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  • WPoins19695 June 2013
    I am homeless. One day I was drinking vodka and loitering with my dog Sporky when I heard loud noises nearby. I suffered a flashback to 'nam and when I woke up I was apparently at a showing of this movie. I later found out that they had mistaken me for one of the extras judging by my disheveled appearance and the alcohol on my breath.

    This is a fantastic movie. I will list my reasons in order of importance, 1 being the most important.

    1. There are ugly women wearing shorts. That is my fetish. I secretly admired the butterface leading lady while pretending to check my cellphone. I don't have a cellphone.

    2. Zombies are cool. The zombies reminded me of the time I got really messed up on bath salts and killed another homeless man. The police can't prove anything.

    3. The loud, mediocre music overwhelmed my brain and allowed me to briefly forget about watching my comrades die in the jungle.

    4. I know a couple of other homeless people who "acted" in this movie in exchange for beer. You know some of those "zombies" who suddenly vomited all over themselves and died choking on their own blood? They weren't acting. RIP Slinky, Wozniak, and Crazy Mary. It was nice to see them immortalized on the silver screen.

    5. It didn't last too long so I managed to watch the entire movie without wetting myself or having heroin withdrawals.

    I give this movie an A+ and a 1 out of 10 for number 1.
  • Saying that it's "just a zombie movie" is a cop-out and suggests that legitimately good zombie films aren't legitimate art.

    This movie sucks and I regret wasting my time seeing it. I realize that it's an indie movie made by some alcoholic hicks from the South (no offense) but that doesn't excuse the fact that it's very cheesy and not in a really fun way.

    What was up with that Sinister Minister guy? It's kind of lame when your movie is hiring random gimmicky local celebrities. I wish that meant that this gave the movie some legitimate folksy charm or something, but it doesn't really work.

    I really wanted to like this movie, but it didn't work out.
  • This movie is awful. Worst movie I've seen, and I love zombie movies.

    This film has nothing redeeming it. Its not funny enough to be a funny zombie movie and when it attempts to be funny it just winds up with the most cringe worthy attempts at jokes that could be done. It's not scary enough to be a horror zombie flick. The CGI gore and over the topness just make this seem like a wannabe movie to unrealistic to be scary. The film suffers from trying to find a new niche to in the zombie franchise but just ends up repeating other flicks to the point of plagiarism. The dialogue is questionable and the acting far below par. Not once could I even relate to the actors becuz they just seemed like they couldn't connect to the roles they were playing. This movie isn't even good enough to make it on Thriller or SyFy during zombie week or make it to the 49 cent ben at walmart Also, the Cody Cromartie reviewer was in the movie so don't belief him.
  • thebearham19 April 2013
    I guess it's okay if you like regurgitated zombie garbage. You could probably find a better zombie movie on YouTube by some 13 year old kids. As a matter of fact, look up Nazi Zombies In Real Life, watch it, and see how it stacks up to this. Go ahead, I'll wait.

    So much better than this, right? And really, that's the problem with a lot of these awful zombie flicks. All the audience seems to care about is what kind of guns are going to be used, or how well stocked on beef jerky the theater's going to be, and that's what these directors cater to. This seems no different than The Walking Dead, or Zombieland, or the upcoming World War Z movie. These sorts of movies are made to appeal to the lowest form of movie goer there is. It's the kind of movie you have playing in the living room while you're hanging out, drinking beer, and talking about work. That is to say you're going to get more entertainment from your friends and your alcoholic beverage than you are going to get from this movie. I honestly wish I could tell you it's going to be different, but it's not. All you need to know is that some guy and some girl are getting married, and they seem to be a trailer trash couple that wants some sort of big fat redneck wedding (as if there aren't enough of those in America), then OOOH, ZOMBIES, then guns, then a bunch of fat old guys acting like bad-asses, then wham. It's over, and you're just kind of left telling yourself, "oh God, I could have been using that hour to feed the needy or volunteer at an animal shelter or do something productive instead of wasting my time with this." Even if it is an indie film, even if the director had no money or a solid cast, that doesn't excuse the fact that it's just some mediocre gory film that tries to get its thrills solely from shock value.
  • I was one of the unfortunate ones to attend the screening for this movie. It's bland, unoriginal, and lacking in so many areas. It has mad potential and could probably be perfected by another director and cast, but this time around, it's not worth investing your time in. Frankly, I think it's up there with The Room in the big bad list of awful movies.

