The famous Chinese artist and political dissident Weiwei Ai - who currently lives and works in Berlin - shot a much anticipated episode for this movie, that was cut from the final version. He explained in an interview, that this happened because of hidden economic pressure from China: "The film has faced tremendous difficulties with regard to financing and distribution. During the promotion and sale of the film, the producer told us he had never faced such strong pushback on any previous film he had made than as he had from my participation in this film. People clearly told him that my involvement would be a problem for them to get financial support or distribution. It could even cause problems for future films, such as the next planned film, Shanghai, I Love You. This comes as no surprise; China's influence in the cultural realm is beyond my imagination." (Screendaily, March 2019)

Curiously, unlike the other "Cities of Love"-installments, the title of this film is not in its national language. To be in line with the other "Cities of Love"-installments the more appropriate title would be "Berlin, ich liebe dich".

Kiera Knightley and Mickey Rourke appeared in Domino (2005).

Keira Knightley and Dame Helen Mirren appeared in Collateral Beauty (2016) and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018).