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  • I watched the first episode today(the greatest/the egg) with my sister and we were laughing outloud throughout all the episode

    I grew up watching the likes of Powerpuff Girls,Fosters for Imaginary Friends both shows Craig created and I remember he wrote a bunch of episodes for Classics like Dexter's Lab and Johnny Bravo all shows I really loved...and I can safely say that Wander over Yonder is a great show...Craig still has it in him to deliver the laughs

    The cartoon series is inspired/pays homages to old Warner Bros Cartoons with a '50s style Sci-fi kind of Style The episodes all seem to base around one thing much like in oldschool animated film shorts

    Overall great show 10/10
  • madera-m12330 January 2014
    This show is so adorable and funny to watch.but I gotta say I didn't think it looked so great at first, one day I decided to watch an episode with my little sisters just to see what it was like and I have got to say I completely misjudged the show, because it was so GREAT AND FUNNY. I don't normally like watching Disney channel shows since there's mostly teen shows, but I gotta say wander over yonder is now one of my favorites to watch right along side Gravity Falls. Its entertaining for the whole family and has a little bit of everything, not only that it gives excellent life lessons to the little ones about doing good and being good in the funnest of ways. Definitely a must watch
  • ethereal_heart25 November 2013
    Gotta love the creative imagination work of Craig McCracken, the creator genius of "The Powerpuff girls" and "Foster's Home for imaginary friends" which both were cool shows.

    I was pretty curious about it, so I decided to watch it.

    The pilot was very amusing, the antics of the main character made me laugh in that one especially when obliviously annoying the villain. Believe me, there are many positive things about the character I seen, that are cute, sweet and funny.

    I actually approve this new show and look forward to seeing more of this series. If you like good laugh and enjoyable characters, I recommend it.
  • When I learned that former Cartoon Network TV creator Craig McCracken was working for Disney on "Wander Over Yonder", I decided to give it a shot. And boy, it exceeds my expectations!

    With great quality animation, superb storytelling, tremendous humor, and terrificly heart- warming character developments, this show is instantly destined to be among many of Disney's animated TV classics and critical contemporary hits, from "Gummi Bears" and "Darkwing Duck", to "Kim Possible" and "Phineas and Ferb". While it has the signature Disney storytelling, there are Craig McCracken's story sensibilities we all know without much compromise. Even most of the episodes have become instant fans' favorites, from "the Greatest" and "the Good Deed", to "the Troll" and the emotionally resonant "the Little Guy".

    I'm totally positive that your review will be similar to mines after watching "Wander Over Yonder" the 1st time.
  • omgitsamystery3 December 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Wander Over Yonder" has to be in all honesty one of the best cartoons I have seen in a while, everything about it blows me away it is hilarious, artistically gorgeous, has great characters, and great morals. I Have been a fan of Craig McCracken since I was little and "The PowerPuff Girls" were around and you can tell this is his show, it has a 90's nostalgia to it mixed with some classic looney tunes vibes. The animation is fun and energetic, I find all the characters lovable and relate-able and it's so nice to see a show that is so upbeat for a change. It's been years since I have had a reason to watch Disney Channel. The music in it is also amazing, there is so much detail in every aspect of it and it seems to get better with each episode, I can't possibly touch on everything. I hope it is around for a long time.
  • Much like Uncle Grandpa, this is a simple, wacky, optimistic show that is driven mostly by the desire to tell jokes and make the viewer smile. There isn't much to it, but there's really very little bad to say.

    Visuals: This show uses as style of animation similar to Craig's previous show, "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends". The animated acting and characterization is pretty good here, and the characters are free to express themselves. They don't go over-the-top with it as much as something like "Ren and Stimpy", restraining themselves to something similar to classical rubber hose cartoons. Wander's Smile is infectious and Felix-the-Cat-like. The main difference between this and Foster's is that the characters have very thick, slick-looking black outlines. The color scheme is very simple, but it looks decent. The movements of the characters tend to follow a rhythmic pattern with sounds effects that takes advantage of Flash, but not as much as possible. I really like Wander's design, but not all of the characters are so blessed. The style here isn't my favorite, but I can see people liking it.