    Not saying you shouldn't listen to other critics, but they're probably involved with the movie in some way if they're saying anything positive about it. Honestly, I don't think there's any other way to make any sort of valid defense for this movie. It's not for the die hard cinema fanatic, nor the casual moviegoer. Do yourself a favor and avoid it in the future.
  • I originally watched this movie at a simultaneous five-screen showing back in february, because it contains one of my favorite actors and i try to keep up to date with everything he does.

    sadly, despite being billed as a core extra, my on screen crush hardly appeared at all and when he did he was unrecognizable in huge amounts of makeup and with a silly punk fauxhawk. it was very disappointing, but the worst was still to come.

    aside from some basic well-done cinematography (the kind you learn in the first year of film school) this movie has absolutely nothing going for it. the characters are shallow caricatures who never once feel like real people, and their attempts to emote fear or anger made me cringe. you never find yourself connecting with any of them and as a result the movie is just pointless gory scenes as people you don't care about get killed by zombies. not even the gore effects are done well, with low quality cgi being the order of the day. evil dead looked better and that was 30+ years ago.

    if you want to watch something with zombies that looks, sounds and has better characters than this then you should watch someone play left 4 dead.
  • Let me pose a question to you. Suppose a friend invites you to a movie premiere. Très cool, no? Let's then suppose that movie is Rockabilly Zombie Weekend. Do you still remain awkward friends after the movie, or do you just terminate the friendship right there?

    Regardless of said situation I find myself in, I take it upon me to inform you that Rockabilly Zombie Weekend is a pile, the inferior movie choice of movies that have premiered this month. Yes, I do realize Scary Movie V is out this month, and yes I am serious about recommending that travesty over this.

    Firstly, this movie's plot just shows how people are scraping the bottom of the undead barrel when it comes to zombies. It's trite, hackneyed, and basically if you've seen any zombie movie ever you already know this movie frame-by-frame. It seems like a hastily cobbled-together excuse for a bunch of red-necks to test out their RED-One™ they bought by making beer runs and selling the beer to minors at a 300% markup.

    While the plot is terrible but at least existent, the same cannot be said for the acting, which is so bad that I wondered if this movie was filmed as a farce of B-cinema. However having met the director and having seen his sadly misplaced earnestness firsthand, I am left to assume he had just hired untrained friends and family members to fill roles. The delivery is so wooden it would make a sequoia blush. I would be surprised to learn that any of these people were paid. The extras in particular were horrible, I doubt they could perform the role of something so simple as a chair or a brick wall without tripping all over themselves. This movie is a fine example of how NOT to cast or direct.

    The cinematography and special effects have left something to be desired but frankly are on par with Youtube films. The musical score was largely forgettable which makes it probably the best aspect of the film.

    Overall I still felt cheated because while I had not spent any money I wasted a fair amount of my time which could have been put to something more enjoyable, like sorting laundry or writing terrible Fallout fan fiction where I was the main character.

    It might be worth seeing this movie when it goes direct-to-Bittorrent and you're stealing a neighbor's WiFi but I do not recommend it otherwise.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The absolute bottom of the barrel. Now, if you want to know the truth, I normally enjoy this sort of movie. I really do. But I can't bring myself to recommend this thing that calls itself a movie, and I will now tell you why.

    First, the direction was fine. So there is that to say in its favor, but it's not enough to resuscitate the film, as will be explained shortly.

