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  • Coventry10 December 2013
    What we have here, ladies and gentlemen of the - hopefully – international jury, is one of Belgium's most eccentric, atypical, provocative, innovative and brilliantly relevant TV-series ever made. And just because "Crimi Clowns" is all that, it sadly also is the most shamefully neglected and cowardly boycotted TV-series in Belgium… In spite of all the great names in the cast and revolutionary (for Belgian standards) themes and visual aspects, the series only got aired on a secondary national channel and extremely late at night, while the copious amount of dreadful cooking programs and reality-show nonsense gets prime time. Oh well, I guess we could take comfort in the fact that "Crimi Clowns" instantly build up a modest cult reputation and a fair share of loyal fans, as well as the faith that great shows eventually will get the recognition they deserved all along. Meanwhile, there's already a long-feature film and a second season on its way, so I can't be entirely negative. "Crimi Clowns" spawned from the creative and pleasantly deranged brain of Luk Wyns. He's the writer, producer, director and lead star of the series, and he surrounded himself by a large cast of reliable names he frequently collaborates with. Wyns is a bit of a flamboyant outcast in Flanders Film land, as he uses pitch-black and absurd humor (he previously made a series about a dysfunctional family) and doesn't hesitate to insert explicit sexual content, graphic violence and sensitive social news topics. All these elements mixed together resulted in the fantastic formula of an Antwerp bunch that uses a clown act to cover up all their illegal activities and social misbehaviors.

    Ronny (Luk Wyns) and Lou (the fabulous Manou Kersting) once were a very popular duo of clowns, but ever since Ronny was in prison for sexual assault of a minor, they only manage to occasionally perform at private birthday parties for children. That's not too bad, though, since they rob the house empty afterwards. Ronny, as well as his son Wesley who has rejoined them after his film school studies in Amsterdam, puts industrial amounts of drugs up his nose, provokes fights with the local Moroccan street gangs and literally spends fortunes on luxurious prostitutes even though they are in the debt of Jos "The Thief"; a local crime lord. For their clowns act, as well as for their burglary activities, they recruit the unique Mike, a midget clown with the special talent of being able to open any safe. In between all his professional stress, Ronny deals with his needy ex-wife, his rebellious mother and his estranged daughter who pursued a career as a topless dancer.

    "Crimi Clowns" is groundbreaking and innovative according to Belgian standards, but obviously it borrows influences and stylistic ideas from famous and acclaimed international series. The opening credits are clearly inspired by "The Sopranos" (of which Luk Wyns is a big fan) and there are several more examples. The entire soundtrack is exhilarating, by the way. The show is also filmed in mockumentary/found-footage style, which is also never before seen in Belgium. Wesley registers the gang's activities with a hand-held camera and interviews them supposedly for a school project. This narrative style requires some getting used to and generates a few errors in continuity and logic, but it overall fits the tone and pace of the series. "Crimi Clowns" is the best Belgian series since "Matroesjka's" (another crime series, though revolving on the underground sex industry and people trade) and not coincidentally the two series share many cast and crew members. Personally, I tried to support the series as much as I could and even attended a marathon-showing of ALL episodes, plus the scoop of some unseen footage, in a movie theater and in the presence of Luk Wyns and several other lead stars. It was a fantastic experience and plan to purchase the second season very soon.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Maybe this contains spoilers but i try to do my best not to,

    This is a show/series about a small crime family who live close to Antwerp Belgium. It is about a father and his son and three companions who work in the day as clowns and in the night as thieves and criminals. When you start the first episode you would probably think its a bit odd, but further down the road you start loving them all. ( especially when you speak the language it has a lot of funny moments)

    The father is a alcohol women loving grumpy man, who can be a bit psychopathic, he was ones a big star on television playing a clown together with his good( not always that bright ) friend Lou, but after a divorce and a few other mistakes also some jail time, he lost everything except his huge mansion that the bank wants back ;)

    His son is a different story; a dutch actor who plays a psychopathic but smart, camera loving and women loving, criminal. Why i speak about the camera is that it starts trough the eyes of the camera of Wesley (the son).

    Lou also a main character is a huge strong not so smart but loyal companion.