    Characters: This show is mostly driven by the strong, simple personalities of the characters. None of them are too complex or fresh, but none of them are too annoying or unlikable. The sympathy is usually where it should be.

    Storytelling: Very simple and straightforward, as well as being fairly energetic. It can be somewhat predictable and follow patterns we've all seen before, but it works.

    Audio: The music is distinctive, consisting mostly of folk tunes and banjo plucks. It helps give the show an identity. The theme song is so heinously catchy and smile-inducing that you will never get it out of your head, and I really like it for that. The voice performances also work pretty well. Wander has that "Nice-Guy" sound that he really needs.

    To sum up, there really isn't too much to talk about here. This is just a show that wants to have some fun with you and make you smile if you'll let it. It's almost like a midway point between the typical Craig McKracken style and some sort of classical rubber-hose cartoon. Strangely, I think that "Mickey Mouse" fans might enjoy this, as will fans of Craig and Lauren's other shows.
  • When I first watch the episode The Picnic, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. I thought Wander was a little too annoying and hyperactive, and I didn't like the idea of him being so perfect he's able to get away with anything, unscratched. After realizing the show was made by Craig Mccracken, I decided to give it another go. So, I watched The Fugitives. This episode was much more satisfying to me cause it showed Wander was not perfect, and the fact he was literally obsessed with helping people was a hilarious concept. Wander is like a combo of Spongebob and Wilt (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends). He's super hyperactive and naive, but also very helpful and kind. He's sidekick Sylvia is the smarter, tougher half. Their relationship is so cute. Sylvia gives Wander strength and protection, while Wander gives Sylvia calm and kindness. The series is definitely worth watching. While I've only disliked two episodes (The Troll and The Hero), the rest has made me laugh and smile. I've loved it so much, just hearing the theme song will make me smile now. And I am so excited for season 2, and the seasons to come! While the first season was plot-less, the next season will have more serious story arcs!!
  • Showtime234523 February 2014
    After disasters like Mr. Young, Crash and Bernstein, A.N.T Farm, Shake It Up, Austin and Ally and Dog with a blog I lost all hope for Disney. After I heard that Craig McCracken, the creator of Foster's and The PowerPuff Girls would make a new show, I had high hopes. And boy, I wasn't wrong!

    I really love this show. The characters are very funny and amazing, Wander is a great role model, he and his horse are a great team, Lord Hater(Sure, not a great name, but since when did character names matter?) is funny, and so is his partner! The plots are creative and fun, unlike most DC shows. I like the dialog and the script, it is not generic and boring like most DC shows. I also have to praise the animation, which is brilliant! The voice acting is great too!

    10/10(Great characters, funny, brilliant plots, good script and dialog, fantastic animation and great voice acting!)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show presents that doing the good thing can sometimes be a LARGE inconvenience to the doer. This show confronts the fact that sometimes when you do something good, it actually turns worse for others. Yet Wander and Sylvia has model strength of character to persevere until everything turns out alright.

    Craig and his crew have handled balance the balance of cute, funny, smooth animations, colorful settings and character development.

    If I'm going to have children, this is one of the shows I'd love them to watch. Wander is that uncrushable spark in a dark, lawless galaxy whose motto is "It never hurts to help!"
  • One of the most enjoyable cartoons I've seen in ages. Wander Over Yonder is very comfortable being as loopy and noodly and cartoony as a cartoon aughtta be, contorting and articulating about in exaggerated whimsy. Characters talk and move about in rhythm with their emotions, and it makes for a really fluid style of animation.

    Beyond that, it's exceptionally well-voiced and reasonably well-written for an episodic series. Characters avoid being annoying or boring, each different enough from the other to keep scenes fun and moving. I particularly like Jack McBrayer's Wander (perfectly cast), April Winchell's Sylvia, and Tom Kenny's Commander Peepers - they add a flavor and realness to their characters that goes a long way toward keeping things delightful.

    Only real missteps are a recurring story element with Lord Hater in season 2 that gets a little one-note until about halfway through the season. Emperor Awesome is also a little bland once you've seen him once.