    Secondly, the writing, set design, costuming, special effects, etc weren't bad. It was, at the very least, up to YouTube standards. I've certainly seen worse. So we'll have to look elsewhere for why I gave this movie such a dismal rating.

    As for the premise, some people will disparage it for being a trashy movie about a bunch of hicks running around getting killed. Some might disparage it as being the sort of movie one would be embarrassed to have been a core extra in if one later somehow ended up in higher-quality (like an Uwe Boll movie or something) fare. Some people might disparage it as trite and hackneyed. They would, of course, be right on all of the above counts, but that's beside the point. No, there's something else going on here.

    As surprising as it may be, given that uncredited extras really have almost nothing to do with a film's quality, that is where this movie really falls apart. Am I saying all of them were so atrocious as to sink the movie? No, of course not. I'm just saying, some "actors" would probably be best off sticking to portraying masonry* and/or writing shoddy Fallout fanfiction.

    Basically, if I had to sum up this movie with one word, it would be "BOOOO-EEEEEEEEEEE".

    *for one thing, I hear that if you make the leap from portraying walls to masquerading as floors or ceilings, you can get a lot of upskirt/downblouse "win" to post on disreputable fap sites that feature "ex-girlfriend porn" and the like
  • user-664-7158419 April 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Was a little unsettling to me...!

    A true pinnacle of horror and (intentional?) mediocrity. I

    enjoyed several fine actors of the movie and their bit roles.

    I feel like the comedy was forced and unneeded and disappointing, I was hoping for more better laughs but all I received were stares and disappointment. But hey - a movie made by children - I do not feel very bad and wish them the greatest form of luck in their careers as working in the studio industry.

    I enjoyed the scene where (not spoilers) the dog was shown. It was cute...!

    All in all: It was OK at least I think,.
  • I hated Rockabilly Zombie Weekend. The fact that it's "just a zombie movie" doesn't excuse the fact that it is bad, so I don't want to hear that excuse. That suggests that zombie movies are just popcorn fare, and as a horror buff I know that's not true.

    The acting was subpar, the dialogue was comical, the special effects were laughable, and the camera work was something I'd expect out of a first-year film student. It amazes me that someone actually put money behind this project.

    Whether you're looking for something to sink your teeth into or light entertainment, Rockabilly Zombie Weekend will satisfy neither need. Don't waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I managed to catch the screening of this movie, and I have to say as a zombie fanatic I am fairly disappointed. Basically a couple's themed wedding is interrupted with pathetic looking zombies.

    There really isn't much more you need to know about that. The acting was poor, the SFX was poor even for an indie film, and the plot and reason why the zombies are even there is sad. If you can't come up with decent reason why there are zombies, then don't explain it at all.

    It seems that the director that brought us Double Dare 2000 should stick to game shows and stay FAR FAR away from the movie scene.

    All in all this is a movie you should avoid. At this point once this garbage comes out on DVD and/or Bluray, I'd have to be paid a large some of cash to be willing take a copy and even then I'd take it home and burn it.

    I really did try to forgive it's downsides because it's not a major production, but a bad movie is a bad movie. Even if this movie was on a multi-million dollar budget with more competent actors, it wouldn't save the bad story.
  • This movie is, in a word, boring. At least Birdemic was funny in its audaciousness. Rockabilly Zombie Weekend utterly fails to entertain me on any level. It's not funny, scary, or exciting. It's just dull.

    This film doesn't do anything particularly wrong or right, and herein lies my dislike for it. One might think that it breaks at least some new ground in filmmaking, but the concept isn't particularly creative and strikes me as pandering.

    Sometimes "indie" is just another word for "bad." I can't think of any reason someone would want to see this movie unless they were a huge zombie buff. Even if that's the case, skip Rockabilly Zombie Weekend. It's not worth your time or money.
  • I'm a pretty big fan of zombie movies. I love going to zombie walks, I've read the Zombie Survival Guide multiple times, I'm pretty much your definitive zombie fan.

