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  • jhill-3310 April 2019
    I have watched every episode and find it funny since season 1 Ray basically spends his day with a coffee at home then to the gym for a whisky,then to the office for a whisky,then to various potential clients for a whisky.Then comes home at night and has a whisky and nurses various wounds he got throughout his day and then wakes up and repeats again the next day. So in summation tough guys can get stabbed,beat up,and shot and they can just go home and take off the bloody clothes and have drinks and be recovered by morning all on an empty stomach.Too funny.
  • dnau-4212626 July 2019
    So I was bored last week and needed a show to watch. I decided to skim through Showtime and decided on giving Ray Donovan a try. Well here I am four days later and I'm on episode 10 of season 6. Wowzer does this show blow me away. I love the grittiness, the laughs, the emotional value and the edge of your seat action that I get from this show. I read alot of the reviews on here and kept hearing about how season 5 was a disappointment. Well I couldn't agree less. Every season has been amazing. I'm actually dreading that I'm coming up to the end. Happy to read that they have already started production of season 7. This show is a win in my book. Highly recommend. And it doesn't hurt that I am a Boston girl, born and raised. Love shows that make me feel at home.
  • I had to review this show after seeing the current reviews posted. At the moment there are 4 written reviews and all but one are HIGHLY critical and undeserved in my opinion.

    The casting is brilliant. Acting is right on. Writing is great. Direction is fantastic. Cinematography is top notch. Am I watching a different show?

    I could go on with praises of all the elements of Ray Donovan, but it would just be repetitive and monotonous, and I would run out of synonyms.

    I truly think Showtime has it's next hit to fill in the gap left by Dexter next season.

    I don't want to go into arcs, plot, etc. and spoil anything. I just wanted to make sure there was another positive review posted, so even more people give Ray Donovan a chance. Believe me, if you have liked Showtime's other amazing Originals, you'll love it as much as I do.
  • I watched the first episode of Ray Donovan without knowing much about the plot or characters. Liev Schrieber is fantastic in the lead role and is reminiscent of Tony Soprano in that he is a dark, violent lead male under constant stress who is protective and nurturing of those he loves, while at the same time projecting an aura of violence and danger to those who would cross him. One scene, where Ray menaces a man who double-crosses him is particularly chilling. The supporting characters are also very solid. Paula Malcomson, (Ray's wife Abby) under-utilized in Deadwood is here allowed to flex her acting muscles in several scenes with Schreiber. Also in the show is the great Jon Voigt, who plays Ray's father. The conflict between them is set up right away in this first episode and one senses an Oedipal confrontation coming somewhere down the line. Most series start out weak and get better as the show grows and develops. This show, however, started out with a bang. If it gets BETTER it will very soon be the best show on television.
  • Jennifer1388 February 2020
    I have been a captivated by the Donovans since it began and to be honest I am at loss for words at the erratic cancelation!!!! I have appreciated everything about this show and it at least deserved a proper ending!
  • Ray Donovan is a flat out awesome tv show! It really is an incredible show, especially the earlier seasons! Liev Schreiber is perfect as Ray Donovan and leads an amazing all around cast that are all at the top of their game here. I absolutely recommend this show to anyone who loves a good drama with plenty of action!
  • carriecy10916 July 2013
    In watching Ray Donovan, the characters have such a believable existence that you can't help but wonder about the things the rich and famous we read about daily really do. I will not be able to read about a scandal without wondering if a "cleaner" was involved. This show is a true testament to those creators and writers who have brought about something so new and fresh that all other current series seem to pale in comparison. At times, the laugh out loud tastelessness of things being said just leaves me wanting more. Even if feeling slightly guilty for laughing. I am hoping this show stays raw and powerful and witty and that we will get many more seasons of the same.
  • The previews and billboards of this Showtime series did nothing to intrigue or attract me as a viewer. I watched the pilot merely because there was nothing else to watch and I was slightly curious, and because I really like Liev as an actor, and Jon Voight is always great. I got hooked because of the underlying forces at work that shape the personalities of Ray and his brothers. It was a total shocker and gripping, believable surprise.

    I really wanted this show to win more awards. It is the only show I'm aware of that has tackled one of the most difficult social issues of our time. It is so well written one must wonder if the writers are close to people who are wrestling with these issues.