    That aside, though, I'd definitely recommend the series.
  • I am not a big animated/cartoon series type of guy, and have trouble getting into comedy at times regardless. But, this show, like Spongebob, Looney Tunes, and a couple others, has defied my expectations entirely. Combining wittingly intelligent humor with a clever, sophisticated nod to the genres of science fiction/fantasy, WoY is simple yet nefariously complex under the surface. My 5 year old doesn't laugh too often, but I certainly do. The gist of the show revolves around a miniature galactic traveler (Wander, Jack Mcbrayer {30 Rock, Wreck-it-Ralph}), who looks a bit like a Dr. Suess invention, and his trusty steed (Sylvia pronounced by Wander as 'Ssselvia' {April Winchell, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, House of Mouse}) exploring new, colorfully diverse planets while meeting danger head on, and in Wander's case, with a large amount of naivety. While Wander seemingly heads toward every 100 ft.-tall monster as if it were his pet beagle, Sylvia has a better sense about their universe's many and often unforgiving perils. Wander's unabashed divine goodness is nevertheless more than a match for any bloodthirsty creatures they happen upon, which greatly annoys their more sinister enemies, such as Lord Hater (Keith Ferguson {Ultimate Avengers, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends}) and his immense army of 'peepers,' which are one-eyed, diminutive foot soldiers who rarely think for themselves. ...Who would have thought a Disney show could redefine the modern cartoon?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'll admit,when I first watched this show,I was a little disappointed.The show was extremely fast paced,the main character felt like a Spongebob clone and most of the jokes were just immature.But after watching it again,I have to say,this show is pretty good.Anyway,I watched the next two episodes,and I thought those two were even better.So yes,I really like this show.This,along with gravity falls are probably the only two shows on Disney channel that are worth watching.Anyway,onto the characters - wander is a fun loving,hyperactive alien who loves spreading joy and happiness.And I really like him.He's kinda like Spongebob,except that loves making people happy instead of annoying them.Sylvia is a tough and violent but also kind hearted "zbornak".I like her too.She kinda reminds me of buttercup from power puff girls.But her voice is just.......*shivers*.Anyways,Lord hater is the main antagonist of the show, who's only goal is to conquer every planet.He is probably my favorite character on this show.He's like a toned down version of mojo jojo.Peepers is an eye(who can somehow talk) who is one of lord hater's minions.I don't really like him.He has no real personality.But maybe we will get more episodes focusing around him and his back stories in the future.All the other characters don't really have any personalities either,but it's still fun watching them.So overall,this show is really good but not as good as Mr.Mcracken's previous shows.The show can be a little childish at times.Also the show is not that original.I think it's kind of like an adventure time rehash(even though I do find this show to be more enjoyable than adventure time).But still,I find this show to be very enjoyable and very funny.And if Disney keeps on making more cartoons like this,maybe,just maybe,the channel will turn good again.Well that's all I've got to say.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow, what a cartoon! I seriously haven't seen something like this wacky in a very long time! Not only is it by the man behind 2 Stupid Dogs (one of my all-time favourite shows growing up) AND Powerpuff Girls, but it looked very unique! I just had to see it for myself and by the holy grail is it FANTASTIC!

    For those that don't know the plot, it is about an optimistic, friendly banjo playing space traveller named Wander who is accompanied by a rough-n-tumble, sarcastic alien horse-like creature named Sylvia (April Winchell is awesome for the role) who explore planet to planet helping folks in need and often face a powerful space dictator Lord Hater and his right hand man Commander Peepers (Tom Kenny, hell yeah). Imagine Skeletor but as a winy and insecure baby and he is ONE of my favourite characters in the show................ While the first season was good, it isn't until season 2 where the show as well as the writing REALLY stands out. And the one to inspire this change of pace? Two words: LORD DOMINATOR an actually threatening villain, OMG she is bad-ass and my favourite character in the show!!!! Despite being a bad guy (even sings about it in an episode) she is very charismatic, and driven. Unlike Hater she is not interested in conquering but destroying everything and you gotta love how fun she has doing it. She's got a suit of armour with a mask she puts on that give her an amazingly terrifying voice and controls lava and later ice. And yeah, she's quite cute too lol ;D

    The second season is better too because it feels like there are stakes and the story evolves where characters change (to a degree) and develop and Wander is such a beautiful character. I could go on, I just absolutely LOVE this show. I love the theme, I love the colour, I love how smooth and well executed the character movements are and I love the hilariously exaggerated poses and facial expressions they do that I have not seen lately animation. Star Vs The Forces Of Evil comes so close but not to THIS extent.