    What I saw on that screen was an absolute travesty. It disappointed me greatly from what I was expecting. If I could erase those memories from my brain, I would, but unfortunately, memories of this god awful abortion of a movie are going to follow me to my grave. Thinking about this movie makes me want to physically hurt someone. Perhaps the directors, perhaps the actors. I don't know. I thought every part of it was garbage undeserving of a single star.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Rockabilly Zombie Weekend is a labor of love. Tammy Bennett wrote the film from an idea she had while sitting on her couch, and began working with everyone she could to get her idea made into a full length movie. Jamie Velez-Soto helped her get on her feet when it came to making a movie, making a partnership of sorts. Cast and crewed entirely from local actors and crew members and shot entirely on location around the Central Florida area on a budget that doesn't make it into the millions, Rockabilly Zombie Weekend seems at first like a typical schlock gore film made in an actor's house and an empty section of field.

    Instead, what occurs is something far bigger than one may expect.

    The film is shot well, for one. The cameras are all high quality, but the DP and camera operators (a group that occasionally included the director himself to ensure maximum speed in resetting and shooting) all knew exactly what angles would ensure what needed to be seen was seen and what needed to be felt was felt.

    While the CGI occasionally falls flat, it's almost entirely restricted to blood splatter and muzzle flash and never goes below the quality of The Walking Dead, which one should note is a critically acclaimed TV show. Effects from a zombie being set aflame to a truck crashing through a barn to a man being flung from the bed of a swerving pickup are all done with live stuntmen and practical effects. Even several bullet impacts are done with live blood and gore, making for a visceral experience.

    "Visceral" is a good word to use in this case. Beyond the typical missing flesh and constant drool and vomit of black goop from the zombies mouths (and occasionally....other orifices), there's a gruesome closeup of a ripped-open torso and even a lost tooth, as well as a memorable scene involving a standup bass guitar.

    Most importantly, though, the film is acted well. Jamie Velez-Soto is a master at getting what he wants out of his actors, even the amateurs and extras, and the film remains gripping and believable throughout. There's no clear cut good or bad characters, and the audience is never presented a survivor and told "This guy is mean and selfish and is going to betray everyone and die a karmic death." Like real people, every character has their good and bad sides. Some are better or worse than others (Woody, in particular, seems like the cool grandpa everyone wishes they had). Humor is apparent throughout the film, though in limited amounts; it generally pulls very few punches regarding the seriousness of the situation.

    It's hard to decide on a favorite scene, but one of the tops comes early in the film: not going to spoil anything, but let's just say that there's little scarier about knowing that someone's in danger and never being able to see a thing.
  • tompro2721 August 2020
    I've seen a lot of zombie movies-of all types. This movie was a good faith effort and I cared if they lived or died. With that I can overlook some rough edges. The scores on here are way too low. Check it out.
  • Rockabilly and zombies. Different and thus offered a potential. Then, it didn't cash in on any of the fun that this could have had. It stayed serious as a zombie film, within rockabilly setting. And all the trappings of a redneck rockabilly local yokel Skeeter mentality. Oh boy. No fun at all. I gave it a 2 simply because some of the actors displayed consistency in their characters, as much as they had characters to portray. And the overall look of the film, minus the poor special effects, also deserved a point. So it totals a 2. Go elsewhere for rockabilly entertainment.
  • This film begins in Central Florida with two government agents approaching a crop duster and ordering him to spray a large area with an newly developed insecticide to kill mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus. Although the crop duster warns them that it isn't wise to use a chemical agent that hasn't been tested on areas with human populations the agents insist all the same. The scene then essentially shifts to a wedding ceremony being planned in that area with two young lovers named "Grant" (Daniel Baldock) and "Becky" (Christina Bach) hoping to get married. Apparently, both of these people are extremely popular as the guest list is quite large. What nobody realizes, however, is that some of these people have been sprayed with this new insecticide and the wedding soon turns in to a zombie apocalypse. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that the overall premise of the film had promise but the director (Jaime Velez Soto) introduced far too many characters into the mix resulting in one nearly identical scene after another. It got old rather fast. At any rate, although viewers seeking a zombie film could certainly do much better, I have definitely seen a lot worse and for that reason I have cut it a little slack and not rated it quite as low as it might deserve.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is another zombie film that runs through the formula. The government sprays a toxic chemical which creates zombies through biting and infected insect bites. Grant (Daniel Baldock) and Becky (Christina Bach) are getting married that same day, in what may be an entry for the worst dressed wedding party contest. Bar tender Mom (Melissa Gruver) delays the wedding by fighting to get off work and that drug thing. About the time of the nuptial exchange, things break loose. Characters well established for a zombie film.

