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  • themovingpic24 October 2012
    This show just keeps getting funnier and funnier. I love the flow of the show. It follows three best friends in their early thirties who, I feel, are still growing and learning about parenting and maintaining different relationships. It's a fun take on life and doesn't stray too far from reality. These hilarious characters remind me of my own family. I like that you can relate to every character and their situation.

    After watching the Halloween episode I've come to the conclusion that this show is legit. It's funny, engaging and adorable. I love the quick and hilarious remarks Nick and Sheila throw at each other. It's smart and clever and keeps me coming back for more!

    I hope it is here to stay!
  • jkartchner2821 April 2013
    Its about time that they come out with a show that is funny and yet not full of garbage. Its frustrating that there isn't more episodes and that it doesn't have better reviews simply because its not filled with all the filth that they have in other TV shows. Props to the makers of this excellent show, I hope that they can make more like it.I love the actors, I love the plot, I love the freakin show. Personally I wanted to write this review simply because I wanted to reinforce the fact that this show is excellent and that we need more shows like it. I hope that those that created this show or those that may have an influence don't give up on making shows like this because everyone I know that I have shown the show loved it. To be honest I feel the only reason the show didn't do better is because not very many people knew about it.I think it just needed to be better publicized.
  • I was lucky enough to download the Pilot ep. for free on my Tablet, and watched the second episode on Hulu. This show is absolutely priceless! Great acting, great writing, and great atmosphere. I honestly haven't laughed this much since....well, it's been awhile. There aren't many great new shows out there, and I've basically been stuck with re-runs until this show came out. I must say, the initial trailers didn't do it justice. If that first episode wasn't free, I likely wouldn't have watched it. But I'm very glad I did, because it's entirely worth it! In this case, DON'T pay any attention to the rating out of ten. Check it out for yourself, you'll be glad you did.
  • I have been watching the show from the first episode and it just became funnier.

    I don't get why it only has a 4.8 rating, while "Animal Practice" for example got a 5.3 or even worse, "Ben and Kate" got a 5.9. Who was voting for these two shows? I hope the producers and the team because I haven't seen any funny moment in none of these two shows. However I must say, that this fall has some really good TV shows, like "Go On", "Partners" or "The New Normal", and "Guys with kids Kids" is definitely with them.

    I think "Guys with kids" is very refreshing and funny. All of the actors are very committed and play their parts really well. The Idea of the show is simply but effective and the jokes are on point.

    I hope it is going to be on TV for a many more seasons. A feel good sitcom that clearly needs a bigger fan community.
  • I think NBC is finally getting back to their old "Must See TV" roots! Between this show and Matthew Perry's Go On, you have filled a void long over due! The emptiness from the loss of Friends has been somewhat fulfilled by this "parents-now" version of Friends-like show! Jimmy Fallon is genius and every time my husband and I watch it there is a scene we can identify with or... It sends us down memory lane when we ourselves as parents were in the same situation! Please, please, please, keep this one around for us 30-something's who don't want to watch the filth, crime scene, or just plain ridiculous other sitcoms and dramas on prime time!
  • I'm not a big fan of TV comedy these days, as most of them desperately and relentlessly reach for the gutter for their "comedy". Not that I'm easily offended - I can appreciate an occasional, well justified and thought out piece of raunchiness as anybody. But to be in the gutter the majority of the time like a bunch of high school boys? Is this why the average rating here is just 5/10? Not enough raunchiness for people?

    This show is refreshing because it's good non-gutter comedy. These 30-ish dads haven't given up their fun improvisational attitudes toward life yet, and find themselves getting into classic comic not-so-smart undertakings that backfire, getting in trouble either with their wives or with one of the other guys. And there's warm and fuzzy make-up moments when the characters manage to rise to maturity in the face of being proved stupid.

    So far, the show has gotten me to laugh out loud at least once per episode, and that's rare for me; even when the comedy is good, I don't usually do more than smile.

    update 12/08/2012: The episodes since I wrote this a month ago have been somewhat lame. One show was spoiled by too much focus on the bitchy ex-wife (I suppose some people would like that). Overall, the show is losing the focus on the guys as described above.
  • Taylor O'Brien15 February 2013
    This show is hilarious! I am so happy I watched the pilot and I haven't missed an episode since. Great cast! At first they kind of over-acted, but it seems more natural now. Really funny obvious plots that I can't help but laugh out loud. Love seeing Tempestt Bledsoe grown up. She is still such a great actress. Anthony Anderson is always funny too. And I haven't seen Jesse Bradford in such a good role since I was a kid watching Bring It On and Clockstoppers. Definitely watch the first episode and fall in love because the rating on here is way too low. Even though I don't have time to watch TV when it airs I love seeing Guys With Kids on my Hulu queue Thursdays. Another great thing is that the show is filmed in front of a live studio audience which is not something we see too often anymore. But you will literally laugh right along with the audience. The couples fit together so well on the show and the kids are all adorable and play their roles really well. Must see!
  • One of the best I've seen... Don't know why it was stopped... Would really like to see more....

    OK, it didn't get me in the first few episodes... But by the 7th, I was hooked...

    Great acting, Great story and genuinely funny, and the babies are amazing and very cute...

    There are really few shows which have got me really interested, and this is one of them...

    Please, Producers, bring this baaaackkk!!!!!

    A very high rating from me....
  • I first caught glimpse of it on my Local channel and found myself laughing at the jokes and timings of the Actor. I then took the pain of gathering all the episodes from the first season and searched it up on the Internet which showed that the Show had been cancelled. This made me think before I went ahead to see it. However I would have regretted my whole life for missing such a series if I had gone with the wind. An awesome series which was unique in its own way. It had all the ingredients to make it to the good ones list- Great actors, awesome scripts, superb timing but lacked the one thing which was really essential-A believing network. And i really really really wish the Network does review to bring the Show back