    Wander is my spirit animal; I love how LOVE itself is the teacher of the show and how it doesn't feel forced or preachy. It is so wonderful to know a show like this exists in a world where it is hard for people to let their guard down just to be helpful and kind for the sake of being helpful and kind. Honestly, I don't understand why a lot of people are saying there are so many crap cartoons cause with Disney shows coming out like, Gravity Falls, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Milo Murphy's Law, Ducktales 2017 and Wander Over Yonder, that tells me people are either not looking beyond their own tunnel-viewed quality funk or are still fan raging on about shows like Powerpuff Girls 2016 and Teen Titans Go!

    To wrap up this review, I highly recommend this show to any animated cartoon lover young and old! Craig McCracken strikes again and I think this is his best work yet! It is beyond a terrible shame this show was cancelled, while other lesser and more intellectually insulting shows out there are getting more popular and better treatment. I have not given up hope this show will make a comeback. If Samurai Jack, Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, Roko's Modern Life, Young Justice and now Invader Zim returned to their animated glory, then there is STILL hope for this WANDER-ful little guy <3
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hello Again it's me Regularshow1 and Today I am going to do review on Wonder over Yonder Which is Created By Craig McCraken. Which is about Alien Named Wonder and his steed named Sylvia. Where they go to different planets. Then there's the villain Lord Hater who hates Wonder and there Commander Peepers. The Voice Acting is really good done by Jack McBrayer Voices Wonder, April Winchell Voices Sylvia, Keith Ferguson Voices Lord Hater and Commander Peepers is Voiced by Tom Kenny. My Favorite Episode so Far is The Bad Guy/The Troll. This is a very cute show. I got into This show this Past January and I really like it. This Show along Gravity Falls and Star VS Forces of evil are shows I'm currently watching On Disney XD. Bottom Line awesome show 10/10 Stars Updated on September 21, 2015
  • I watched "Wander Over Yonder" on TV. Sylvia is a bullish steed of Wander and his best friend. Sylvia looks so nice and tough to fight the bad guys and Lord Hater. My favorite episodes are "The Greatest", "The Egg", "The Stray", "The Rider", "The Ball", "The Liar", "The Box", "The Brainstorm", "The Lonely Planet", "The Tourist", "The Troll", "The Bad Guy", "The Good Deed", "The Fugitives", "The Day", "The Night", "The Big Job", "The Fancy Party", "The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!", "The Void", and "The Hat." So, Sylvia is on the giant worm to ride and the song called, "Ride, Sylvia, Ride" to find Wander. And in fact, she's good and awesome and proud and hero. Sylvia was doing it awesome job for the episodes on TV. She's very happy for Wander and she's proud of herself. But, she's very nice and awesome good and that's how it happened. That's how Sylvia looks good. Very good job to her. Thank you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm really liking how this Looney Tunes inspired Wander Over Yonder series is going now with a new Story Arc planned (4 half hours and 36 11 min. stand alone) along with a new villain Lord Dominator challenging the Main 4: Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Commander Peepers. From Creator Craig McCracken, who brought you The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network during the 2000s, comes his Second Season work on Wander Over Yonder that is more sillier, more fun, more musically, and even a bit more feels for the development on the Main 4 (Gosh, is this Gravity Falls and Steven Universe feels again?!).

    So far The Greater Hater sets up the usual Season 1 status quo (Lord Hater invades a planet, Wander bugs Hater by playing, Hater chases him, Peepers then suddenly get frustrated with his lust to destroy Wander that he finally stands up against his favors, Sylvia attacks the Watchdogs, and hilarity ensues, Nothing, Ever, Changes). Then, Everything Changes when the Dominator ship attacks the planet to suck the magma out of it. This sets the Main 4's discoveries on the new big bad Dominator and their encounters changed their course of action:


    Wander's friendship offer to Dominator is rejected and made him angry, Sylvia is worried of him facing Dominator like that, Lord Hater must climb up the Galactic Villain Leaderboard, and Peepers is eying on Hater to not lose his focus by ignoring Wander and Sylvia. Also, Lord Dominator is a woman. She's even more dangerous outside her suit.


