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  • A few months ago, I saw a teaser on ABC advertising this new show "Nashville." At the time, I was skeptical of the show, dismissing it as just another one season wonder. I assumed it would employ pointless sexuality, unrealistic dialogue (done in cheesy southern accents), and plot points that ventured outside of likelihood.

    And then I found out that the creator was the screenwriter from "Thelma & Louise" and that most (if not all) of the actors and actresses had pristine track-records when it came to their choices (Connie Britton's work on "Friday Night Lights", Hayden Panettierre's work on "Heroes", etc. etc. etc.), not to mention having music produced by some of country music's hottest. I decided, "What the heck?" and decided to give the show a shot.

    Every aspect of the show blew me away, from the opening shots of Nashville (I'm a Tennessee native myself, so it's always refreshing to see my great state shown in such a marvelous light), to the wonderful performances of Britton and Panettiere and other cast members, to the knock-your-socks off music (none of your Glee original music here; this is some high quality country!...which is saying a lot, as I am not a huge fan of country music), to the SUBTLE sexuality which--in my opinion--outdoes the blatant sexuality every time.

    In all, I found this to be one of the most promising shows (if not THE most promising show!) of the 2012-2013 season, and I cannot wait to tune in each and every Wednesday.

    Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!
  • gsanders-425 October 2012
    I am just blown away by every aspect of this night-time "soap." The music, the singing, the story-line, the acting; just everything is amazing.

    I was in the music biz for several years, and this is exactly what it's like. Ambitions VS personal relationships; personal relationships ASSISTING ambitions, plus everything in between.

    Note: These actors are doing their own singing---sort of like GLEE---only it's really real, truly emotional and they're original songs; not over-produced covers.

    I believe this show will give country music a big revival, and country music is not even my favorite.
  • brucedent11 October 2012
    Connie Britton lives up to her terrific work on Friday Night Lights, and is very impressive for her work as this series' producer. The Nashville location filmed long shots are absolutely breath taking, and prompts an interest to visit Nashville. The great music is worth the time in itself, thanks in part to the Executive Music credit work by music legend T Bone Burnett. The show has a great working cast on several levels from several TV veterans (Connie Britton, Eric Close & Powers Boothe etc) coupled with a glitzy locale; strong story lines; humour; great music and a "new look for TV" at the music industry. I can't wait to see how this series' plot develops.
  • This show makes you FEEL.

    It's been SO long--TOO long--since there has been any 'good' t.v.--as in years-- that actually seeing and being able to absorb this show in its entirety is beyond what I could have hoped for in its plot lines, the actor's singing abilities and the DEEP emotional connections and REAL LIFE stories that you WANT to follow and be part of is just too much. I can't believe they actually take the time to sing an entire song in each episode--I LOVE THAT! They say so much during the time that song is being sung!

    I am so happy with this show it makes waiting an entire week just to see the next episode too long a wait. This is what television is supposed to show--a non-sensationalized storyline allowing the audience in to becoming part of what the characters are feeling in following where their lives have come from, what that has produced, and where they are going; developing empathy, compassion, and understanding along the way, vs. the crap and fake "reality" shows that are not asked for, but are overproduced and overcrowd the air time.

    I will be watching this show--a drama that pulls you IN--in to all the missing-for-too-long-aspects-of-humanity found in the characters, story lines, songs, lyrics, melodies, and relationships--back to what I want from t.v. to show--every single week. And EVERY actor is perfectly cast and pulls you into their character's storyline with absolute perfection.

