Adèle: I miss you. I miss not touching each other. Not seeing each other, not breathing in each other. I want you. All the time. No one else.

Emma: But I have infinite tenderness for you. I always will. My whole life.

Emma: Why are you lying?

Adèle: I'm not lying.

Emma: Then why are you crying?

Adèle: I'm not crying.

Adèle: I am happy. I'm happy with you, like this. It's my way of being happy.

Emma: Enjoying philosophy?

Adèle: [laughs] I love it. It's incredibly enriching. Very interesting. Very deep. Orgasm precedes essence.

Emma: Your grade better be good.

Adèle: Give me a grade.

Emma: Fourteen.

Adèle: Fourteen? Just fourteen?

Emma: [laughs] You still need some practice.

Adèle: I'll give it all I've got.

Emma: Something to say?

Adèle: I don't know.

Emma: What?

Adèle: I wanted to know, when was the first time you tasted...

Emma: Tasted a sausage?

Adèle: Tasted a girl.

Emma: A girl? You mean kiss or taste?

Adèle: [chuckles] Kiss. To start with, then we'll see.

Emma: I was fourteen. Sometime around then. There was a party, all the girls had guys. I went out with Louise - that was her name, Louise. We didn't kiss at the party, but... I invited her to sleep over. That's when we kissed.

Adèle: Have you always preferred girls?

Emma: I tried both. I dated guys, girls, and I realized I preferred girls. For sure.

Emma: "Existence precedes essence."

Adèle: He's not the problem. I'm missing something. I'm all messed up. I'm crazy.

Emma: I was big on Sartre in high school.

Adèle: Really?

Emma: It did me good. Especially in affirming my freedom and my own values. And the rigorousness of his commitments. I agree with it.

Adèle: Sort of like Bob Marley. Almost.

Emma: [laughs] I'm not so sure of it.

Adèle: I'm almost sure of it. Their ideas are similar. You know "Get Up, Stand Up"?

Emma: Yeah I know it.

Adèle: He's committed.

Emma: [Nodding in agreement] It's true.

Adèle: Same as Sartre. A philosopher, a prophet, same thing.

Emma: Nothing happens by chance.

Adèle: You don't love me anymore?

Emma: It's nice here.

Adèle: [nods]

Emma: A little too nice?

Adèle: I guess so.

Valentin: What the hell?

Adèle: Why tell everyone we went to a gay bar? Why the fuck would you do that?

Valentin: It's not the end of the world...

Adèle: It is! They all think I'm a lesbian, eat pussy, and check out her ass!

Emma: What's your name?

Adèle: Adèle.

Emma: Pretty name, Adèle.

Emma: Adèle means something in Arabic. I think it means mmmm...


Emma: Sun.

Emma: [Adèle nodding] Hope.

Emma: [Adèle nodding] Love.

Adèle: [laughing] It means justice.

Emma: You still need some practice.

Adèle: I'll give it all I've got.

Mère Emma: Shall we toast?


Mère Emma: To love.

Emma: [laughing] To love.

Adèle: To love.

Mère Emma: Welcome Adèle.

Adèle: Big words. To love.

Mère Emma: Yes, to love, my love.

Adèle: You're talking crap in front of everyone! I'm not a lesbian!

Thomas: It wasn't good?

Adèle: Yes. It was great.