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  • Missa X returns to a theme she handled a year ago quite well: a mother's facing up to a bully of her son. Corey Chase starred before, and this time Missa delivers a showcase for the talents of Natasha Nice.

    It is released on her APOVStory website, using the POV camera technique. NN has virtually a one-woman show, reminiscent of the British niche artiste Lady Sonia. Natasha's breasts are now similarly as huge as Sonia's, and she captures the same JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) technique.

    Directed by Ricky Greenwood, the video has only Natasha speaking: Jason Pierce as the bully does not have his face on-screen (his cock represents him, of course) and gets no voice-over. After a brief intro with her son Andy (also barely visible and not speaking), Nice takes over and brow-beats Jason for violently bullying her son. But her verbal attack is overpowered by the MILF's lust, resulting in dominating the young man, giving him orders to masturbate and then smoothly moving into role-playing, with mucho mommy talk as she services him sexually.

    NN fans will be delighted at watching her heaving bosom in action along with the accompanying XXX content.