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  • Excellent cinematography and great cast elevate this well above the usual fair. The performances are strong throughout and Tom Hopper is a great leading man in the style of Chris Hemsworth. Overall a very good adventure movie directed with great flair by Claudio Fah. Looks like a much bigger budget than it was. Fight scenes handled with confidence. The production values were consistently high class, with notable scenes in forests, caves and swamps all looking suitably authentic and not remotely TV standard like so many other things. Comparisons to the TV show seem unfair as this stands on its own merits as a story. The TV show often feels padded and stretched whereas this moves at a good pace and doesn't outstay its welcome.
  • What the hell is wrong with reviewers nowadays? Who rates low a viking movie that is filled with action and interesting characters? Why would you watch a viking movie otherwise? For the romance?

    This film has a classic story of a team of fearless warriors stuck in a foreign land and hunted by their enemies. Somehow a monk and a princess get into the mix, some Viking vs Scot fights, but most of the action is related to the pack of mercenary "Wolves" that are hunting them down to get the princess. They're from the Carpathians, so really mean :)

    The acting is good, the action sequences well done and the entire film is entertaining from start to end. There are some weird scenes with rough warriors that care nothing of death suddenly shouting "Noooo!" when a friend dies, or random characters surviving the impossible and appearing out of nowhere, or people all speaking the same language, but overall everything is well done.

    Bottom line: this is not a Hollywood movie, it's a German coproduction, but it barely shows, mainly in the accents of the actors (who should be Vikings anyway). I have seen many other "Viking movies" that are way worse that this and I personally enjoyed this quite a lot. Who knew Ryan Kwanten could be such a badass?
  • For a medieval fantasy flick, Northmen does look the part. It has fine cinematography and quite gory battle as the characters literally spend bulk of the movie running and fighting in nice vistas. They, however, lack the appeal or novelty to set up a grand tale it's meant to be, making the tour into foreign land a loud yet bland one.

    Story revolves around a group of Vikings, or Northmen, as they journey through unfamiliar territory. The group has internal strife and ambition for riches, but none of their story is fully fleshed out. The motives or back stories, even for the antagonist role, are often glossed over. Furthermore, the movie introduces many typical characters such lost princess and the enigmatic priest, each with their own equally monotonous issue.

    With stack of characters, it's unfortunate that none of them is actually interesting. The actors work with passable acting, but the script is basically told while they are in constant running. It buries the story as they roar and slash their way through. When the supposed dramatic scenes play out, chances are audience wouldn't be invested on these characters.

    It does possess good visual, camera work and design. There are set pieces that offer decent skirmish, both in daylight or night time. Credit when credit is due, most movies with fantasy theme often become blurry as the fight continues after dawn, but Northmen gives good graphic and lighting even in these instances. Action is presentable as well, bit crude at times, but fits the theme nonetheless.

    As an action movie, it benefits from above average presentation, however the story doesn't venture beyond the realm of mediocrity.
  • During a storm, a Viking vessel sinks and the survivors are stranded on the coast of Scotland. They climb a cliff and are attacked by an army; however they defeat the enemy but one of them escapes. They find a noble woman, Inghean (Charlie Murphy), and the leader of the Vikings Asbjorn (Tom Hopper) decides to keep her to get a ransom to go to the Viking settlement Danelagh. They stumble with the Christian monk Conall (Ryan Kwanten) that helps them. Meanwhile the escapee reaches his kingdom and the king sends a group of cruel mercenaries under the command of Hjorr (Ed Skrein) and his henchman Bovarr (Anatole Taubman) to hunt the Vikings down. But Hjorr and Bovarr actually intend to kill Inghean and when they reach the Vikings, Inghean learns the true intention of Hjorr and feels that her only chance to survive is to team up with Asbjorn and his warriors.

    "Northmen - A Viking Saga" is a highly entertaining adventure, with a full of action story, charismatic characters and great villains. The direction is tight, the cast has good performance and the fight choreography, locations, costumes, and special effects are excellent. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Northmen - A Viking Saga"
  • twentyhonor12 October 2014
    I watched Northmen in a sneak preview in a German cinema, so please don't wonder at my language skills.

