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  • The team of director Ricky Greenwood and writer Maddy Burton give short shrift to the set-up stories for the four vignettes here, merely presenting sex scenes where the characters briefly regret cheating on their lovers.

    The most beautiful TS star currently active in porn, Brittney Kade, humps Damien White in the opener, a chance to see her do her thing in usual sub fashion. Same goes for tall Ava Holt, serviced by that utility infielder of porn, multi-tattooed Ruckus.

    Girl on girl action has an interracial angle as veteran performer Mocha Menage makes love to big-dicked TS star Melanie Brooks. Finale is more interesting, as a threesome has girls Chloe Temple and active TS player Eva Maxim almost caught in the act by Eva's man Tony Sting, leading to a crowd-pleasing pegging of Tony by Eva, with equal time given to Chloe servicing both of them.