Reece Buckmaster: But after a while life just happened and we never looked back. We grew up. We changed.

Shannon Buckmaster: Well why don't you open your eyes Reece? Stop seeing life through your fucking polaroid?

Reece Buckmaster: It's not a polaroid.

Shannon Buckmaster: Whatever it is, it keeps you locked in a dark room. Either get out of it or fuck back off there.

Reece Buckmaster: I don't need a dark room for a digital. You need to come up with a better metaphor!

Charlotte Menary: Abby, you're a smart girl, but the mind of Matt Devlin is so complicated... A-level biology won't answer that.

Mike Eagle: What the fuck are they doing?

Matt Devlin: I dunno, probably chatting, doing their make up, shaving their fannies?

Matt Devlin: You need something a bit harder than that. Come on, you're about as tight as your mum's vag.