what the future holds for this series, but I sure hope it continues! It's also very refreshing to see, amongst a diverse cast of players, an African American female lead! Hats off to casting and to the producers of this show for taking bold decisions!
  • A cliffhanger. A murder. A answer. Meagan Good stars in Deception, a murder mystery "game" trying to find out who killed Vivian Bowers. The acting, writing, directing, and editing are amazing. Every episode is a new clue...a new secret yet to be unlocked. All the actors are unbelievably talented. They have a way of making the show what it is. It is something about them that would make the dream role come to life. The way the show works is crazy. How one clue goes into another. How everyone creates drama and somehow ends a scary conclusion. The one problem every viewer is trying to solve is Vivian Bowers murderer. Now getting into the plot of the show...the storyline starts with Vivian have someone approach her car and she lets him/her in (I know who got in but that doesn't mean that person murdered her...or maybe that person did). The next morning, Vivian is found dead in a motel room. Joanna, Vivian's best friend going up heres the news of the tragedy. Her old partner, Will, happen to tell her the news. Now, Joanna finds out secrets about this 10 billion dollar family, and is never safe. They used to work together in the F.B.I. After a while Joanna moves to San Francisco and is a cop. Will tells her to go undercover wearing a wire and stay in the house. Joanna grew up there because her mom was a housekeeper for the family, and she lived there. Through the sadness, Joanna goes undercover trying to find out who "murdered" her. Murdered is in quotations because apparently she died of a drug overdose which may not be true. Vivian had many bruises and cuts when she was found dead. Joanna discovers that she is never safe while surrounded by this 10 billion dollar family. They are one of the richest family's in the world, and seem ordinary...but they have a dirty history full of information that can lead us to the murderer. "To find the truth...she'll become a lie"
  • nicky28295 March 2013
    I absolutely love the show, after each episode I cannot wait for the next one. I hope the show creates a new premise so that it can return for another season. I also enjoy all of the characters/ actors on the show. Meagan Good is Awesome! She is the one to watch! Victor Garber, Tate Donovan and Katherine LaNasa are awesome. Also of course great acting and eye candy from Laz Alonso and Wes Brown. There are only two episodes left which is unfortunate, I guess will have to enjoy it while it lasts. I will now have to tune into to REVENGE to get my drama and suspense fix.

    "The acting is solid and the writing mixes some unexpected nuances into the melodrama."
  • Liliesbp15 January 2013
    I am impressed with the writers and the cast selected for this NBC TV series. Meagan and Laz have an amazing on screen chemistry. Wes Brown is a part of the love triangle and I am so excited to see what happens next.

    The people that are discrediting Deception are clearly not giving this show a chance to prove its originality. All genres utilize inspiration before they develop their own identity. I advise everyone to watch this show and draw your own notions. Do not allow others input to detour you from something that you might actually enjoy.

    I am not a TV fanatic but I love the Vampire Dairies and Deception although they are both perceived as not being original. What exactly does it mean to be original in the 21th century? Everything has been done over and over again but depending on who does it the best determines its worth. There are a thousand TV networks and shows out there sending the same or similar messages. The one that sells it best gets the most recognition.

    My perception of this show is that it's an awesome show. You be the judge and do not allow others to cloud your mental process with negativity.
  • I cannot wrap my mind around the people who are ripping this show and the actors talents to shreds. The entire cast meets great expectations of their characters and each week they deliver a performance that keeps you involved and wanting to know more. For once a network puts out something other than another show about doctors or a typical show about cops and somehow they end up tearing apart one of the best shows on TV cause it's different? I love this prime-time soap opera. It's story is like a mystery novel that makes you never want to put the book down cause you're dying to know who did it and all the dirty details. It keeps you guessing! If someone wants to claim that this show can go in very few directions once the murder is solved then they have a very weak imagination. Every single episode there's more twists added to the grand scheme of things. Judge the show by watching a few episodes on Hulu yourself and don't listen to the negativity. Keeping my fingers crossed for a second season. Good luck to the cast!
  • This show is a perfect mixture of mystery, romance, and crime. I have never seen a better show due to the fact that each episode has a new surprise and its better then the last. I absolutely LOVE this show and after each episode I want the next one to come out so bad. I can't believe they thought of this show but I'm so happy! The quality of each episode is full of anxiousness and the characters have the perfect interaction and chemistry. Everyone has secrets and you just want to know what happens. The bowers are a secretive family and that's what makes this show so exciting. I hope that this show keeps going because at the successful rate that its going now this show will be one of the top shows on television. PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW!
  • kjm1019823 October 2014
    I actually didn't find out about this show until recently when my mom told me that she watched it. The way she described it obviously piqued my interest and I immediately logged onto Hulu to watch an episode. I ended up watching the entire season in 2 days and was thirsty for more. Only to later find out that it was cancelled last year. WTF?!!??? This is one of the best shows I've ever seen in my entire life. The romance, the suspense, the continuously thickening plot. Every aspect of this show was perfect. I personally think they should move to another network besides NBC and give this another shot. I for one would watch it happily and faithfully every single week.
  • I normally don't write reviews. In fact for TV I never write reviews. I'm not a TV watcher. Very seldom do I find a television show worth my time or interest and usually I just don't remember when the show is on. But this show is very different.

