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  • Some of the reviews on here are from pretentious assbaskets who think that their "intelligence" makes this show beneath them. Don't listen to them.

    If you like crude humor and something genuinely funny, I suggest you watch this show.
  • Most of the reviews on here are by people who're pretty far up their own asses.

    To me this is a funny show.

    I genuinely laugh when I watch it.

    I don't try and act like a douchey critic.

    I just be free and let the show commence.

    And let myself be free in watching the show. So I experience the show freely, as you should do with any art form. Don't encase yourself into these stupid reviewers' concepts of this show or any show. This is the final line.
  • Loiter Squad appears as a collection of low level satirical bits mocking a variety of TV shows such as court drama, cop reality, a host of MTV shows and so on. To the lazy viewer willing to do no more prying than that, this show would be intolerable, but to the engaged and inquisitive viewer, a whole world appears. There are commentaries about black culture and the interplay of white and black culture to be found and explored, there is a much deeper mockery of TV shows that includes exposing the ridiculous nature of producing the bland oatmeal-like pop drivel that graces most of our TV's, and there is an even deeper mockery of the American people and their interest in lowest-common-denominator entertainment. So, as earlier reviews have proved, if you intellectually lazy, the show means nothing, but if you are willing to open your mind and explore the deeper ideas, Loiter Squad is very engaging.
  • This show does have some rather.. questionable moments, but with that said, shows filmed in similar format (ex. Tim & Eric) are done with much less taste in what others will actually find funny. Tim & Eric seems as if it's done purely because they think its funny, because i do not wanna meet who actually laughs at some of that stuff.. This show mixes in pranks on real people along with well filmed sketches, even implementing (kind of making fun of hilariously) such things as video blogging. I've only seen a few episodes, but it's actually funny, and i wish it came on before 3:30 AM for lord's sake, because there are definitely many worse shows that don't deserve a spot before them. worth a watch, 8/10
  • Loiter Squad is hilarious. I am a fan of prank shows like Jackass and the group Odd Future that created the show. The pranks are creative and extremely funny, and a majority of the skits are good too. The Odd Future guys aren't afraid to do some of the crazier or more embarrassing pranks. You can see how much fun the guys are having making the show and they even show some of the bloopers during the episodes. I had just started watching Tim and Eric Awesome Show before finding out about Loiter Squad, and its impossible to ignore the similarities between the two. Loiter Squad however, is often far less disgusting and much funnier. If you are a fan of Tim and Eric, Jackass, or Odd Future, this is a must see.
  • "Comedy" by talentless morons for complete morons. The live equivalent of Adult Swim's 12oz Mouse, which was animation by idiots who could not draw or write 2 minutes of coherent script with a budget of $22 per episode. That show was back in their infancy when I assumed their entire budget was drawn from petty cash and they took anything Williams Street would churn out at Walmart prices. The budget for this show seems to be about double that and no one connected with the show in front of or behind the camera reveals any ability whatsoever. Unlikely you can get stoned enough to even chuckle if your IQ is above room temperature.
  • Most can remember how huge of a deal Odd Future were early on in the 10s. An blowup of young, provocative, head turning talents that had no trouble leaving an interesting if not controversial impact on the alternative hip hop scene. But while prominent members like Tyler and Earl made refreshing contributions in both the collectives and solo work, there was obvious quality difference in the lesser members, musically speaking.

    Unfortunately, this is mostly the case of the show. Many skits come off as lackluster, one note, or too crude to the point of low hanging fruit. There's not too many skits that are creative enough to distance itself from MTV sketch shoes from the previous decade like Wonder Showzen or Jackass, the latter being an obvious influence to the group. Of course, with all sketch shows, there are shining performances from Tyler and Earl (The scared straight bit by Earl remains one of the most memorable) and some great cameos like Mac Miller and Freddie Gibbs. Jasper has some promising moments, but showings from Lionel and Taco never met any potential. Therefore much of the writing came off as repetitive.

    If you are a die hard Odd Future fan, it's worth a watch. If you are casual or hardcore adult swim fan, I find it hard this entire series is appealing. Due to its inconsistency, I would rank it as one of the lesser sketch shows adult swim has had to offer, but every now and then there's a fun sketch to remind us of the ambition this young group once had
  • I feel as if this is one of Adult Swim's attempts to make a jackass series on television, only about 10x more stupid than you think.

