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  • If you like to watch all the different Christmas Movies you will like it. I happen to be big Christmas Movie lover. Yeah I wouldn't give it a 10 but it does deserve a solid 7. Loved the "whole family" theme at one house for the Holidays. I am actually from Michigan and we always spent the holidays together. It is worth a watch.
  • I couldn't even make it thru the first 5 mins. I kept fast forwarding, hoping it would get better, but it didn't. I can't believe Dean Cain and Richard Kane let themselves be in it. Skip it and find something worth your time. 7.9/10 - NO way!!
  • This movie totally ruins Santa and Christmas for children. It needs to come with a warning so that people with young kids who still believe in Santa do NOT watch it. It certainly should not be listed as a "family" movie. The story line is ridiculous and the acting is horrible. There is a scene where grandpa is reading "The Night Before Christmas" with all the kids snuggled in bed awaiting Santa to arrive, and then they go and show the dads carrying all the presents in from the car, and discussing the fact that they have to do all the work of getting the ""Santa" presents ready. Then they show grandpa up on the roof stomping around trying to make the kids think it's Santa. Then when horrified parents watching this movie with their children who have been fielding questions for 10 minutes about why is wasn't Santa putting those present under the tree think that not all is lost and the movie will explain about the magic of Santa their hopes are dashed. Grandpa and the dad just get into a fight because it was grandpa who bought the dog. No mention of Santa at all. The trailer for the movie should not have pictures of Santa all over it if they were going to show that Santa was not real. If the creators of this movie set out to destroy childhood they did a great job.
  • philneil12 December 2019
    I've rated one star to try and counteract the currently fake 8 star rating.

    There seems to be a plot line missing from this movie. Also, no dog.

    The lighting is shocking for a Christmas movie, it's harsh and cold whereas it should be warm and comforting,

    Dean Cain must have been desperate to take on this turkey.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The main character of the movie is not a dog or even the girl who wants the dog. It his her father who is simply an awful person with a hot wife. The highlight of this movie is actually Dustin Diamond who gives the performance of a lifetime-his lifetime anyway. I'm going back to watching the unauthorized Saved By The Bell story again.
  • With a title like "A dog for christmas" you'd think there would be a dog in it? The dog shows up 6 minutes before the end of the movie. It is in no way about the dog at all. I feel bad for Richard Karn, who has fallen from grace and into this christmas hellscape. I normally like quirky movies like this but man when you offer up a dog, you gotta give me a dog.
  • One of those movies made without a script or plot or acting or a professional cameraman or lighting concerns. Shot with an i-phone, disjointed and apparently unedited. Absolutely a painful waste of time. The only ones who MIGHT enjoy this would be those who are dull and drunken.