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  • Friends turned me on to this show via on-demand TV and we watched four episodes. It is a real find. Rebel has it all over Molly McCarthy in MIKE AND MOLLY (except Molly was superb in HEAT). Her character and her roommates all seem real with just the right touch of hyperbole. I love that Rebel's character is highly-accomplished yet neurotic. And she is just up front with body issues that one can relate to no matter one's weight. The three geek neighbors are a little overdone, but still funny. Well, there is nothing about this show I don't like. It is NOT the predictable sitcom fare. This is up there in quality with BIG BANG THEORY, GROUNDED FOR LIFE, FRANK'S PLACE, to name just a few. I hope it stays on the air.
  • clee828216 November 2013
    I think Rebel Wilson is adorable and hilarious. Heavy women know exactly what it's like taking their clothes off in front of a man for the first time and so does Rebel. She is putting all of our secrets out there and I think she is going to help with the stigma of being an overweight woman. At first I didn't care too much for the show, but it has evolved and now I DVR it every week, just in case I can't be home when it comes on. She also gets into all the other things that women like us face, like binge eating because we are in pain. Self-medicating ourselves with food is an addiction that is nearly impossible to break and Rebel brings this all to light. I think if this show stays on long enough, it will gather a huge audience of women who will identify with Kimmie. I also believe it will help people to see that being overweight is not just a sign of gluttony and indolence. I am giving this show a 9 instead of a 10, because I believe if it stays on the air, it will continue to grow.
  • matous-uhlir9 November 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was surprised: this show is not stupid and boring, it is only light, nice, and nobody gets killed. I obtained it for my girlfriend and found myself very amused. Main character is very good and immediately gets your sympathy. It is a little bit like Bridget Jones Diary, but not so pathetic and stupid. I was afraid it will be this kind of "well you men can never understand great issues", but this is just fun. Do not expect something to change your world forever or to thrill the gut out of you, this is TV recreation at its best I dare say. It is not OK to make fun of someone stage fear, as well as peanuts, it can get you killed. But that is sometimes the best thing about humor, it allows us to laugh in the face of death. And tree nuts as well.
  • This woman is very funny, and that's what I look for in a comedy. I love watching her perform. Her cohorts are great. I'd keep it more focused on the three for awhile. Bring on the fun with a bit less about the office 'others' for awhile. The Murna stint was very funny to me, and any Xena fan would get the humor and know that Lucy Lawless is not like the character played by Brooke, who was hysterical to me. The title of the show is not memorable... and get it on earlier!!! Or play it again later in the week, if possible. I hope it makes it! I don't think it's had time to be discovered by viewers. I look forward to hopefully seeing this for the next five years. I have to admit I never heard of the lead before but I know what is funny when I see it. She is certainly a great comedienne.
  • We've all seen great new shows come and go, be they comedy or drama or whatever, and lamented the passing of a good new show that didn't seem to catch on with a wider audience... soon acquiring the 'cancel' stamp from The Network Execs. I've seen enough of these to suspect Super Fun Night is one of these "bubble" shows. Pity, really.

    Super Fun Night is a well-written comedy. The characters are entertaining and endearing. The actors are perfectly cast, and know their comedic craft. The premise is simple and familiar, but offers a new take on standard sit-com themes. Rebel Wilson is a force of comedy, with excellent timing, expression, and presence -- with a ensemble cast equal to the challenge.

    I'm not going to pretend this is yet a show for the ages -- it isn't Seinfeld or Arrested Development... but it is my favourite for best new comedy of the 2013-2014 season.
  • Well, it's fun to watch but why do I always feel reminded of "The Mindy Project". "Super Fun Night" is fun to watch but again we have a female kinda outsider (here it's the obese single office girl, there it's the naive Indian physician) protagonist. Again she is talking to her diary every day. Again we have the sidekick with the British accent. Again we have her "weird" friends and again Kimmie, just like Mindy pursuing her dream of having a boyfriend.