    I really like such epic movies so i had great expectations. The characters are distinguishable and the main actor has the necessary charisma. The plot is easy, so don't expect to much ! Thats the only thing what i dislike about the movie.

    The cinematography and the high-resolution graphics with great recordings from swiss and south African landscape create a heated atmosphere.

    Especially the character of a monk is well acted.

    All in all the movie is no must see because of the simple story, but the distincitv characters, the good recordings of the landscape, and well acted fighting scenes make the movie to a Sunday evening activity.
  • This is a must see for all those who like sword&sandal movies. The plot is too simple. The story could have been a little more with twists and subplots, not to mention a more detailed characterization. You have a bunch of northmen who are on hostile turf, but the problem is you just don't care when someone is mortally wounded and about to die. There isn't enough of a background story, the history of all the characters, why are they the way they are, their motivations. As a viewer you are left wondering...but not in a good way. The action scenes and also the location are pretty much the only things that save the film. It's always entertaining to watch a well done fighting scene at least for me. One more thing the actors are easy on the eyes, which is another plus. Go see it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is, to my knowing, the first rip-off from the Vikings series.A very sad one at that....

    This movie has a very shaky story line, full of unbelievable holes, weak characters and, at times, comedic acting.

    You have the ever-present theme of vikings getting into Britain, this time into Scotland. OK, they are running from home, where they are at odds with the new king. So, it was easier to just grab a boat and try to reach Britain than to stay in their own land to regroup before venturing aimlessly across the sea. And they are all, at that point, unscathed, in spite of the battle they had to fight to get away.

    Then they crash, losing all their weapons and gear. They are met by a patrol of superior numbers, armed and on horse. They kill all but one, that manages to escape. Only one of them gets seriously hurt. But they get a King's daughter that was with the patrol, being taken unwillingly to her marriage.

    They manage to find a monk willing to help (oh, the parallelism is uncanny....). The monk does more than help, he becomes one of them. The King's daughter, as her father apparently prefers her dead so as not to weaken his political standing, also joins the troupe.

    Daddy sends a platoon of murderous mercenaries to 'take care' of the situation. They are led by the younger of two brothers (the much older one is under his lead....go figure that...), a very strong fighter and more than half insane.

    Well, they go dwindling each other's numbers until the final face- off, where the paradoxically good vikings win the day - just to find that Daddy brought a whole army to meet them. A whole army to meet a band of vikings. Yes.

    But fear not! They jump from a very high cliff into the ocean where, instead of being crushed by the waves against the cliff walls, they find a magical boat that must have been just lying around in wait for someone to take it for a ride....

    If you have nothing else to do, well, watch it.....there are swords, a bunch of guys get gruesomely killed and the pretty boy gets the pretty girl at the end. Bleargh.
  • 'NORTHMEN: A VIKING SAGA': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A Viking action flick, about vikings trapped in enemy territory, directed by Claudio Fah (who also helmed the direct to video sequels 'HOLLOW MAN 2' and 'SNIPER: RELOADED') and written by Mattias Bauer and Bastian Zach (who also wrote the Swiss B movie horror flick 'ONE WAY TRIP 3D'). The film stars Tom Hopper, Ed Skrein, Charlie Murphy, Ryan Kwanten, James Norton, Ken Duken, Anatole Tubman, Johan Hegg, Leo Gregory and others. I thought it was entertaining enough, to pass the time with, but nothing special or memorable.

    The film tells the story of a group of vikings, who become stranded in unfamiliar territory; when their boat crashes, on the coast of Alba in a horrific storm. They're pursued by mercenaries, sent after them by the King of Alba, as they try to make their way to a Viking settlement. They also, unintentionally, kidnap the King's daughter (Murphy). Things become very violent, quickly.

    The movie has some cool action scenes; especially considering the budget, and weak storyline. The performances aren't bad either; the directing is decent and the film looks great. If Fah had just had a better script to work with (I blame Bauer and Zach), this could have been a thrilling action flick. I really wanted to like the characters, thanks to the actors, but had no reason to. I also could not get into the story, or what was going on at all, despite cool fight scenes and decent thrills. There's definitely reasons to like things about this film; but it's mostly a miss and mediocre.