    Pretty much the rest of the episodes before Part 2 of the Dominator arc are Wander and Sylvia dealing with more villains in the Leaderboard, Wander not giving up on making Hater his friend, hints of Wander's past (The Wanders goes into it without giving away the back story Craig intends to keep a secret at), and Hater's struggle to climb up the Leaderboard and dealing with Peepers to stay focus.

    Part 2 of the Lord Dominator arc will have Dominator return 6 half hours after The Greater Hater (hinting around Halloween Season as Frank Angones, Story Editor of the show said). And then, Dominator will appear more often for the rest of this Season 2.

    There's also a Musical Episode planned for Part 3. I assumed (Craig did say it's not the Season Finale) that is like a classical Disney musical written by the Sherman Brothers (Andy Bean, musician for the series, wrote the whole 22 min. musical full-on). It's meant to be fun, silly, and moving too like any Disney musical.

    Some fun stuff happening so far. Would love for anyone to check this show out! Has some of the best animation out there, fun moments, catchy tunes, and even some potential development for the Main 4. It's as good as Gravity Falls, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, and Steven Universe.
  • This is by far one of Disney's greatest cartoons. I laugh so hard when I watch this show. Wonder is definitely me! He and Sylvia work so well together and Lord Hater is a great villain! I recommend this show to anyone and if you like this one check out Phineas And Ferb And Kim Possible if you haven't already.
  • So, I'll talk about the story first, which is actually very good. The show's premise isn't really original, but I can say that it's interesting enough. Oh boy, there's a lot of creativity put into this show, from the planets to the setting, that keeps me entertained. A lot of episodes felt funny and creative (The Gift 2: The Giftening, The Cartoon, and The Lonely Planet) while others take on basic premises and make them better (The Sky Guy, The Egg, and The Tourist). Like Star, this show can get generic often, but it tries its best to entertain us.

    The animation here feels nostalgic. The cartoony expressions and style remind you of the 90s, right? Well, since Craig McCracken created the show, it's nice for him to be back, and his dreams made the quality here fantastic. Commonly, it's colorful and appealing, but it can get a bit dull. You see, episodes like The Stray, The Legend, and The Flower weren't great episodes because their color schemes are too dull for the show. I mean, it's fine, but it looks too dark to the point where it feels kind of creepy. Anyways, most of the color schemes are what made the animation gorgeous. It sticks with the setting and sometimes, it looks beautiful. Even if the animation can get dull, I can totally say that the quality is magnificent.

    I'm not a fan of the characters because I found some of them to be similar to other characters of a different show. Hey, I love Lord Hater because he's entertaining and sometimes funny, but in the middle of Season 2, he acts like a generic lover of his former self. What used to make him great and the best villain now made him a complete idiot. Even if he recovered from My Fair Hatey, he's nowhere near as good as himself from Season 1 and the first half Season 2.

    Wander may seem original and entertaining, but he kind of reminds me of SpongeBob SquarePants and I don't think he gets any development in pretty much every episode along with Sylvia, but she actually felt more original than Wander, but her voice reminds me of Jane Lynch a lot. Then there's Lord Dominator, who first appeared in The Greater Hater. Even though I kind of like her, she reminds me too much of Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender and plus, she barely gets any development. Lord Dominator works as a villain, it's just that she isn't written well as the others. Yes, you see that the characters are the weakest aspect of the show, but it's the character development that just got out of hand.

    Most of the songs come from Wander, and I have to say that they're catchy and give you the energy you need to have a good day. They're bouncy, full of energy, and danceable. Not including the ones from My Fair Hatey, most of them are great. Yeah, that's all I have to say about the songs.