    I started watching because of Meagan Good. I've seen her off and on in movies and she never really stood out for me. That's not to say that she's not a good actress because she is. I would say after seeing Deception it is the roles she had that was the problem not Meagan. After watching the pilot I was hooked. The story line of a young woman being murdered and the search for her killer is the major plot of the story unfortunately for the murdered woman, Vivian I didn't really care but after taking in the full hour of the show I found that the characters' interaction is what makes this show well worth the time spent.

    This is a dysfunctional family in the purest sense of the word and those in it are the most unique characters I've ever seen. Each one has a personality that comes across the scene larger than life and will pull you into their world so fast that I found myself thinking about them long after the episode as ended.

    The dialogue at times is wonderfully memorable and the situations Joanna (Meagan Good) finds herself in will pull your attention every time. Several of the episodes did drag, and parts of the focus of the episode left me not really caring but the later episodes were great and the show seems to have hit a stride that should make it an excellent candidate for a new season. If this show is renewed I will be right there watching every new episode.
  • pensman7 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Nothing succeeds like imitation. A death in a wealthy family sends in an undercover cop (Meagan Good) to find out who in this rich and powerful family is the guilty party. Every week we will find new secrets about the family (Arrow) and the duplicitous goings on behind the scenes (shades of Downton Abbey). I like Victor Garber who is cast as Robert Bowers the family patriarch but there is nothing new here. Didn't Glenn Close play the same role in Damages? I guess if you are a fan on this genre you may find someone here interesting enough to keep you interested but I keep hoping for something more original but not sure it will be found here. Wait, Meagan Good is a black lead so there is something new and different here after all. Hollywood must believe we are all simple minded.
  • msb010313 March 2013
    I watched the pilot one week after it premiered because I wasn't sure if it was worth it but man was I wrong. I absolutely love the cast and the overall production design is great. I admit that the first few episodes started off slow on the storyline but then it really picked around episode 4. The actors all have great chemistry with each other with Tate Donovan being the standout among them and he also gets the best one liners in the show. Meagan Good and Wes Brown's chemistry is off the charts and writers take note, you can center the show around them blow the ratings through the roof.

    I highly recommend watching this show. You'll enjoy the twists and turns with the mystery that surrounds this "whodunnit" series. I hope it sticks around for a few seasons more.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    The show is basically about a female detective who starts investigating the mysterious death of her rich childhood best friend(Vivian). I like this show and I plan on watching it in the future but I have to say this show really reminds me of 2004's UPS drama Veronica Mars. Veronica was also a detective who investigated her best friends's(Lily) murder. Joanna(Meagan Good) and Veronica both dated their murdered best friends' brother. Both victims were a little promiscuous, came from a wealthy dysfunctional family, were blonde, and had a substance abuse problem. The only real difference is that Veronica was a high school student and Joanna is an adult.

    This show isn't very original, some of the plot twists are a little predictable and the writing isn't very good but I like the murder/mystery genre. I am glad to see Meagan Good starring in her own show and to see Laz Alonzo(Breakout Kings) again.