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  • kosmasp3 March 2015
    Sometimes the simple things seem to be the most difficult. Like finding your way back home. Then again, even with all the transportation possibilities today some have issues reaching their goal, let alone back when this movie is supposedly playing. It's a decent effort into the viking territory and it has the flair of movies from the 80s, when a group/handful of guys were trying to reach a destination or just try to stay alive.

    The effects are good, the camera is nice (copying the middle land moves we've learned to love from Peter Jackson, relishing on sights and so forth), the acting is OK too, considering the genre this is playing at and all the clichés involved. It won't be hard to guess what will be coming up most of the time, mixing a lot of known and working formulas, this is a pleasant time waster ...
  • I really liked this movie, start to finish. Someone says it's a rip-off of Vikings. So, is that really a bad thing? That's like saying Vito Bratta's no good because he rips off Eddie Van Halen a bit. My point: rip-off or not, it's a very entertaining Viking movie! I liked the characters. I don't think it's a spoiler to say not everyone lives to the end of the movie. So without detail, I felt for the ones who died. That means I enjoyed the characters. It was fast-paced, and kept my attention throughout.

    The plot wasn't perfect, there were some things that really needed the director saying, "Well, shoot, the only way for them to survive this next scene is if a badger chews off the leg of one of the bad guys." (No, there wasn't a badger, but I hope the point was made.) So I liked the story, liked the pace, liked the characters, liked the battles. That for me makes it an 8/10.
  • High production values and a very good cast make this a movie that I watched several times and will again. This is not a ripoff of any tv series and feels more like a d&d adventure w/fantasy elements. Sure, there are unbelievable items but no more than any other movie so such criticism is silly. The Vikings are the heroic figures in this tale and there is a fighting monk who joins them. Several actors did great work here as did the director as this could have been a real dud in lesser hands.
  • Much better than I expected. I went it prepared for a low budget, made-for-TV film. But no, this is a very well made film.

    We follow the tale of a band of exiled Vikings as they are pursued across Scotland by a mercenary war band.

    Good writing, good acting, memorable characters and good visual effects. It also benefits from excellent fight choreography, great costumes, wonderful mountainous scenery and lots of well-done gritty battles. If you love medieval adventure, definitely give this one a try.

    My only complaint for this movie was that the size of the pursuing mercenary warband kept changing. It was hard to tell if they were 8 or 80. This was particularly noticeable at the battle at the bridge. Perhaps it was a vanguard force ahead of a main force, but the director should have made that more clear.

    In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. This movie was very similar to the Clive Owen King Arthur movie. Similar style and tone and characters. If you enjoyed that film, you'll probably like this one.
  • Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)

    Rating: 3.7/5 stars

    Excellent Viking film. A few, and strictly just a few representations might be historically, culturally, or factually inaccurate, but when a movie is this entertaining, all is forgiven. Pay a deaf ear to the naysayers and give it a shot. You'll be blown away by the pulsating action and the highly intense drama.

    And yeah, "Merlin" alumnus and current star of the TV show "Black Sails", Tom Hopper, displays the necessary chutzpah and body language to pass of as a believable lead in a period action film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a movie that I liked way more then anyone else. One prime complaint is about rooting for the Vikings and in most cases (see 'Pathfinder') they are not. But just like any other group, there are good Vikings as well and Asbjorn (Tom Hopper), is a good Viking. Why is he good? If you watch the movie you will see he is not really comfortable with the way the Vikings act, and he is really saddened when his men die. Spoilers ahead: Watch the scene where he saves Princess Inghean (Charlie Murphy) from death near the falls. He refuses to abandon her (despite her being a captive), and the favor is returned when she saves him from quicksand. The real bad guys were the Scots especially her father King Dunchaid (Danny Keogh) who hires mercenaries Hjorr (Ed Skrein) and his henchman Bovarr (Anatole Taubman) to kill her, because the Vikings killed to of his best men and captured her, and he did not want to look weak. What also works is the presence of the fighting Christian monk Conall (Ryan Kwanten), and you see how the Vikings, Inghean and Cohall, not only band together, but not only learn from each other in order to survive, but have faith and trust (especially Asbjorn who admits trusting Inghean, and Inghean at the end of the movie has such faith in him, she follows him over a cliff into the water). \The scenery was spectacular, and Charlie Murphy (what a name for a woman) is a knockout. 9/10 stars.
  • jackfoley-3758819 September 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you asked a schoolkid to write a script then its this. supposedly set in scotland. dodgy vicar a expert in Samaria stick fighting, scottish warriors dressed in matching armour & headress like something out of conan & led by some pantomine bad guy with a pencil moustache & huge hair parting.A princess who the vikings took hostage who was just hanging around a deserted clifftop with armed guard ? Why. A huge scene was the escape across a old rope bridge ,they cut & escape then the chuckle brothers go, OH theres a path across all along.Why have a bridge there then. Awful ,dodgy, only consulation was the northmen themselves. Could of been good movie but for amateur made up as you go along script.
  • Great plot and storyline! No CGI bull here. Good action, love, and mystery. Similair to King Arthur, Centurion and some of the others set around this time period. Good movie. This outdoorsman and tough critique was pleasently surprised!
  • This movie was downright awesome, just AWESOM! I had low expectations, but man this movie was really good.