    Thanks ABC for actually putting on a show worth watching. Finally a show without some agenda the studio is trying to shove down the audiences throat--finally a show for the rest of us who want shows like this but are never asked what we want.
  • This is a great TV show with great actors and great music!!! By far one of the best new shows of the season!!!!! The story lines have tonnes of potential and the music gets better and better!!!! Its different than a lot of the TV out there, it's not the same old, same old. People watch this show and stop with all the reality crap!!! I am tired of good television shows getting cancelled before they are ever given a chance. You don't have to be a country music fan to watch this show, I'm not and I've already downloaded some of the songs they were that good. You just have to like good TV with good stories and appreciate good music. And this is good TV
  • I'm not particularly a fan of country music so I watched this first out of simple curiosity. Now I'm hooked. Why? The MUSIC in this show is terrific. I have actually bought two of the songs from i Tunes. And, like I said, I'm not a fan of country music. The plot is FUN. It's interesting. Some reviewer said that it was an obvious plot, but my god, this is TV and if the plot is obvious then so is the on button on your remote. The plot is FUN and it moves -- fast. When some character acts like a jerk his retribution is swift. When two young people look lovingly at each other in the next scene they are bonded. If the rich guy has a reputation for buying his way into politics in the next scene he DOES IT. It's TV and it's fun. The music in the show is amazing to me. I'm a classical music kind of guy but I melted over the performances of "Fade Into You" and "If I didn't know better". Also, the talent who sings these songs is new to me and they have intriguing voices. Surprisingly, one is an Australian and the other is English but they know how to do lovely singing.
  • lasherxl17 October 2012
    Now lets just start off by saying I had already expected to like this show. I'm a big fan of the 2 female leads and reading and hearing all the buzz and what i'd seen in previews I had a feeling we were in for something special.

    Then the first episode debuts and I'm left completely stunned, not only is the acting and story top notch, but the songs are completely ace, and I am no country music fan so that definitely is saying something. That last song "If I Didn't Know Better" blew me away and was a perfect end to the evening, it was soulful, deeply profound, and evocative.

    As leads Hayden and Connie drive the story so wonderfully as strong women and musicians with clear and definitive points of view, oddly enough some of them are the same *cough* Deacon *cough*. Let me just briefly mention Charles (Chip) Esten who I have not really seen since the old skool Brit Who's Line is it Anyway, but this time instead of improv comedy he's doing full blown drama and music, very impressive.

    If you haven't yet watch this and you won't be disappointed.
  • I can't say enough about this drama. Connie Britton also produces plays Rayna James, a veteran country music star. She does a fabulous job in the role and should be getting an Emmy for it. Hayden Panetterie whom I watched when she was on Guiding Light years ago is fantastic as Juliet Barnes, a rising star. She does a fantastic job in her role. Powers Boothe plays Rayna's father and is brilliant in his supporting role. Eric Close is fine as Teddy Conrad, Rayna's husband. The best part of the show is that it is filmed on location in Nashville, Tennessee and it shows with landmark sites like the Ryman Auditorium, the Grand Ole Opry, the Bluebird Cafe, and others. The series shows light on the country music set, politics, and the relationships and dynamics among them. Can't wait for the next episode! This show is a winner!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have seen the first two episodes and in each I was mesmerized by the music. While I deeply enjoy all kinds of music from classical to heavy metal, truth be known that I have never really followed country. That is until this show grabbed hold of me from its inception. At first I thought that the music was dubbed, but it is not and what amazes me is the singing talents of Connie and Hayden. The duet sung by Clare and Sam was mind blowing. Not just the singing but the camera work and the looks on the faces of the actors was as much apart of the song as the voices. If you didn't feel anything from viewing and listening to it you must be on the slab at the coroners.

    This is a show that will take time to gain a footing with the audiences. ABC needs to give it a full season to reach out to the viewers. It is a unique piece of art within a gallery of the same old things. If you haven't watched it, than start from the beginning. When you do view it, don't do anything else. You must give it your undivided attention. If you love music, you will love this show. I wish it the best.
  • I should begin by saying that I'm not usually a fan of dramas. If a show doesn't make me laugh, then most likely, I won't keep up with it. I am, however, a big country music lover so I decided to give this show a shot. I ended up watching three episodes in a row and had to stop myself or else I would just forget about my real life obligations.

    There is a lot of story in this show. Nashville is not one of those TV shows that keep you wishing something would happen, but it never does. This show is fast-paced, but not so much that you'll lose track of what's happening.

    The music on the show is superb, even for those who don't like country music. They sing about love, freedom, loneliness, not drinking a beer on a Friday night like you'd probably expect.