    P.S. If you like this show you might also like Veronica Mars. Unfortunately it only lasted 3 seasons but it was well written. I'm pretty sure it's on Hulu if you want to check it out.
  • mz201100118 February 2013
    I think one of the best series that is broadcasting right now in TV and I assume me Meagan good has good Character and also with her partner Laz Alonso,The Question in this series with every episode is watched is becoming bigger For in instance and important is that Who killed Vivian and that's why I dragged to watch this series and I hope it will be continued in the next season and not to be canceled!!! as I said in my twitter account in Iran a lot of people are watching this series and they're exciting!!! the question may be appeared in the future Mia's boyfriend is not a normal guy and maybe a now threat to bower's family which we don't know yet and I hope it's not,
  • sidskid22 October 2014
    Deception, was a riveting series which wanted you to turn in and watch more. The concept of this show was great. NBC did a big injustice canceling it. I think the concept should have another run only different format and venue. The actors on Deception were great. Tate Donovan and Wes Brown were fantastic. The role of Julian Bowers (Wes Brown) was able to show a side of him that I never seen. I can't decide whether he was a "Playboy" or a "Walk on The Wild Side" . Either way he played it great. He has an edge to these type of roles. So I think he claimed Julian as his own. The acting in this series was pivotal and very rewarding to the viewers and fans. The teaming up of Julian and Joanna (Meagan Good) was smart. The chemistry between these two were undeniable. Lyratrol (drug) seemed to be the driving force behind Julian to succeed. As it turned out it was a good drug, after eliminating bad publicity. But in that spotlight showed a vulnerable side to Julian. Well we all know who killed Vivian. The show tried to pull process of elimination, but I think the bigger game was not to have Joanna's identity found out. Joanna seemed to be the calming force who could calm Julian. So they belong together. Tate Donovan (Edward) made this role very exciting and a hands on approach. So the teaming up of Tate Donovan and Wes Brown would be worth looking at. The abrupt ending of Deception left a lot of unanswered questions. What happened to Katherine, what did she die from? The deaths begin and end with Robert. Brenda
  • Thereallenuh17 March 2015
    Well well well.. I just started watching this show on Hulu! I'm surprised I wasn't aware of it because It was so good!! I had to search on the internet when the 2nd season started again so I could set a reminder to watch it but it said it's canceled! It should be more!! So many unanswered questions not to mention it's a great show! To top it off it's an African American women as the lead that's playing a GOOD ROLE for once. Really upset that it's not a second season but crappy shows get to stay on TV. Wow if this comes back i and many other will be happy! Good luck to the cast and you guys were all great, I found myself hating some of the characters myself!! Ahaha thanks for a great first season!! Please Renew this!!
  • I could only stand the first 30 minutes of Deception. Then, I remembered how a series pilot about a "seemingly sweet young girl winds up dead" is done properly. Rewatch the first 20 minutes of the Twin Peaks pilot to see how David Lynch does it right ... Angelo Badalamenti music, first significant line of dialog "she's dead ... wrapped in plastic", the girl's mom (Grace Zabriskie) reaction.

    What we're missing in Deception is a bunch of characters more concerned about themselves then about the terrible events they've just learned of. If they're not really concerned about "who done it" than neither am I.

    P.S. It's been about 25years since Cooper has been on the other side (last scene's caption: "25 years later..."). Let's bring back Kyle MacLachlin, Michael Ontkean and ... Sherilyn Fenn for another go.
  • I can't believe this show never had more seasons; there was so much promise of more great story lines still waiting around the corner! This was definitely the most intriguing and thrilling show I've come across in many years. It was well written, well acted, directed, everything! And it didn't get boring, there were always more secrets and lies (or things more drastic than that..) happening. And yet it still wasn't like an absurd soap opera, it remained pretty serious and believable. A really good show and such a shame it didn't get to continue. Goes to show it doesn't depend on the quality of the show whether it stays on the air or not.
  • coljam218 January 2013
    I didn't expect much from this show when I realized that megan good was cast as the lead, so I wasn't too disappointed when it turned out to be a huge flop. I thought good was a joke. She is not right for the part.

    She has a music video, mistress quality about her and would be better suited in those roles. Don't waste your time with this show. I think the creators were trying to fashion this show after Scandal but failed miserably.

    Don't waste your time with this one. I'm sure it will be off the air after the next episode. Good needs to go back to playing a thugs girlfriend in low budget films.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was a solid show, it should not have been cancelled. The story is so tightly plotted and every Chekhov's gun gets fired before the end of the series. The ensemble is stellar and everybody clearly gives it their all. The chemistry between the lead actress and the two sides of the love triangle is exemplar but I, for one, was partial to 'Jolian' and was delighted when it sailed. Regarding the mystery, I was delighted with the onion way each layer of mystery was peeled and resolved - the drug test cover up ... that wasn't a cover up... that led to Audrienne... that ended up being a complete red herring because the motive for Vivian's death had nothing to do with the drug tests at all! One aspect of the story I really liked was the relationship that ended up forming between Eddie and Will. It was so organic - the series starts with Will determined to pin the murder on Eddie... and it ends with Will (and the audience I believe) coming to appreciate the good man in Eddie and letting him off for the murder of that girl. What a pity this show was cancelled.