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  • marinospolitis10 November 2016
    See? It's not that hard after all. After having watched numerous amateur efforts to adapt Stephen King's short stories, this one takes the cake. It's not a magnificent piece of cinema, but it is what it is supposed to be. A short film telling a story.

    Let me be more specific without spoiling. Most adaptations are... abstract, they show their own interpretations of the story, or change the story in a way that suits them and the limited means they have (since they're amateurs). This one made magic happen, just by following the source material bit by bit. It was an easy and simple approach and it was the right approach. This short film delivers a great story by the master of horror, much, much better than most out there.

    Mystery is the key element of the story itself. Watch the rest for yourselves. It is available on Youtube (for now).