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  • thedirector1710 September 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I saw Safe Room at the LA Underground Film festival. It was my favorite short.

    I've watched so many shorts of all different budgets, some are entertaining some not so much. What works about Safe Room is that it has a great premise and story for a short, the acting is good and it's beautifully shot. I especially though Corryn Cummins gave a subtle but intense performance. This film keeps you on your toes the entire time. Most shorts tend to either not make much sense or they just seem to off-the-wall. This was a very accessible movie. From the very beginning it sets a great tone. The music and editing worked very well to create the suspense and drama as the film moved along. It's a little over ten minutes and it never slowed down for a second. I did notice a couple sound issues here and there with the dialogue near the end but I guess that is to be expected with lower budget films. I'd recommend Safe Room if you love this genre.

    Safe Room is a great suspense-thriller!