    The characters are well-written and well-performed; you're going to be left wishing some characters developed faster, but truth is that it is what it is and, at the end of the day, it makes sense that they don't develop faster than they do.

    Give this show a shot. It's not a coincidence that it is one of the best critically acclaimed shows this season. This is a show worth watching and worth following. It always keeps you wishing the episode didn't end.
  • The IMDb Page is a total mess, There is no listing to when the next episode is except for the date of the last episode. it lists the shows end when we don't know when its going to get the axed again. And as for the cat Facebook live show, I am highly disappointed First i don't like being called a nasheys, I am a fan of nashville but that term is so "I'm a stupid 30 something root showing blonde vally girl republican host with an IQ of a mud stick. I don't like it and the ships this bitch comes up with are ridiculous 110%. Also the hashtags suck okay i have a better one #NashvilleIsFamily it fly's off the tongue much, much better. The bitches questions suck? there not informative and its an insult to an actor to ask or talk to them as there characters they play, they are not the writers of the show they don't know whats gonna happen, And its also an insult as a true fan to type cast them these people work hard and that dits needs fired and so does the bitch that only knows the cords on the guitar.. So please who ever is in charge of this page and the Facebook please Step your pussy up and fix these problems for us #Nashvillins
  • This is a fabulous show -- great acting by everyone, great singing, great story lines.

    I know that Deacon is going to be offed - it is so predictable. I'm sorry that it is ... the romance between him and Rayna was just getting going. It is so sad that this has to happen.

    I've been reading about the negative feedback about Avery -- it is so offtrack. In the beginning I thought Avery was such a loser but his role has developed into such a positive one. Look how he has sacrificed the promise of a career just to be there for Juliette and the baby (whose name I hope they are going to divulge in the coming season)

    I am so looking forward to the coming season. ... And, if it were only up to me there would be Emmys being handed out wholesale.
  • I loved this show initially. Sadly, I can now hardly get through an episode. I really want to like it, so I'm hoping that it gets back to what it once was. My main objections are:

    1. Rayna's character is so annoying. ALL she ever does is stomp around, act huffy, give annoyed speeches, or look confused. I would love if she had less screen time, but I know she's the star, so maybe she'll just start being a little more cool and likable.

    2. Not enough of Juliette!! She is so much more interesting than Rayna. And a better singer with better songs. Please give me more Hayden!!

    3. Nashville has lost its nuanced touch. I feel like it has dumbed itself down so much since the pilot, which was surefooted and well planned. Now the show is just a mess. There are no good guys, it moves so quickly, all of the plot lines are very transparent, one note, and straightforward...

    I still watch it, but just to see Hayden. I even think Scarlett has gotten completely annoying and dramatic. Please, I hope this show doesn't just become another dumb drama.
  • xx-pixie_angel-xx2 March 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Nashville is really an amazing series, I am a huge fan and haven't stopped watching it since I watched the first episode of season 1.

    I love Scarlett o'Connor and Deacon, Daphne and pretty much all the main characters. Those that I mentioned though are my main Favourite characters and I would hate it if any of them die.

    I have brought all copies and once season 4 is released I will be buying that too.

    If you love drama like 90210 or Pretty Little Liars then I suggest you guys all watch this. I have also managed to watch the whole seasons within about 3-4 weeks and I have enjoy every episode and season! If you also love The vampire Diaries then watch this too.