    I think it is a nice and also realistic show and i think a lot of people would like when the see it.

    For IMDb a note; in the meanwhile there is a movie just released and the second season is coming.

    For all the people reading this excuse my writing i am dutch, not English.
  • The first season of this series is without doubt good and entertaining but nothing more, season two is on the contrary legendary and amazing. This is the second time (after matroesjka's) that a Belgian series is able to concur with the great American crime-series such as sons of anarchy. Especially season 2 shows the greatness of this series, here the makers have learned from their mistakes of the first series. The found-footage is better and the story is more elaborate.

    The actors are, you can see it by their looks, perfectly casted and perform amazingly. And much like the characters of series like S.O.A. and the shield, the viewer also bounds with the characters and starts to feel pity for them, because you know they's evil and criminals but still you have to admire the way they live.

    To put it briefly crimiclowns is one of the better Belgian series that becomes really addictive after the first season. Nevertheless it must be said that there are a lot of explicit scenes, so don't watch this with your children, because this is not about funny clowns. Still with better placed nudity than series like Spartacus and with a language that will remind you of the sopranos this series is a must-see for all crime- lovers, the found-footage filming will not be annoying, that much I can say.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Finally! That Flemish/Dutch series we've been waiting for, the series you stay at home for not to miss it on television. Crimi Clowns season 1 took a strong entrance in the Dutch television world, amazingly artistic and uncensored. Fun to watch, and rematch, and rematch…!

    Wesley Tersago, the ex-student of a filmschool in Amsterdam wants to create a movie about his amusingly disturbed family and friends. 'He uses camera's stolen in 'de Saturn' which is the opening scene of Crimi Clowns. Also used are security and hidden camera's. This way of filming stimulates the credibility of the series and your ability to empathize. Criminality, humor and erotica are the main subjects in this series. Luk Wyns - director, producer and actor (Ronny Tersago) - gave us a great time and made something really special. Great actors, fun characters and hot babes. Lou might be on of the best characters ever and prepare to fall in love with Amber. Even the soundtracks are surprisingly good! But what happened in season 2?

    There was no inspiration. To start of the DVD box existed of only ONE NEW episode!. What a rip off (€24,99)! Where did it go wrong? Was there a money related problem? If anyone has more information on this subject, please comment!

    It starts with two episodes they already aired in the Netherlands, and of course got on the internet last year. Why they didn't air them in Belgium, no one knows. But if you are a fan, you've already seen these episodes… Then we get Crimi Clowns De Movie AGAIN! So, people who bought the movie separately just get robbed… It's awful really… After that there is only one new episode. I confronted them through their Facebook page. Posting this information on one of their posts. They of course removed it and blocked me, being unable to post anything else. The second season can now be seen on television and I advice everyone not to buy it. The new episode, also the last episode of the series, wasn't very good either. It is very clear that this last episode was created in a rush, with little content and nothing special.

    Luk Wyns and co created lots of situations that got ignored after, or left unfinished and before you know it the series were ended, completely. For example would they work on a scam involving stealing from bank accounts for millions of Eur's along side their now fired bank manager and his boyfriend. Also did they start killing lots of people in the series that had no input what so ever. They killed a random biker, or a minister and then never mention it again. And what was up with Lou's accent? He had this amazingly fun Antwerp accent and all of a sudden he started talking with a Holland accent, terrible!

    Having said that I really want to encourage people to watch the first season of Crimi Clowns, maybe watch the movie when you're bored… Shame Luk Wyns didn't put more effort into the second season. But let's thank him for the amazing first one though!

    It's hilarious, dirty and just lots of fun to watch!
  • Pure excellent, special show. 1st episode was like "omg what is this" After the 2nd it was the best show in years i've seen. The fact it was filmed in my hometown might have something to do with it. I didn't like Luk Wyns that much. But here, he is fantastic. The music for the show is well chosen and well made. Though, the intro feels very much like it's from the Soprano's. Any fan from Manou Kersting will be pleased. He is again like he always play his characters. Even better performance then in Matrousjkas. You will love this show or hate it. The short breaks in between from "Wesley Tersago", aka "johnny De Mol", is something to get used to. I didn't like them in the beginning, but loved them shortly after.