    Speaking of which, imho "The Mindy Project" is the better show. Better and faster dialouges and the friends working with Mindy are just more fun and Mindy is the more talented actress.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love Liza Lapira and would love to see her in a vehicle of her own, preferably one where she plays a character different from the one she is always cast in.

    I love the way Lauren Ash's character is slowly coming to grips with her homosexual tendencies. It would be nice if the show handled it in a more authentic, less cliché riddled fashion than everything else in the show. She has the potential to become more than a one dimensional foil.

    Speaking of foils, how many does Rebel Wilson really need? Literally every character in the show acts as a foil, including her own (the main) character. Rebel Wilson's appeal is completely suffocated by the premises foisted upon her character by the terrible writing.

    Rebel Wilson is great when she is allowed to be confident, funny, full of life, and she has a sexy as hell Australian accent. She is living proof that being skinny does not equal being strong or sexy. Every inch of what is great about her has been stripped away because apparently the writing staff never got past middle school, you know back when people could just point and say "You're fat ha-ha" and all the other imbeciles would laugh as well.

    To summarize: this great potential cast is being squandered in all the wrong ways. Are there even any writers, or is a room full of half-wit execs just throwing darts at a cork-board of bad plots while blindfolded?
  • I have a feeling that some people just aren't ready for someone like Rebel Wilson to be in the lead role of a TV show (I swear if someone mentions Melissa McCarthy they are kidding themselves. Yes she is excellent but can you name another large leading actress). Whether you want to admit it or not society discriminates against plain jane characters, especially obese women.

    Super Fun Night is actually really funny if you let yourself enjoy it. It has Rebel's trademark comedy style and everybody can relate in some way to the characters feelings of inadequacy. There are moments where you will cheer, cringe and relate to the characters. It is an everybody's show but unfortunately some people enjoy a show that transports them from their life instead of highlighting their own imperfections.
  • Rebel Wilson is probably the most low-class, obnoxious, bubble charged, and talentless actress to ever make it on a network television show. I know it's trendy right now to have overweight models and actresses, but she really is a disgusting creature that hurts my eyes. She has absolutely no acting ability, so she was probably cast in the hopes it would create controversy and buzz. Look at their opening title. Flashing hearts on the boobs of a 400 pound woman. They are trying to grab your attention.

    Problem is if you fall for their gimmicks and watch the show it fails to deliver. I like the premise of doing something fun every Friday night, but the writing and acting combo makes this show a snooze-fest. It reminds me of a failed attempt to create a show like The Mindy Project with a splash of Glee thrown in. However Rebel's singing sounds like a whale dying on the beach.
  • Kimmie Boubier (Rebel Wilson) is a meek lawyer with 2 best friends and roommates Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira) and Marika (Lauren Ash). She's infatuated with pretty boy fellow lawyer Richard Royce (Kevin Bishop). Mean girl Kendall Quinn (Kate Jenkinson) has eye on Richard and becomes quick enemy to Kimmie.

