Kullimon: May your enemies suffer! And your friends?... haha... may your enemies suffer!

Nemyt: They cursed the wrong elf.

Kullimon: So what now?

Keltus: The Shadow agent has the ashes of Amun-Khan and the blood of Goth Azul. He took the canteen I collected at the bleeding stone. When they are mixed together at the entrance to the underworld, they will raise an avatar of Goth Azul, Lord of the Dead. With him at their head their legions will march across the land, their ranks swelling with the corpses the reanimate. An then... they will be unstoppable.

Kullimon: That sounds bad.

Nemyt: What? What happened?

Kullimon: You died!

Nemyt: What?

Kullimon: We are splitting that money three ways!

Nemyt: How about we all fight for it?

Kullimon: Ha... why not? You'll end up with nothing.

Keltus: Fine by me. You two will kill each other, and I walk away with the gold.

Nemyt: You've been busy, Fangtor Bloodmoon! Murder, rape, arson, desecration of a holy relict... ts ts ts ts.

Nemyt: I will need a big bag!

Kullimon: Your days are numbered, shadow-child.