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  • I recall when Russ Meyer's indie hit "Vixen" played in my home town (Cleveland) and I saw it at the Continental Movie Theater, one of the first "Adult" movies I ever attended. I had seen his "Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers" and with "Vixen" i was totally won over. Years later as a journalist for Variety I was able to interview Russ several times and though we had a falling out later, I am proud to have made his acquaintance.

    I interviewed PT too and greatly admire his work in Adult Cinema, but Thomas with his own Vivid release "Vixen" demonstrates the law of diminishing returns, writ large. Using one of his many pseudonyms (Cleo Edwards), he put minimal effort into this junker, just another Briana Banks title for Vivid to foist on an undemanding public.

    BB plays a dastardly character, though PT and his perhaps fictional scriptwriter "A.J. Barber" don't give Briana much to work with. Film opens with protagonists Anton Michael and Mickey G. in jail cell talking about homosexuality, when Mickey asks for Anton's story of woe: how did you end up in stir.

    In flashback we discover that Briana bamboozled him, taking him home to her place after he picks her up in a bar, then humping him and having him shoot his load into a wine glass. In porn films this is a fetish leading to the girl drinking it up, akin to the porn trope of an actress mugging at the camera after exaggerating her swallowing of cum, but this time she doesn't imbibe.

    Instead, she frames her for a murder, using Anton's sperm to implicate him when a corpse appears in his home the next morning, and he's framed with substantial circumstantial evidence for the guy's murder.

    Mickey's story has him appearing in full costume as a clown at kid's parties, seducing the hostess Ann Marie Rios with an X-rated magic act, but caught humping her by her hubby, who happens to be the local d.a.

    Briana oddly (script is cutesy but makes little sense) shows up at jail to visit Anton and gloat, boasting how she gets her kicks defying the law and committing crimes right and left. He asks her to spring him from jail to prove her ultimate prowess at defying authority, and sure enough she does. I'll leave the black humor twist ending to your imagination.

    Of course Briana and Ann Marie deliver the sexual goods, but otherwise this is a silly time-killer unworthy of PT's participation. But he made many hundreds of stinkers for Vivid alongside his various classic features for the label, all to support the life style to which he had become accustomed.