Frightening & Intense Scenes (6)

  • Mild
  • Some infriquent frightening events include the tension between Anna and Elsa, their parents' funeral, the idea that Arendelle might be in an endless winter, Olaf's melting face, Elsa's ice powers, and Elsa's fears that she'll turn into a monster.
  • For first-timers, the reveal of Hans' villainy can be startling and frightening.
  • Elsa creates a giant snow monster that may appear frightening to some small children.
  • Elsa almost intentionally kills two men (who were out to hurt her), but is interrupted.
  • The climax of the intimate time can be intense and somewhat emotional
  • In one scene near the end, Anna, the main protagonist, completely freezes solid into ice when she sacrifices herself to Elsa. Afterwards, Elsa sees Anna's frozen body and realizes what she has done to her and then mourns for Anna, where we see Elsa with a brokenhearted and devastated expression in her face and also, we see a tear roll down her right eye, to which we then see her hugging Anna's body and she then starts crying in extreme sorrow and anguish. This scene is very emotional and upsetting, and it's also extremely saddening and depressing as well.