Screenplay based on the personal experiences of writer/actor/producer Beau Martin Williams and co-creator/actor/producer Matt Funke.

The film was originally titled "The Option Arm", named after a risky type of loan, partially blamed for the global economic collapse in 2007.

In order to maintain creative control, Beau Martin Williams and Matt Funke financed the film themselves independently.

Trai Byers was cast only days before production, with a last second audition shot by the director on his phone.

The lead actors used their own homes for several of the film's locations.

Sound mixing was completed at Technicolor on the Paramount Studios on the same stage as Michael Bay's Transformers 4 during a hiatus.

The film's opening montage was inspired by a midnight screening of Apocalypse Now, and edited that same night until sunrise.

Steadicam operator, and 2nd Unit Cinematographer, Thor Wixom came on board half way through production while visiting set. He set up his steadicam rig and shot a scene later that day when the crew lost their prior operator. The director and producers were so impressed that he was hired to work on the remainder of the shoot.

Composer Damian Wagner played the guitar, drums, and keyboards with a broken arm during the scoring of this film.