    I am a guy who rates movies slightly differently. I try to take it into context what it is, the budget and I like action movies with good plot thrown in.

    This movie is made for guys who like Lord of the Rings, and movies about vikings and adventure. The adventure being can they survive being hunted by the king.

    This is what I call a man's movie. Guys who love action films will love this. The characters are likable, and given the budget, some of the acting and stunts pulled off were pretty good.

    THe movie made characters likable which is important, so in the end you are pulling for them to make it.

    I am not sure if their is a sequel or if their is meant to be one, but this is must watch MOVIE.

    I give this a 9.5 out of 10. Pleasantly surprised.
  • I love Vikings (the ancient Scandinavian seafarers and the TV series alike…) so I couldn't miss this one. And I was seriously afraid that this could be a major delusion… but it was not!

    On the contrary: starting from the very beginning when they wake up on Scottish coast, the images, the locations (really amazing), the characters, the fightings and the story completely caught me.

    Of course it is not a masterpiece. Conall (the monk played by Ryan Kwanten) couldn't help but remind of Athelstan, the plot is far from unpredictable and Darrel D'Silva (Gunnar) kills too many enemies for his age…

    But Ed Skrein once more (have you seen Ill Manors?) is a wonderful bad guy and finds his match in Anatole Taubman as (a great) supporting villain. What more to say? Tom Hopper biceps are mesmerizing, Charlie Murphy is pretty and if you like Vikings you won't be disappointed.
  • "Vikings rip-off", "catching the Vikings success wave" and all those other down-talking phrases might be true. But this movie did not entertain me well because the TV series is a success. It gave me joy and excitement because the genre catches me and because it is well made. There are Vikings in this movie, and it tells a Vikings story - that is nothing that the TV series can claim as a monopoly. It's part of the genre.

    I am also writing this review with the background of this year's Oscars, elevating the more intellectual movies that I do not neglect their craftsmanship and success - but that were totally boring to me.

    Northmen is a movie of my liking. And I am sure it will find your excitement too if you like the genre. As such, it is well made. Actors, scenery, fight choreography, costumes and atmosphere offer everything I expected. Little shortcomings of the story are more or less irrelevant to me because I did not expect more. In fact, I expected the story to be simple and genre-like because I just wanted to enjoy an exciting and entertaining Vikings movie.