    On the plus side was the sound track, The film created a diversity of characters within the genre, but had less diversity than say "Redneck Zombies." Unlike "Redneck Zombies" the film lacked the camp value that should have been there. The film needed to laugh at itself more and done more with their odd characters.

    Would recommend as a rental.

    Guide: F-bomb, groping, women eaten by zombie nudity.
  • dayinthelifeofmycat20 February 2018
    I noticed something about the really bad reviews on this movie--they appear to all be written by the same person. I think the dead giveaway is the colorful quality of writing done by the saboteur. Perhaps there's some jealousy going on here, or maybe a disgruntled actor. Bottom line, this movie wasn't bad at all. In fact, parts of it were quite entertaining. Sure there were plenty of gross scenes, but that's what a horror flick is all about, right? This movie held my undivided attention for the full duration. I highly recommend watching--and don't miss the significance of the tarantala.
  • nrage4015 April 2016
    For one, if your a true zombie movie fan like I am, this movie wasn't half as bad as some of these reviews are saying. Don't get me wrong, it's not that good of a zombie movie, the acting is bad, the special effects, makeup, plot, writing, comedy, etc. are pretty much cheesy and lame. As a zombie fan that watches just about every zombie movie that I can find, I have to say that just about 90% of them are complete crap and an utter waste of time. The one thing I do have to say is that Rockabilly Zombie Weekend although a cheap B comedy, also made a valiant effort to at least be somewhat of a decent zombie flick. Yes there are ridiculous things that happen but I really have to applaud this movie for trying to be half-way good which makes it better than so many garbage zombie movies that I/we have seen out there. Seriously, worst ever? Not a chance and if you think it is that bad than you haven't seen that many zombie flicks like any movie with talking zombies or ones that climb on walls or ceilings ( Yeah, I'm talking to you Day of the Dead remake 1&2! The original was awesome btw.) Anyway, I'd give this 5 stars for effort alone. Nice try!
  • Trying to get through their wedding, a couple find their relatives' drama over the event interrupted when a toxin from a mosquito bite turns their guests and everyone else in town into ravenous zombies and must try to get the others to safety.

    This is quite an enjoyable zombie effort. One of the biggest pluses here is the film's rather exciting action-packed encounters here which are pretty much all throughout here that they're given quite a large amount of time here. The early shots of the bar patrons coming under the influence of the spray are fun, there's some fun as the towns-members start to get infected by the early-turned patrons yet it really kicked off incredibly well once it gets to the wedding. This here is the big scene with the set-up of the group on the outskirts of the party falling victim to the mosquitoes before it fully unleashes the swarm against them as there's plenty of fun throughout here with the panicking crowds confronting the creatures in really over-the-top battles. Not only is there the fun shots of the creatures swarming the victims in huge groups but being the particular crowd that's here there's also one-on-one brawling trying to wrestle with them though they eventually do succumb to the zombies anyway while also managing to feature the traditional barricade inside the guest room as the creatures continually break through the wooden walls of the building forcing the big rescue effort as they head away into town where there's a lot of fun to be had here as the slowly dwindling group is constantly attacked. From the great encounters in the market, the nice attempt at making it into the bar and finally the great encounters in the hospital where they meet the staff fending off the zombies in the parking lot and the waiting room overcrowded with the creatures that sets up the finale where their escapes force them into even more fun confrontations with the zombies out in the woods which has plenty of action throughout as well as providing the film with plenty of gruesome kills both for the zombies and the human victims providing this one with a lot of nice bloody kills. These here make this enjoyable enough to hold off the few small flaws present here. The biggest issue here is the rather lame and ridiculous storyline explanation for the zombies, as the idea of the chemical toxin that creates them is underwhelming and poorly thought-out to go through this method and really fives this one plenty of logistical questions about why it would be tested in this manner. That carries over into the other flaw here in making the first half of this one quite overlong and bland until it gets to their wedding with barely anything of interest for the majority of the time here detailing their relationship and the different lives of the people around town. It never really reaches intolerable levels but it does seem a little long to get going here due to this section. These here do manage to hold this one back somewhat.

    Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Language, Extreme Graphic Violence, Nudity and drug use.
  • paul_haakonsen31 December 2015
    I will start by saying that "Rockabilly Zombie Weekend" is a fairly low budget movie, but it is not amongst the top ten of worst zombie movies that I have seen.

    However, with that said I must go on to revealing that the movie was just excruciatingly boring and uninteresting. In fact, I gave up halfway through the ordeal to find something else worthwhile to watch.

    The characters in the movie were one-dimensional and seemed like comic book caricatures. And the dialogue was equally bad, so it matched one another I suppose.

    As for the zombies, well... Granted this movie was taking place during some outbreak so the corpses weren't shambling mounds of decay. But isn't that what the audience wants to see in zombie movies? At least that is what I want to see. So the zombies in "Rockabilly Zombie Weekend" was somewhat of a disappointment for me.

    For a zombie movie then "Rockabilly Zombie Weekend" wasn't outstanding, memorable nor did it bring anything new to the genre. A less than mediocre zombie movie at best.
  • kosmasp6 September 2015
    Or not. This is low budget and it can be seen. The effects might go off as OK (if you don't mind the obvious CGI and other things at times), but the acting is the one things that probably will break this movie for you. Make it barely watchable to put it that way. The story is pretty simple, therefor nothing to get excited about.

    It tries to stay and be funny which does not work most of the time (unless this actually hits your sense of humor, which would be rare). What it did produce is one very nasty, but also very funny, if not political correct review here on IMDb by someone with the number 1969 in his nickname. Unfortunately it's the only review that user has written (2 years ago). More of that please - the review that is, not the movie
  • I love movies of all genres, and watch several movies every month. So, I heard about the screening of Rockabilly Zombie Weekend and knowing it was directed, written and produced locally had me waiting in line on a Sunday afternoon to see the screening. I enjoyed the movie and it entertained me for 90 minutes, which is what a movie should do. It's a zombie movie people, and was created locally with a limited budget. I found it to be extremely well done, and it exceeded my expectations. I had a roommate that called himself a film maker, and when I watched his epic 3 hour piece of crap, I was turned off to the local, limited budget film scene. I walked into the theater expecting the same poor camera work and half assed acting, but was pleasantly surprised at how GREAT everything looked, sounded and felt the acting was fantastic. So, take it for what it is, a fun zombie movie with some scares and gore, and good way to be entertained for 90 minutes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This independent film out of Florida, has a cool twist on the Zombie genre. Great acting and an original soundtrack with great songs, if your a fan of zombie films, I think u will get off on it. Kudos for the band and especially Bassist Jeff Ward, who is responsible for some of the songs in the film. Being a big fan of the Walking Dead and others of this genre, I had a big time with this film. I thought the special effects and the acting were very good for an independent film. Written by Tammy Bennett and directed by Jaime Velez and featuring a cast of Florida actors. Rockabilly Zombie Weekend is a great escape Definitely one of the better films to come out out of Florida in a long time. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
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