    Before we move into my summary, I'd like to discuss the 11 bad episodes and their common flaws, which is characterization (exceptions include The Little Guy, The Nice Guy, and The Sick Guy). The bad episode's characterization can be so bad enough to destroy the faith the characters have (The New Toy, My Fair Hatey, and The Bad Neighbors). Not only that but the character can get obnoxious, jerkish, and just plain dull where I can't watch the episode anymore. Their plots are mostly rehashes of other episodes of other shows that woefully, Wander Over Yonder did them worse. The lack of jokes and flow makes an episode feel dull altogether, which is probably the case for most bad episodes in this show. Sure, they may seem original, but most scenes can get too over the top to the point of being annoying.

    Wow, I need to calm down from all of that pessimism. Anyways, after all of those unpopular opinions, it's time for my summary: Wander Over Yonder is entertainingly creative with its writing, animation, and a few characters (mostly the side characters to be exact), but can get generically dull with its main characters, episodes with barely any jokes, and rehashes. From all of my opinions, I'll tell you that this is a good show (8/10). I don't even find it close to being great, but I'm glad that I found a good show that I've desperately want. Besides, I find this show to be a bit overrated.
  • Headline says it all! Every character is a treasure with unique design and a fun story, even the watchdogs have their own history to themselves! And every time they show a full shot I can't help but marvel at the beautiful backgrounds! Absolutely worth giving it a shot as you will not regret it (given you like childish shows and childlike humor).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wander Over Yonder is one of the greatest cartoons of this decade. It is colorful, energetic, and overall, amazing. There are 5 characters throughout the series. Wander, the main character of the series is a wandering nomad who befriends people all over the Galaxy, alongside Sylvia, his steed and best friend. However, Lord Hater is trying to conquer planets Wander is visiting. Alongside Commander Peepers, Hater's right hand man, they try to capture Wander. However, there is a threat that not even Wander can befriend (SPOILERS), Lord Dominator. Lord Dominator destroys planets instead of conquering them in an armored form, and is actually a woman. As she is very powerful and evil, Wander cannot befriend her. Overall, I give Wander over Yonder an 8/10. The series should've continued, but was canceled when many where getting interested in it because of Dominator. It is a must watch, in my opinion.
  • doodlemeder4 July 2017
    This is a really good show its both funny, well written and can be really emotional. If for some reason you can't get into season 1 definitely try again in season 2, I say this only because the plot gets rolling a bit more. There are some things in this show that could be improved but all and all this is a really sold, creative, fantastic cartoon.
  • moxiecue112 October 2013
    This show is just fine they can do better it's not bad as the other shows but I've found some interest in this show it's somewhat funny my favorite character is Lord Hater he's evil and every time he does or finds something that will make him ruler of the galaxy Wander always gets in the way. It is not my favorite show but it is kind of good I gave it a 7/10 because its really colorful,it has a fine plot and it's a little bit funny Disney is improving all they need to do is cancel Fish hooks,Jessie,and Austin & Ally then their good to go I really like this show I hope Disney doesn't go downhill again.

    7/10 very creative and the people who created it wasn't on crack.
  • Let me begin by saying that I am witless to explain how this program can rate 7+ on IMDb unless the same fool is voting six times under six different aliases.

    I cannot fathom the "personality" of this character, Wander. He is unable even to say "hello" without yelling, dancing, singing, and quite literally bouncing off the walls. Any ten seconds spent watching this pathetic program will result in an immediate migraine headache.

    The show makes no sense. The plots are dull. The characters are annoying. The graphics are loud and distracting. Plus, all Wander ever does is wander from here to there, screaming, yelling, going off on ADHD-style tangents and thoroughly obnoxificating the audience.

    Steer WAY clear of this abject trash.
  • BowlingGod14631 December 2013
    this show isn't even that good. Disney channel has done better with it's TV shows such as Jessie, Good luck Charlie, Liv & Maddie and much more. it's dumb, idiotic, stupid and not worth watching. I'd rather pull my hair out than watch this garbage. I hate it, there is nothing good about it. why bother watching it. you should watch something else because I'm sure you will find something better than this piece of poop. yeah you have a much better bet of finding something better to do than by watching this episode. it should be called boring over loser or something like that because it seems boring and not fun to watch at all.