    I love love LOVE Rebel Wilson and wanted so badly for this show to succeed. Her sense of humor has always been for a specific taste. It's weird, outlandish, and completely inappropriate. Basically she is not suppose to be on network TV and it shows. She is holding back and the show never found a big enough audience. It's canceled after its 17 episode run but it was dead long before the end.
  • jordan224012 December 2013
    I started watching this only because it followed 'Modern Family,' and I really enjoy it. The characters are not so ridiculous as to be unbelievable (like those in 'The Big Bang Theory' are - sorry, not a fan of that show). The dialog is sometimes very subtly funny, and you have to be listening to catch it. It also touches on some issues that people who don't necessarily fit into the mainstream face. The supporting cast is excellent, and I find the dialog of the taller friend to be particularly amusing, and delivered with the perfect comic expression. Now, should they move this show to another time spot, I'm not sure how hard I'd try to catch it, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.
  • One of the reviews on here mentioned this show seemed similar to The Mindy Project, which I agreed with. But after watching a few more episodes, I think it reflects The Big Bang Theory a lot more. Anyways, it's not to say that the series is a big flop, on the contrary though it's quite witty and 'fun-to-watch' like most people would put. Rebel Wilson is an awesome actress, she's funny, adorable and she brings out this very endearing character (much like Leonard Hodfstater (sp?). Her friends are quite eccentric, filling up the cast list quite well. I wouldn't give it a past and am curious to see how far this show will go. The idea may not be the best, but it seems to work and if the actors can pull it off each episode, then that's all that matters.
  • plex13 January 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    No, my summary isn't about her, its about her problem and how its either ignored or trivialized. First, kudos to her for selling her idea to the ABC execs to get the green-light for this production at such an early age, and without a more qualified resume. However, I cant help but feel, it was her obesity that she marketed to launch this show. She does have a network spot on prime-time, so with that, she's fair game to criticism. Lets be real: would the show be the same if she were a thin woman? Some episodes of this show seem targeted at young girls. Which would be okay, but she openly advertises her gluttony which is not OK. If she has a medical condition that makes her this way, that's one thing, but the message she is sending, as well as ABC, is that's its acceptable to adopt bad eating habits, in a country that is already suffering from an obesity epidemic. Sometimes she goes as far to accentuate her obesity, to draw specific attention to her and even parts of her body. An impressionable young girl, who may not have strong role models at home, will see this and think its OK because Rebel is doing it and look how successful and seemingly wonderful here life is. More on the show itself, Over all, its a bit silly, and not well written, full of cliché's and stereotypes as well as continuity issues that bridge the episodes chronologically. I give it 5 stars for some of its quirkiness and production values. The show really doesn't teach any lesson, certainly not to people of her own age, or profession, which BTW, is supposed to be a NYC lawyer, but none of her language and office-antics support that qualification. The supporting characters are sort of obnoxious and not very likable. Some celebrate that Rebel is fearless in her humility to openly display herself in this way. I give her marks for her energy, but the self aware-nerdisms are wearing thin quick. BTW, what NYC lawyer needs 2 roommates? It would be unfair to equate this with the 80's sitcom, Rosanne, as that character was an older person, a mothers, struggling to make ends meet, in a rural town, i.e., a different dynamic, different circumstance, different target audience, an different time. It more like the show "Girls" , but only in the way a social misfit unashamedly exposes her flaws, and sexuality as some sort of a "aren't I hip because I can be so self-effacing and self- aware?" thing to do. This formula gets old fast.

