The storyline is based on the light novel series "Sword Art Online" originally intended as an entry into a short story competition. The original novel was twice as long as allowed for the contest but Reki couldn't bear taking anything out of the story leading to it being self published.

Episode 5-6 were after mothers rosario in the light novels however they were put in the first season while mothers rosario arc was put in the second season

In the English Dub of Season 2 Ep. 19, Asuna, while Glaring at someone, actually says the word "Staaaare." This was improved by her voice actress, Cherami Leigh, who didn't even know it was left in until it aired.

According to Asuna's English Voice Actress, Cherami Leigh, Todd Haberkorn's performance as the Fairy Dance Arc's Villain Oberon was so Creepy that she asked him to give her a Few Days before speaking to her again (the 2 are Good Friends after working on Fairy Tail together).

In the first episode. As Kirito is reading his magazine. You see a small glimpse of his computer screen with the news report of SAO and Nerve gear along with social media. In the report if you look closely you'll see Klein, in the bottom left corner with his friends holding up their copies of the game.

You can read Sword Art Online 3 in the novel known as "Sword Art Online Volume 9