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  • When I saw the trailer, I assumed another reasonable comedy/drama.

    I was pleasantly surprised, Wonderfully emersive characters who will be relatable to everyone, tell a heart warming story of rags to riches.

    The first episode introduces the motley crew of shop workers who instanly feel like people you have grown to know and love. Each with their own story to tell it was a nice surprise after I had expected giddy comedy from an outlandish group of characters

    Supprisingly moving at times, especially the second episode which has set up a brilliant potential series which thus far has some excellently believable characters wonderfully written, a good prospect and a really emotional yet feel good programme!
  • Another TV play from the stable of Kay Mellor who seems to have been off our screens for a while. Very promising start to what looks like being a tight drama set in Leeds. Interesting premise with background stories of five supermarket workers,all of whom have financial problems of their own,panning out to lead us to the "big win" that they are all involved in. Excellent performances from an ensemble cast,as is usual with Kay's dramas, but special praise to Timothy Spall who never disappoints,in my opinion.The locations are believable as is the script which is "gritty" without being dour.Left me waiting with anticipation for the next episode with enough to have whetted my appetite.
  • This is a typical bit of light entertainment about groups of people who formed syndicates, and won the lottery. The series explore, and dramatize the characters, and how their lives changed after winning. There are the usual story lines with intrigue, personal secrets, struggle between good and evil, all the necessary elements for this type of show. Some of the acting is better than others but at other times it's just overdone. The portrayal of the "idiot savant" gardener in series 3 by Lenny Henry is a case in point. Just seemed to be a poor copy of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman. The actors do get the Midlands accents right and that helps introduce the feeling that winning the lottery does happen for the ordinary folk. If you just want a bit of light TV with a story that has a good dose of predictability, and "feel-goodness" in it, then the series will work for you. The concept does lend itself to repeat series, and so far there have been 3 seasons. Overall, it's not terrible but also not great TV!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having not watched either of the 2 prior seasons, this show is an epic surprise. A very interesting cast of characters back-stories and clues make for an extraordinary TV watching experience. A great whodunit/what happened, really spreads it's wings and flies through 6 episodes that make you shout out loud and hold your breath. Great work by Richard Rankin, misdirecting his character early on and using all of his high quality acting chops to psyche us out. He handles his character with such expertise, you can see everything in his eyes and he is phenomenal.

    The twist and turns were truly spellbinding. At one point, I could see how EVERYONE had a secret and there are so many clue sitting right there for us to discover. Lenny Henry is heartbreakingly wonderful as Godfrey Watson, the caretaker with so much depth and love. So many strong actors create a wonderful story. The ending is slightly unsatisfying in the sense, you don't quite figure out what her angle was. I could watch an entire series JUST about this Manor and it's owners/inhabitants.
  • I've just finished watching the final episode of this excellent series. I have been impressed throughout with the acting and the brilliant scripts. Being from Leeds myself I was particularly impressed with the accents although a slight hint of Lancashire from a few of them but overall it was not like Coronation Street or Emmerdale which seem to have very strong Yorkshire or Lancashire accents in the wrong counties. The plot of the whole story was brilliant and believable of what may happen with people in that position. Timothy Spall was brilliant as usual but Mathew Lewis and Mathew McNulty played brilliantly brothers. Kay Mellor I don't think can do anything wrong and I feel a lot of pride in the fact she is a Leeds lass but I hope I'm not too biased because I think people up and down the country could relate to this story and it's characters.
  • crobncarol25 April 2012
    Very good series, Timothy Spall brilliant as always but the whole cast were just fantastic,the drama of Bobs cancer only discovered after the supermarket robbery, the brilliant drama of Leanne having stolen her daughter from being a foster parent, might the drugs dealer setup by Jamie get off on some dubious legal issue and because Jamie is dead go for Stuart instead..... I do hope that another series might be on the cards because although it appears Jamie died so much more can be done with the story line, especially with regards to Leanne and Stuart Bob progresses and of much lottery winnings might get spent on the dogs home?? all these questions and much more still need to be answered. more please...............
  • australia-brendan15 April 2018
    The 10 ratings are sarcasm...

    This is perhaps the worst film I've ever stumbled across in my life. I only looked because of the high reviews. Terrible acting, writing, directing along with implausible action scenarios.

    The 10 ratings are clearly people making fun of the film with untold irony