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  • Bottom of the barrel is where this early XXX feature exists, starring John Holmes and a femme cast of skanks. What should have been a hard-hitting tale of human trafficking turns out as soft as Johnny Wadd's cock.

    Amusing moment comes with the end title card, showing a trio of sketched beauties as the lovelies of the title, when casting has really ugly would-be actresses in the actual cast. Redhead Nona Potter plays Holmes' partner in crime, luring women with a newspaper ad promising employment in high fashion, but imprisoning them for sale to one Garcia, for use as sex slaves at $2,000 a head.

    Our heroines are awful to look at, while Bea Moore as another captive girl named Sherry is presentable but her character is not fleshed out. Nona gets to ravish her in an obligatory lesbian scene.

    Holmes puts on a terribly fake British accent at times, a preview of Madonna's famous affectation decades later. His enduring fame and following in Adult Cinema remains baffling to me, as despite that big, barely functional pound of flesh between his legs he has so little to offer, especially compared to talented contemporaries like Paul Thomas, John Leslie and Eric Edwards, to name a few.