Due to taking place in an alternate world, there are several differences between the first season of Akibaranger and the second: The fights never went to the real world, and thus, Malshina stayed in the delusion world. Hiroyo's father did not turn into Doctor Z, but he still made the Z-Cune devices. Instead of Nobuo being called to the Pentagon, Mitsuki was called, and left after the final battle. The Akibarangers had a final battle against Malshina and DeluKnight, who appeared much earlier than he originally did. Hakase has not told the Akibarangers that she is the voice actor for Aoi. Sayaka never returned to Akihabara.

Prism Ace, the final boss of Season 2, is a clear reference to the various Ultraman heroes created by Tsuburaya, a rival Tokusatsu company to Toei