    There is a lot of love and drama between each Character.
  • jenjgless12 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1, 2, and most of 3 were awesome! I was fully addicted to this show! I couldn't get enough! Then hit Season 4. Since when does a 16 year old run the house and get away with being a rude, disrespectful, ungrateful snot?? And every time she does wrong, it's the parents fault? The show is overly dramatic with 15 things going wrong in one episode, usually with a single person. SPOILER: Every artist Rayna signs to her label has some issue where they leave the label as quickly as they signed. The first three seasons had their drama and frustrations, but not like this. I am so disappointed. I just feel like the show is more frustrating than enjoyable now. I am having a hard time finishing the 4th season. If I am being honest, I can see why the show was canceled initially after Season 4. Seriously hoping Season 5 gets back to the roots of what the show was prior.
  • zacharia9423 May 2013
    As many have pointed out, the show is a soap opera, though an unusually deft one. Largely due to excellent writing, the characters are convincingly complex and fallible, and the actors--particularly those playing musicians--do a good job of displaying the necessary onstage charisma while dealing with offstage tendencies and problems that are much less glamorous. What these actors don't do very well is sing. Both Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere have sweet but small voices with no dynamics, and, though I can believe that teen and tween fans have put Panettiere's Juliette on the charts, I cannot believe that Britton's Rayna has stayed on top for a generation, especially as an interpreter of other people's songs. But, as the production of the show's songs is very slick, most viewers will like them, unaware that modern technology can make anyone sound okay. I just wish Callie Khouri had opted to hire a great country singer for Rayna's performances; then I wouldn't have such a hard time appreciating the difference between her "storied career" and Juliette's "flash in the pan." As it is, they sound more alike than different; Rayna is merely older
  • The character is awful. It is constant drama and craziness. Enough already. Her speaking voice is irritating to include her singing voice. She is so whiny and talks like a baby constantly. The other characters at least have depth to them. And Gunnar is such an amazing guy he doesn't deserve that crazy cliché' of a woman. Bring back Teddy Layla, or Luke Wheeler. The sad thing is I recently met her in person and she is the same whiny, horrible person in real life. She had an amazing friendly man sitting next to her that would order for her because she couldn't be bothered to speak to the help. It didn't surprise me from how bad the character is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just binged the entires series. Season 1 was great. Hell, the first episode had me hooked. Season 2-4 was good (ish). Season 5...I only watched after THAT episode (9) to see how it all ended. To my horror, a sixth season was made. I watched it with many jumps, as it dragged so painfully slow. I was happy with how the final scene played out. And by happy, I mean relieved.
  • aspenriley6 January 2019
    Binge watched this for multiple days straight. Good stuff, catches your heart and crushes it right at the end. How dare they bring rayna back like that with out warning. Rude as hell had my mascara running for 20 minutes after it all.
  • smcadamsa5 September 2018
    I can't believe this show has ended I've watched it from the very beginning and absolutely loved it. I will miss seeing all the character that after a while you feel you know. Best of lucky to all.
  • I'll keep it simple. First four seasons are fun and interesting with lots of stories and twists and aha moments. CMT took over in season 5 and you can instantly feel a difference in the show. Characters are dropped, less focus on the music, poor character development, boring plot lines and a bit of political correctness is thrown in. To sum up. Season 1-4, I would give 9 stars. Season 5-6, 3 stars
  • So sad to see my favorite tv show end too soon. No other show like it. I don't understand why it had to end
  • Why is Nashville ending??? I think it's one of the BEST series and it's so sad it's ending only after a few years. Was it canceled???
  • One of the best shows! For intelligent, emotionally intelligent people. No violence, great story. Excellent writing, music and smashing acting. I'm a European gal, loving this show.

    Please finish to show season 5 and give us more. Allegedly, internet says ratings are bad, and season 6 will not come to be.

    Really, TV people?

    Whats to cancel? Please, get a heart instead of a dollar sign.

    Or could someone else please pick up this amazing show if the present show owner's decide not to run Nashville for another 10 seasons?

    Seriously, the potential of this show is huge, if you would consider measuring it with something else than the ratings. Not that I understand ratings but saw something on that subject on the Net.

    Countries introduced "the happy rating" now. Maybe TV's could too? I think it was France who started the trend.

    And to the Nashville crew – thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I love, love this show. Still hope for more. The last season – 5th was one of the best. All of you; writers, directors, musicians, actors and the invisible crew. What masters! Bow :).

    Other shows to re-pic: Brothers and sisters, Parenthood.
  • mhersh-6614628 July 2017
    I love the show and characters but Scarlett's character is looking tired sick and the hair is awful... I'm falling not so in love with her any more. It's dragging on and she is scorn and broken and losing interest... please don't make her irrelevant. Smile once in awhile! Shine some light in her and less sadness.
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