    This is a must-see series and it really deserves more recognition, not only for the excellent writing, but the casting and acting and directing. Ray Donovan is Showtime's best new drama!
  • I heard about this show from friends who were discussing new shows. They were raving about it and how good it is. Also going on about Liev Schreiber and how good he is in it. Decided to check it out myself and I was not disappointed. Good solid story lines. Great cast. Its about time that a show of this quality is shown. Just hope whoever does the marketing this show does a better job as I have never even seen a commercial or ad for this show. I hope it doesn't get cancelled because no one knows of its existence. So many good shows get cancelled that way and then we get stuck with another trashy reality TV show. I also like that there isn't just one story line. There are many story lines going on. Jon Voight is also a great actor and I was happy to see him in a good TV show.
  • Take a shot if a character says:

    • What?
    • Sure
    • It doesn't matter
    • Get in the car

    If you really want to raise the stakes, take a half shot every time a character says:

    • F. you
    • Go F. yourself

    You may want to have medical professionals standing by for the last two.

    This show started off great. It got boring during the middle seasons, but season 6 was very good. I have mixed emotions about season 7. They provided a lot of interesting back story for a few characters, but they left a lot of loose threads at the end.

    The whole series showed way too much of Ray's daughter. She got somewhat interesting in Season 6, but then I, once again, lost interest in her during season 7.

    I'm glad Ray's son wasn't shown much during the last few seasons. He was an annoying character from the beginning.

    Overall, it's a good show if you can stick with the boring bits.
  • Greetings from Lithuania.

    "Ray Donovan" is definitely the best drama of this year. The show is so rich in characters, and subplots that it's a joy to watch every scene. This is the most interesting family drama since "Sopranos". Yes, it's that good. It touches themes that you won't see in regular shows, and it approaches them in gritty yet very realistic and human way. I think "Ray Donovan" will definitely win some big awards, and will gain a cult status pretty soon.

    Overall, if you are tired from all standard shows, and want to watch something true to life, "Ray Donovan" is not to be missed.
  • Incredibly unique show, the writing is phenomenal and the acting is a great compliment to it...The show has a style and vibe that I really can't compare to anything and it's dark humor is top notch...Almost every scene is entertaining because the characters are so great and I really enjoy how portions of the background story are unveiled week by week...If there's one negative I can imagine someone saying about the show is that it's a bit of a slow starter...I don't even think this show has hit third gear yet and I'm already hooked...Just hope they don't smother all the greatness out of it like they did to Dexter..but that's another review
  • Season 7 finale was not a proper series finale. Now that Ray finally found out what really happened to his sister, there has to be more reaction from the rest of the family. I've watched this show from day one and if the studio wants to cancel this show, then do it with a bang for the loyalty of your fans!!!
  • I always knew John Voight was a good actor. Ever since his role in Midnight Cowboy and the in " Deliverance ".

    But Geez, in his role as Micky Donavan.... I have a newfound respect for this astoundingly great actor.

    I must say, Othersin the cast are stellar as well.... but JOHN Voight shows why he is an academy awarded winner - and 4 tine nominee.

    He nails the " Boston " accent perfectly as well.

    The storyline is so freakin good . The acting is staggeringly good.

    Don't miss this gem If a show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think Liev Schreiber is great as it is, but he plays an interesting role in Ray Donovan, and backed by an equally interesting cast. It took me until the second episode for the show to really catch me; when it did, it did big time. We often get a little glimpse of father/son relationships in certain shows, but Ray Donovan gets real gritty with that area. In fact, the whole family aspect gets a very unique spin here compared to others.

    So far, I'm loving this show. It's a refreshing piece of work. The acting is wonderful. Jon Voight gets to show off his acting chops (for any naysayers, they can naysay forever- Voight can act!), and of course the dynamic between him and Schreiber plays well. Eddie Marsan and Dash Mihok are enjoyable to see in the smaller roles of Ray's brothers; one with Parkinsons, the other an addict (of anything he can get his hands on). The story of the Donovan family has a lot of depth to it, and I'm excited to see where it goes as the season goes on. Ray's job, the location, Hollywood, the rich and famous; these things just add some exciting texture to it. It's so far, in my opinion, a brilliant new show. As I said before, I love Lieve Schreiber, and I hope this show will do at least reasonably well! I absolutely love it. 10 out of 10 so far.

