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  • Gazzman sort of tried to make a cogent feature out of this string of sex scenes, but failed. The gals still deliver arousal by the numbers, but an opportunity for Adult entertainment was wasted.

    A couple of odd things stand out about the project, beginning with the framing story set at a rich gentleman's club where cigar stogie-holding geezers take turns expressing their erotic fantasies, which we see enacted by sexy actresses and the usual porno studs. The designated man in the spotlight is presented with a red tie, which is the talisman of the feature, indicating it should have been titled Red Tie Club.

    Stranger still, there is a femme narrator who fills in some few back story details, otherwise it's wall-to-wall sex time for the better part of 3 hours. Black actress Kiesha Kane gets a special "and starring" credit at the end of the list of ladies, and she is the only player to receive a character name (Susan). We get a few seconds of Kane having explicit sex in the teaser that begins the show, but for the duration she merely hangs around and never gets a sex vignette of her own. I inferred from this that clearly she had performed in XXX content, but that her scene had been left by Gazzman on the cutting room floor.

    Among the actresses more fortunate in terms of their work getting exposure in the final cut, US import Faye Reagan shows off her peaches & cream skin nicely, in lesbian ation with Ryder Skye as part of a threesome when Dane Cross (an odd choice in non-MILF context) joins them. Nicky Hunter gets top billing and delivers endless d.p.'s with John Strong and Marco Banderas providing the dicks.