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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this for the first time with host Rollins the other week and I'm hooked. I think he is smart, intellectual and directly relates to his audience. The fact that Rollins grew up in the area adds to the content.

    My son in his early 20's is also hooked. He couldn't believe at first such a 'cool guy' was hosting something on the history channel. However, Rollins doesn't treat the audience like they are 8th graders on a trip to DC and dives into real things that you wonder about or think you know, but don't.

    Small spoilers -- We didn't know the president had to pay for his own food. My family talked about that for hours. We didn't know that the bodies of assassins seem to ...disappear..or do they?
  • accumatt14 September 2014
    I grew up a fan of Henry Rollins. I remember seeing Black Flag for the first time in Hollywood back in 81. That being said I might be a little partial. Henry is smart,informed, but inquisitive. I think it works, well for me anyway. I loved the Edison VS Tesla episode. I learned so much I did not know. I am pleased that some shows that actually show things about history are coming back. I could care less how much someone pawns a family heirloom for. Teach me stuff I didn't know!

    Keep up the good work Henry

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  • Hello, How do I get in touch with the producers to get listed as a crew member?
  • dbrazdzionis9 February 2016
    The Host seems nice, but the content is not worth it, it's like exaggerated listverse or similar web page, where they take 10 random facts about something and try to make an interesting show. Just put 5 minutes read into 20+ minutes TV show with a lot of repetition (i guess it's for USA viewers) + add some "random" street folks who has no clue about anything and happens to be really unnaturally surprised. Also most of those facts were told in school and nothing new, but i am from Europe, so maybe we had more advanced history lessons. There are better episodes in Youtube and without repetitions as thinking that viewer is dumb and has extremely short memory span (one of he biggest things i hate in American television)