• WARNING: Spoilers

    Open with a flashback to Walt and Jesse's first cook. We see Jesse complaining about how long things are taking and Walt growing frustrated with his protégé's disinterest in the process. While they wait for the meth to cook Walt steps away and calls Skyler. They have a pleasant conversation, discussing dinner and some upcoming plans. We gradually see the desert scene change, as Walt, Jesse and the RV are replaced by the shootout scene.

    We see that Hank has been hit in the leg and is out of ammo. Gomez is dead. Hank tries to crawl to Gomez's weapon but Jack stops him before he can get there. They grab his badge and see that Hank and Gomez are DEA. Jack is about to shoot Hank when Walt stops him and says Hank is his brother-in-law. Walt tries to say that the rest of the DEA doesn't know anything and they can work something out. Walt tells Jack about the nearby $80 million in cash and says he'll give it to him if he lets Hank go. Hank tells Jack to screw himself and points out to Walt that Jack's mind was made up ten minutes earlier. Jack shoots Hank, killing him. Walt is devastated.

    Jack tells Walt he had a feeling something was going on when he was given specific GPS coordinates. He has brought a shovel. Kenny digs up the barrels and they put them in the truck. Jack decides to give Walter one of his barrels and makes him shake hands and agree that there are no hard feelings. Walt agrees, but says they still "owe" him Jesse. Jack is fine with killing Jesse, but nobody's seen him since the shooting began. Walt spots Jesse hiding under a car and he's pulled out. Jack points his gun at Jesse and asks for the go-ahead. Walt nods yes. Just before Jack can pull the trigger Todd walks over and says it might be a good idea to torture Jesse back at their place and find out what he's told the feds before killing him. Jack agrees. While Jesse is taken away Walt makes a point to reveal that he watched Jane die and chose not to save her.

    Walt drives away with his barrel but runs out of gas due to holes shot in the tank. He gets out and starts rolling this barrel through the desert. He comes across an old man living on the reservation and pays him cash for his pick up truck.

    Marie stops by the car wash and tells Skyler they need to talk. They go to the office where Marie tells her that Hank has Walt in custody and is currently processing him with Gomez. Marie tells Skyler that she and Hank will do what they can to help her because she is family, but there are conditions. She wants every copy of the "confession" Walt made and demands that Skyler tell Walter Jr. everything.

    We see Jesse in a holding cell, clearly having been roughed up quite a bit. Todd gets him out and brings him to the lab. He locks Jesse to a ceiling tether and tells him they are going to cook. A picture of Andrea and Brock has been hung up.

    Walter Jr. doesn't believe what he's been told by his mother and aunt, pointing out that if it's true Skyler has been lying to him. He eventually storms out of the room.

    Walter arrives home and begins packing bags him for him and the rest of the family. While he's doing this Skyler, Walter Jr. and Holly return home. Walt demands that they pack as quickly as they can. But Skyler won't do anything until Walt tells her what is going on and what happened to Hank. She is convinced that Walt has killed Hank and eventually picks up a kitchen knife. She demands that Walt leave them and a scuffle ensues. Walt is cut on his hand and Walter Jr. picks up the phone and calls the police. Jr lies to the police, saying it was Walt who pulled the knife on skyler and not the other way around. Walt grabs Holly and gets into the truck. Skyler tries to stop him but Walt speeds off.

    We see Walt change Holly's diaper in a public bathroom. Holly begins asking for her mother.

    Skyler, Marie and Walter Jr. are at home, surrounded by police. The phone rings. It's Walt and the officer tells her to answer. Walt begins to yell at her for not falling in line and takes responsibility for killing Hank. He knows the cops are listening and lies to make Skyler look like a victim . Eventually Skyler catches on and Walt says he has more things to do and hangs up.

    Walt leaves Holly in a truck inside a firehouse, turning on the lights so she'll be found.

    We see Walt waiting by the side of the road with luggage and his barrel. He's at the meeting place for Saul's guy who makes people disappear. The minivan arrives, Walt gets inside and the vehicle drives away.