    Post edit 07/14/14: I've just finished watching the Season 2 premiere, and wow- it did not disappoint. Ray Donovan just gets better and better as a show. There is already some exciting stuff about to come up and the first episode only just came on! The very last part of the first episode this season was so bad ass; even if Ray was a tough son-of-whaat, he now I am in serious awe of his toughness. Everybody should be watching this! Great cast, great writing, great characters.
  • I'm not sure how so many people could write a review after 1 episode of this drama. i must admit it was a very good episode but judging it after one episode is like looking at a race horse before you've seen it run.

    now after 4 episodes, i think i'm able to call this series very very good. it hasn't spilt all the story up to quickly, and you are still seeing layers to characters, especially John Voights.

    yes there a few clichés, and you could even describe this series as a little "sopranos like" (man in complete control of professional life as a semi gangster, when his personal life is out of his control) but it is original enough to keep me interested.

    All the actors are top notch, the plot lines are gripping and i cannot wait for more Ray Donovan to be made and shown.
  • Seasons 1-2 are pretty fun dark thrillers. The formula gets a bit more of day time drama like BS in season 3-4 but remains pretty entertaining. By Season 5 it lost all of the original fun - only way to watch it is to fast forward all the melodramatic flashbacks - you can watch the season in 2-3 hours doing so and you will not loose a single thing of value from this season. Season 6 tries to track back to original ideas but I found Season 5 to be so insulting to the basic intelligence of viewers that I simply couldn't get in to it anymore.

    This trend the studios have to kill the formula that made a show popular with cheap drama is really getting to be obnoxious.
  • oneiljack-548171 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Seasons 1-4 were great loved the show till i got to season 5. WTF is this BS who ever wrote it this way ruined the series. i could not stand to watch most of season 5. all the flash back bs just killed it. worst idea ever. if i was watching it on live tv i would have given up on the show all together, but i was watching online so i just skipped threw most of every episode. they repeatedly flashed back to the same stuff over and over and over and over and over again. it would have gotten a 10 star rating just for season 1-4 but then i watch season 5 and couldnt do that. i would recomend just skipping season 5 all together. hopefully season 6 is better.
  • If you enjoy subtly, watch this show. If you need things spelt out for you, step-by-step, explicitly with poor writing, don't watch this show. If you like character-driven drama with quality acting, watch this show. If you have a short attention span and need action sequences every second minute to avoid channel surfing to the next thing, don't watch this show.

    Ray Donovan is a well-written, superbly-acted, character-driven drama. After two episodes, it is clear that Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight have bought in fully to their roles and they are nailing them. Supporting performances are also very strong, in my opinion.

    I expect plenty of people to be confused by the plot, because the writers don't feel the need to spoon-feed the audience. You have to pay attention and not everyone has that ability. In my opinion, this is everything a quality TV Show should be, when it is written, directed, and produced for an intelligent audience.
  • gallagherkellie17 November 2020
    I've watched 2 seasons so far and I love it!! I love and hate all of the characters at the same time. It's gripping and has some twists. Great family drama. If you like crime, bad guys, messed up families and some dark humour then this is the show for you.
  • theironman829 January 2020
    The people that don't like this show because of Voight's political views are pathetic. I still watch many movies and tv shows with liberal actors and I still enjoy them. The show is great.
  • rsob200531 July 2020
    Great Character! Just had to keep watching the show. Level of violence and gore factor kept in check for the most part at least for my level of sensitivity and sex scenes were realistic with some very attractive women which never hurts. Yeah need to go and get myself some good whiskey now! Great show and there aren't many ( it took influence from soparonos and maybe a touch of Bosch from the Connolly Books ( not the TV show! ) And just delivered! Highly recommended
  • earlrrice17 December 2019
    It's a train wreck you can't stop watching like someone said.
  • Although I gave it a 9 there are some episodes that are a 10. I'm not saying that you are all going to agree with me, each character is dealing with terrible and emotional moments recreated by these actors bringing the emotion alive and done beautifully. Not to say at times this series is brutal, a sad testament to our times, but it is acted brilliantly, believable, this incredible group of actors who make this show what it is, dealing with some of the most difficult moments in their character's lives and the fall-out of those horrendous moments. If these things were to happen to anyone you know or to you, how would you deal with it? How could you cope knowing that your childhood was hijacked and you didn't know any better. After all counselors were unheard of during parts of the fifties and sixties, if you had a problem you went to your priest or pastor.....that these characters are carrying on to the best of their ability and making it believable makes this one of the greatest series on cable.
  • sgimera-3491728 April 2018
    Very well acted. Jon Voight Is completely amazing in this role. Amazing to see him still going so strong. Liev Schreiber is so believable in this role, but the whole cast pulls this together. This family's story is always rolling forward with never a dull moment. Truly Awesome! My wife and I are hooked till the end of this ride.
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