    Mind you, this is a review, but what I've just described is this entire television show in a nutshell. They constantly make attempts to lull the audience into believing that stupid actions are funny when also mixed with a factor of randomness.

    In fact, just the other night I saw a promo for the show, and it was essentially a man standing on top of a cooked chicken flying in midair while being shot at by a giant, two-headed person. Yeah... I'm.. I'm not sure what this is supposed to be? A Godzilla parody? Laughable.

    I'm not sure if these people have ever been to school, but the horrendous display of incompetence with comedy is utterly humiliating. Almost to the point where I want to scream at my TV.

    To top it all off, I'd like to read from a defining excerpt on the show. The fact that it's called 'Loiter' Squad obviously insinuates loitering correct? Wrong.

    Definition: To stand idly about; linger aimlessly.

    Not a single time since I've watched this show have I seen anything relating to loitering. There's not much beside the jackass-style stunts and random acts of stupidity which set the mood for this abomination of a show.

    Nevertheless, I am just a reviewer and it's up to you to see this for yourself. I strongly recommend against doing so.
  • This show is truly the most offensive, least creative thing I've yet seen on Adult Swim, with the emphasis on "least creative" (because everything on Adult Swim could be considered offensive). I love shows like Xavier: Renegade Angel because it was obvious that the level of intellect going into the wordplay on that show was beyond anything on television at the time. The Eric Andre Show is clever because of the way it fiercely de-constructs the late-night talk show genre. Even Robot Chicken sometimes rises above its amateurish nature, winking at the stoned English majors in the crowd as if to say, "Yeah, we get you..."

    Loiter Squad, on the other hand, is content to reject any glimmer of intellect and instead slams you in the face with tired racist sight gags and reheated "Jackass-style" pranks that taste a lot less fresh in 2014 than they did a decade ago. It reeks of what I would call intellectual laziness. Why waste brain power trying to think of a call-back to a previous bit or researching an appropriate pop culture reference when you can just make yet another predictable watermelon or tap dancing joke?

    The thing that upsets me is that crap like this is cheap and easy to create, so of course it will last longer than several of the brilliant but more expensive shows that Adult Swim has produced. I just sincerely hope that there are fewer people watching a third season of this trash than there were clamoring for more Xavier.
  • I assume you like/love this show if you are > male under 14 and (but best) totally stoned

    you will hate this show > older then 25

    I was shocked to read that there is a second season coming (very sad) - because there are actually enough people out there that likes this nonsense that could be produced from a 12 year old.

    Don't get me wrong I love Jackass, Nitro Circus and Viva la Bam even watched a little bit the Dudesons - but this show is just plain dumb.

    Ps: Does anybody know if this Rap Gang is dangerous? It would explain why the producers don't stop them from doing what they are doing – and why the network execs are paying for a second season. I wouldn't argue with them if they are packed – and this would make perfect sense.
  • Loiter Squad is created by Tyler, The Creator and Tyler is from The music group Odd Future. The other cast members include Jasper, Lionel, and Taco. The theme song is very catchy. It goes "I Like Cheese" over and over again. There is a voice at the beginning of each episode saying "Warning. These stunts are performed by professionals. So your safety and protection of those around you, don't do none this at home". The way he says home is so funny.

    This show is hilarious. The first season is better than the first.

    This show is on adult swim on Cartoon Network, so it is very inappropriate. They only blur out the f word, so the n word can be heard through each episode. Lots of cussing.

  • Not sure why there's so much hate for the loiter squad, but after seeing it I felt obligated to leave a review and clear the air. The people that hate this show and deduce it as simple mindlessness I can only assume are either no where near their target audience or are such comedy snobs that they saw 1 episode and stopped. This show provides us with a good amount of funny social satire that revolves around popular TV and black culture, and it has a fun, engaging all black cast. There's a fun do-it-yourself charm to this show that almost makes it feel like these guys are your friends putting videos out on youtube. It mixes together sketches, stunts, reality segments, animation, and concert footage constantly keeping you on your toes. The snobs that dislike this show may not want to hear this but the loiter squad is honestly the closest thing our generation has to Monty Python's Flying Circus with its absurd sketch comedy, cold openings to start the show, and their way of ending sketches in the middle of them most the time with animations is eerily reminiscent of Flying Circus. This is a great show worth the watch.
  • maddiemillz-9223914 January 2018
    Its funny in some parts, but its still good

    also before calling odd future talentless morons, listen to their music instead of being a jackass