Ryan's (Matthew Perry) first line of the series is the same first line he says in the premiere of The Odd Couple (2015), in which he also starred.

The name Ryan comes from the Gaelic-Irish word meaning King, which is Ryan's last name.

The logo design for the show's title (the uppercase word "GO" with the O tilted 45 degrees away from the G, and the uppercase word "ON" directly below "GO") is a reference to Robert Indiana's iconic Pop Art-era "LOVE" artwork. Indiana first designed this artwork in 1965 as a Christmas card for New York's Museum of Modern Art, Indiana has reconfigured the design in many formats (including prints, postage stamps, and sculptures) and languages (including Hebrew and Chinese).

The character Lauren once introduces herself as Lauren Bennett, a play on the name of the actress who plays her, Laura Benanti.

Ryan once mistankely calls the character Lauren Laura, which is the name of the actress who plays her.

The name of the radio station Ryan works for is KBAL. There is no radio station on the air with those call letters, though there was a Texas based KBAL as recently as 2009. A long time Baltimore radio (and TV) station uses the call letters WBAL.