    And that what Northmen is all along. Charisma and acting of the main characters will stay in my memory. The casting is excellent and together with the scenic atmosphere and action this movie gave me satisfaction from start to end.
  • Pretty good Viking adventure/action movie,although not a great one and needs a lot of improvement. Maybe a little more budget would have helped the movie in terms of cinematography and action but what it is,the movie is very fast paced,exciting and the acting was solid by most of the actors. I really liked Ryan Kwanten's role in it. It added some emotional layer and also credibility to the movie. The lead actor,although wasn't outstanding,made for a very dependable lead for the movie and did his job well. The movie has a lot of clichés of adventure movies like this but it kinda helped the movie to be interesting from the beginning to the end. Some of the scenes and twists in the movie felt rushed though and seemed like it was thrown in there just to keep the plot going or the characters to survive. In total,it's not groundbreaking but it's worth watching once or twice for the fast paced actions and direction. And this movie is definitely better than Vikingdom that came out two or three years go and Outcast that came out a few months ago. Outcast isn't a Viking movie but it's an adventure movie like this but was pretty lame.
  • This was a great Viking movie.I don't usually watch such movies but being of VIKIng ancestry"big time" i thought oh what the was suspenseful well made great acting and I LOVED IT
  • rubenlorentzen9 March 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    What to say? Holy crap what a shitty movie this is. Wasted almost 2 hours of my life on this awful movie. Everything was wrong. These renegades hired by the king to hunt them down, pathetic gang. They ran into fights with these northmen and the northmen killed them one by one but there was a steady flow of these renegades pouring out from the forest!!! Where in the flying f... did they come from? It went from dark night into sunny morning in a blink of an eye. One of the northmen fell 1000!! meters down, and guess what? he returned later unharmed ready to fight. In the end the viking leader dived 200 meters in a ferocious ocean and suddenly appeared with a boat!! This is just some of the flaws in this utter garbage of a movie. STAY AWAY!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed The Northmen. At first I was a bit conflicted, how could I cheer for bloodthirsty Vikings come to pillage Lindisfarne? Well it's easy once the writers conveniently turn the Scots King and his mercenaries into the bad guys, from there on in it's easy. If you've watched a few Viking films in your life you'll next be thinking thank G-d it's not Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas et al camping up the screen. The prospect of a bunch of hams from the Pale via Hollywood overacting looms menacingly, and frankly for a fair few minutes you wonder if this is merely a modern update of the same old swill and will it stop short of the silly hats and comedy of Xena. But no, it redeems itself almost from the moment the wolf pack who resemble orcs from LOTR in both appearance and demeanour leave to rescue the kidnapped princess IF they can, if they must.

    Our plucky heroes are joined by a kung fu staff fighting Christian monk, our princess turns out to have the gift and the race is on to see how many of the cast will survive to the end credits. We are taken across a picturesque albeit mostly barren landscape filled with danger and traps for both sides. The chase is artfully interrupted every so often by every trope ever from a buddy action film, which given the subject matter, is not a bad thing. While not Ibsen or Shakespeare, the script manages to paint the Vikings with a delicate balance between posturing warriors and a misunderstood people capable of honour and compassion. At one point our hero informs the Princess that not all Vikings are nearly as bad as made out to be, a master stroke in facial expression and delivery that in the hands of a lesser actor would have brought us shuddering right back to Ernest Borgnine eloquence. Though if only for a laugh, it would have been nice to have one of them let go a long loud anguished RAGNAR!

    The action is well staged and the pacing wonderful, far from the super gore of The 300, this manly exercise is the answer to the question what if they made Lord of the Rings without wizards, orcs or demon wraith Kings. Shot in the same style and feel as LOTR, costumed and cast with believable Vikings and Scots, The Northmen is one of those fun cool films you'll enjoy over and over again. With just a hint of 1950's flavour, this German production sets us up at the end for a sequel in the Danelaw. Stick around for the end credits to hear Viking Metal songs by Amon Amarth which are the perfect way to cap off this film. Terrific little action flic for boys of every age, don't pass this one by. I sincerely hope they make that sequel.
  • clonaris26 February 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    WARNING spoilers ahead.I watched this movie with the purpose of writing a review at the end of viewing.This is the only reason I finished watching right till the bitter end.This is another movie wanting to cash in on the highly successful "Vikings" television series.This movie is basically a bad guys chase good guys run type movie.

    Huge waves shipwrecked but many saved their heavy unsinkable swords ha ha. Big beach stretching left and right but leader says "climb the cliffs" so they all climb the cliffs and don't bother to find any easier route inland ha ha. After practicing bare hand fjord climbing in Norway for five years this band of serious vertical cliff climbers, with no ropes, rigging, hammers or spikes make it to the top, all intact before sunset ha ha.