    p.s. to the poster who went on a long diatribe about their assertion that show trivialized peanut allergies: GET A LIFE. Its a fluff comedy show. I have over 100 allergies, most of them food- based and have been in the ER more than once, and I saw NOTHING that offended me in the least. Everyone has one thing or topic they are sensitive to. If they were all avoided to please everyone, there would be no show to write about.
  • Super Fun Night is my love, my life, my everything. Rebel Wilson is truly a comedic genius and knows what she's doing in the business. Although many say that her American accent is terrible, she is working on it and has purpose for doing so. Her character Kimmie grew up in New York so it made sense for her to not speak in her normal Aussie accent. Also, the supporting cast are perfect. Lauren Ash is my #1 inspiration, we actually Skyped and have been writing letters back and forth since the show started. Liza, Kevin and Kate are also just as talented! If ABC decides to cancel this show, I will protest until they put it back on. Overall, Super Fun Night is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my short 15 years of life. I know I'm bias because I love the cast so much, but I can't help but love every second of this amazing sitcom. The only thing I hate about it is that it's only 21 minutes long! I've honestly never loved anything more than this show.
  • poptartgmb27 February 2014
    There are very few shows I actually take time to watch. This is one show I absolutely love. Kimmie Boubier is adorable. I love how she works in such an uptight office and she just doesn't fit it. It makes her appear to fit in better with her friends. She has a childlike quality that is endearing and also makes her stick out like a sore thumb in the law office where she works. The contrast of this is fantastic. I love Marika's character as well, kind of the macho sporty kind of woman. H.A. is an adorable nerd, who is overly cautious. Can you blame her? She assesses risk for a living and also assesses every risk when Kimmie tries to get them to step out of their comfort zones. It's a fantastic show about 3 girls who are trying to better themselves by trying new things. I can't wait for next season!
  • igor-pavao20 November 2013
    I found the show to be has some funny jokes and Rebel is a great comedienne, but anyone who's seen her earlier work, mainly in Australia, knows she can do way better than this. Those who've seen Bogan Pride will know what I'm talking about. Perhaps she had to avoid taking risks to conform with American TV standards, and a show with the same un-pc sense of humor of Bogan Pride wouldn't work in the states (at least not outside cable), but I hope it does succeed. The cast is OK, but they didn't have time to develop their characters yet, so it will probably get better as the season goes. It has potential, but it needs to avoid clichés if they don't want to be just another show on the air.
  • Sandra-nichilo20 December 2013
    "Modern Family" was and is a favorite comedy...however, "Super Fun Night" aired, and I'm laughing to the point of tearing every episode...and now have placed this comedy at the top of my last, "Modern Family" coming in second. The physicality and actors chosen for these parts are too perfect. Kimmie's facial expressions and body language say all that needed, especially in a time when we're all so focused on the quantity of word usage. I do not mean to dismiss the other actors, they do exhibit an actors quality that obviously takes much to capture emotion and response from an audience, which they too successfully execute as professionals... This could only last a season (not on my watch), yet, the exaggerated vulnerability of these characters is so refreshing coming from actors who seem to enjoy the heart of a good laugh, I hope to see it evolve over many years to come.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched 15 minutes of Super Fun Night. How dare you make a mockery of peanut allergy !!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL !!!!!! My grandson is deathly allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and would go into anaphylactic shock if he consumed or was in contact. I am so disgusted with your making a joke of it. SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth of the matter is that if someone with an allergy were to consume something that contained even a small trace of nuts or tree nuts , they would have the same reaction shown on your show FOR REAL. Then they would have to be injected with an epi-pen which has to be in there possession at all times. Afterward they would have to go to the ER for observation. I think an apology is in order and that there should be no more joking about that matter. Please. It is no laughing matter. We live in fear all the time , have to read labels, explain to relatives, school and restaurants.
  • I Loved this show so much! This show really gave me a love and appreciation for Rebel Wilson as an actress. Now I want to watch everything she's in. But this show is hilarious. Pure joy to watch! I plan to watch it over again since there are no more seasons now. I thinks it's too bad they canceled the show I can't for the life of me figure out why!? This is up there with one of my favorite shows of all time. If you are feeling down and need a pick me up, watch this show and try not to smile or laugh. It is that good. Times when I was really sad this show would force me to burst out laughing. It's would be my hope that someday soon they will bring this show back, or give Rebel Wilson another show because every moment is just such joy to watch her! Highly recommend if you haven't seen it yet. I was hooked by the first episode and it just got better from there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you watch the show as a show and not some life altering experience it is very easy to relate to the things that the show's characters are going through. Laughed, cried, and even had "Me too" moment(granted,old HS drama) but it doesn't lessen how the show made a connection for me. Told everyone, I could about it. Pretty sure my husband was wondering when I was going to bring Kimmie over, lol. Really hoping it stays on the air. Super Fun Night is my Super Fun TV Night!! My hopes: Kimmie & Richard keep up the tension/chemistry, Helen Alice gets more of a "voice", Marika's coming out is developed w/ the understanding of the difficulty of the process she's going to go through,and that Kendall doesn't become less a witch.
  • vikas-vf13 February 2014
    I love Rebel Wilson and I think this show is pretty good. I must say other reviewers are taking it too seriously. Yes she is a lawyer and she acts goofy even at work but who says all lawyers have to be serious and stuffy all the time. She obviously is good at what she does but this show isn't about that. Also who cares if she has roommates maybe her friends can't afford their own places and being best friends they choose to live together. I think reading into a silly comedy and trying to say its not realistic is kinda crazy. What sitcom is always true to life. I find the characters on here likable and as real as they can be on a TV show. Id say reading into it is pointless just enjoy or don't watch!