    First Battle with the natives who have horses and bows and arrows but have not studied the Art of War 101 at school so go straight in rather than use their arrows from a distance at the mostly unarmed Vikings.ha ha.Predictably the Vikings get their weapons from the locals and proceed to carve them up.The box cart has a special Bertha in it worth a lot of money as a hostage as we find out the main bad Viking has a name the sounds like Urine,haha.

    The forty or so heavily armoured mercenaries ride out to intercept the Vikings but we all know they don't stand a chance against 6 or 7 Vikings on foot,with one set of bow and arrows,no helmets ,shields or armour,in a foreign country they do not know the terrain of.Haha.

    Bad Viking Urine gets called a turd (well that is how it originally sounded to me)and gets angry.ha ha.He lives all his life as a Urine and he loses it over one floating turd.Ha ha. As soon as they arrive at the monks bed and breakfast inn the order "and get a fire started " is carried out almost immediately in an era where matches lighters and other instant fire making devices had not been invented yet,ha ha.Mercenary throws fire on roof of stone tower and stone magically begins to burn .ha ha.

    As the chase begins the Vikings in all their haste have time to construct mercenary killing traps to "slow them down".ha ha.The beautiful Lady from the Box is called Lady Ingham.In Australia that is a brand of chicken sold in shops for consumers.So this chick has the art of foretelling the future so she exclaims:"they're coming!" Duh and ha ha.

    Ernest Borgnine Viking survives 1000m. fall to return and fight again.Wow,didn't see that coming.Final fight scene in a Scottish bog where main mercenary sinks to his death just like this movie.Hero Viking saved by chick Ingham just in time to witness Carpathian mercenary emerge from bog,Carrie like,to be smitten again obviously by the Hero.

    Survivors so far;McHales Navy type,The Turd \Urine,Hero,Monk,and chick.Only one little part left when loving father and his army of kiltless Scotsmen(I did not see one kilt in the whole movie)emerge to intercept the fleeing party.So am I surprised to see this merry band of Vikings jump 1000m.from a cliff into a 5 m.swell and find a boat ready to take them to safety ?No ,I was surprised a flying saucer didn't appear to catch them mid air and spirit them away to Copenhagen as all good fairy tales should end.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first I thought this movie was a half-decent, easy-to-watch Viking action flick with some terrible issues but a couple of redeeming aspects, and I was going to review it a such.

    But then I watched a couple of scenes again as I was writing this review.

    I realized I had it all wrong! This movie is meant to be a spoof!! It's trying to do for the Viking action flick genre, what "Vampires Suck" did for the vampire genre, or what "Airplane!" did for the disaster movie genre!!! How did I figure out it's meant to be a spoof? Because it's well-made technically, but gets too much wrong to be a real Viking movie. Far too much.

    For example, look at the character of the princess. At first she pretends to not speak their language. Then all of a sudden she speaks fluent Viking, with a lovely Scottish accent. Then, it turns out she has frequent prophetic visions. Then we discover she's also an expert healer who knows how to prevent gangrene. And she recognizes the herb she needs for it, growing right there, within arm's reach! But that's not all! She is also an expert archer!! This gal's far too much of an over-achiever for us to take her seriously as a Viking-era Scottish princess. She's clearly meant to be a parody.

    It doesn't stop there. In the battle scene on the moor, she's been knocked out cold by an attacker who miraculously seems to have forgotten to kill her. Even though killing her is the bad guys' main agenda. How do we know she hasn't been killed? Because she turns up again later in that scene, just in time to save the hero from a nasty death!

    Then there's that huge, sheer cliff that the Vikings have to climb after they've survived a horrible shipwreck and can barely sit up straight.

    Then when they get to the top, instead of resting, they immediately encounter an enemy force, right there, unavoidably close and heading, lemming-like, towards them and the cliff. They're outnumbered 4 to one including many on horseback, yet in their exhausted state our heroes manage to kill all but one of their attackers with only a couple of Viking casualties. It's a terrific fight scene, but it needs too much suspension of disbelief.

    Surely we're meant to be laughing?

    But we're not, even a little bit.

    Unfortunately this movie takes itself too seriously to work as comedy.

    It's not a spoof.


    It could have been hilarious.

    As it is, it's nothing more than a second-rate, easy-to-watch, Viking action flick.
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